Stranger‘s Handbook – Chapter 86

Heeey everyone! Long absence, I know! But well, shiet happens, and when it does, (for me at least) it always comes with a diarrhea. Who would’ve thought that moving apartments proved to be such a freaking difficult task (made even more so by retarded people). Anyway, I’m not sure when everything will be over (’cause at this time it seems like it never will), but I’ll try my best to post as regularly as I can, so don’t hate me! xD Also, don’t forget to check the other reading modes (click on the A+ button) and Subscribe for free imaginary […]

Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 85

I know that lately I’ve been working very slowly, but I’m currently moving places and everything is very chaotic. For the next couple of days don’t expect any regular updates either… >.< See ya next time! And enjoy chapter 85 of SH! ^^ Don’t forget to check the reading mode background colors by clicking on the A+ menu on the upper right of the screen. And subscribe for free imaginary candy!