Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Training Reward




One month has passed since master started training me…….

My master always wore that evil smile of his that’s so similar to old man Razatonia’s…….you couldn’t even believe he was a mere son-in-law welcomed into the family…….I was truly undergoing some Spartan training.

‘If you’re going to marry my daughter, then this should be easy for you.’
‘Studying is easy. You just have to memorize….like everything.’
‘Does it hurt? Then heal yourself.’
‘Just now, you were about to die, weren’t you? That’s because you neglected your defense. Start over again!’

……..Nooo, only by remembering it my stomach started to shrink…..
And then, if I were to decide for an answer, his reply would always be the same.

‘It’s not about being able or not being able to do it. You just have to do it!’


Studying from morning until noon…
In the afternoon, I was undergoing training in magic and combat.
In the evening, manners practice.
At night, before going to sleep, I was practicing dancing with the maids’ help.
I always casted a magical barrier before falling asleep…
That’s because, at random times during the night, my master would burst into my room to check my strength and reflexes.

‘You will die if you don’t start applying treatment soon.’

It was my master’s line after he had opened a hole in my belly, while I was sound asleep.
Master…….Are you really happy about me getting married to your daughter?
There’s too much strictness in this expressing of your love…….


After a very dark month has passed, my master finally came to a consent.
We’re going to advance to the next step.

“Well, you really have improved this past month. Therefore, I will reward you!”

Such a pleasant line spoken with a smile, but….
my master’s smile was the Frontier Count’s smile. Are you sure you’re not blood-related? I bet you are!

“Yes! Thank you very much, master!”

“From today on, you’ll become the Knights Commander’s adopted son. You’ll receive a new name, and you’ll join the knight division and magic division soldiers in training. You must be happy, right? Very soon, the Knights Commander will come to meet you. Look forward to it and wait!”


………So, that plan is already starting?

First, I become the adopted son of the Knights Commander and from that position I make my debut to the nobles and the army.
During these 11 months that are left, I must get acknowledged as an excellent adopted son.
Then, I save the young lady from an unexpected attack and we have our happy ending……..
But it’s not actually an ending…….After that, they’ll make a pass at the neighboring country, huh?

Master……I’m not happy at all and I can’t look forward to it…….

“Yes! Thank you. I am very happy, master!”

I felt miserable for not having the choice to answer differently….

But, the young lady is really cute.
Such an adorable young girl is going to be my wife?
My life right now doesn’t imply that much working for a living as in Japan, and I would say it’s not that bad.

While I was making these comparisons, the ‘dearly missed’ finger-cutting knight showed up.
Oh! I haven’t seen him in a long time! I wonder how he’s been, this finger-cutting knight.

“Did I make you wait?”

“No. Thank you for the trouble of coming here and meeting us, Knights Commander-dono!”


What? The finger-cutting knight was the Knights Commander! ?
That armor and helmet and the voice are those of the finger-cutting knight, I’m sure of it.
Come on! You have to let me know from the start if you’re a VIP……
Thanks God I haven’t done anything rude just yet.

Under that helmet was an old skinhead with a very grim face.
Such a man would definitely not look ordinary in Japan.

He has a dark skin tone and countless small scars on his face.
He looks more like the boss of a bandit group rather than the Knights Division Commander.

And I will be that man’s………adopted son, huh?………hahaha, I feel I got salt in my eyes.

“It’s been a long time. So, you sir, are the Knights Division Commander? I am very sorry for not knowing this earlier.”

“Ohh! Compared to that time, you’ve become much better at controlling your magical power, it seems. And leave aside the Knights Division Commander! You’re going to be my adopted son, you can call me father.”

With a brutal smile on his face, he crushed my shoulders.
Urm, it hurts…….My feet are starting to sink into the ground, father.
If I wouldn’t have strengthened my body with magical power, I would’ve become minced meat for sure.

“Yes, father. I will be in your care!”

“Good. Sorry if it’s sudden, but I will guide you to my mansion now. My wife is really looking forward to meeting you. Come now, let’s go! Ah, Sonia, see you later!”

So my master’s name is Sonia, huh?
It’s the first time I’ve heard his name……Or? Did I hear it before? Once again my memory is failing me…….

“Yes. Excuse me, master.”

My foster father was in much hurry to leave master Sonia and his sarcastic smile behind.

You’re wearing a full-plate armor and you can walk this fast!?
It’s such a terrifying sight to watch a full-plate move with incredible speed…
Look! The maids are dropping the laundry from shock……

We got into the carriage that was stationed in front of the Count’s mansion.
Since it was quite spacious inside, even when I was riding it together with the full-plate guy, it didn’t seem that tight.

“Again, starting from today, I am your foster father, the Knights Division Commander Galef. We will talk more about it once we get to our house, but from now on you will be called Zest.”

My father Galef said that and started laughing loudly.

Zest, huh?………I am already an inhabitant of this world, it seems.

I was planning to keep pretending I’m living inside a dream, though…
I’m not even using my Japanese name anymore, and I will have to live on as Zest from now on, right?

This too can’t be helped……..

I have no idea whether I can return to my world or not, but either way, it won’t be easy.
Until then, I have no other choice but to continue living as Zest.

First, I must acquire wisdom and power, and continue to survive in this world!
If I can’t do that, going back is nothing more than a dream within a dream.

“Oh, right! Young lady Beatrice entrusted me with a letter for you………this is it. It would be wise to read it right now.”

I thanked him and took the letter, and while opening the beautiful white mailer, I was welcomed by the fragrance of flowers.
Oh! Aren’t we stylish!! The young lady is a girl too, after all.

I looked over the letter while thinking that.

The full-plate kept on saying stuff like ‘You’re so popular! You lady-killer! Gahahahaha!’ but I ignored him.


‘ – My dear fiancée –
Since this is my first time writing such a letter, I don’t know what to say to you.
Should I write this, should I write that too?….my mind is filled with thoughts, but somehow the words don’t come out.
It’s such a mystery!’


Hmm? It seems the young lady can actually be honest if it’s a letter…..I feel so relieved.
I was concerned I might have had to decipher even her characters.

‘I have met you only a month ago, but for me it felt much longer than that.

Every day I kept on worrying about my fiancée not being able to spend his entire life together with me, but every time I would remember those unbelievably enjoyable moments we’ve spent.
It was the first time someone thought and spoke such things to me.
I was very,

Very happy!’

She’s adorable…….You’ve been through a lot of hardships until now, young lady.
No….you’ve fallen for me, in fact! Gehehehe

‘However……….It’s been a month.

You haven’t visited me at all during this month……

Did you forget me? Do you already……..hate me?’

Wow! …….because of her tears this part has become blurry, it seems.
This piece of paper here is worn-out too.

The young lady sure feels lonely…….I must answer this properly.

Hmm? Is there a second sheet? ………different from the first one, there are actually two more pieces of black paper in this letter.
I turned the first page over and kept on reading.




‘Please, don’t hate me!’



The paper, that I thought to be black, was in fact white…….
The surface of the paper was completely filled in with very small characters, crowded closely, translating into ‘Please, don’t hate me!’……………..

I might actually die.

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Translation: Nana
PR: Carmina
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  3. ‘If you’re going to marry my daughter, then this should be easy for you.’
    ‘Studying is easy. You just have to memorize….like everything.’
    ‘Does it hurt? Then heal yourself.’
    ‘Just now, you were about to die, weren’t you? That’s because you neglected your defense. Start over again!’

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