Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: A Too Fast Reply




I am staring at the letter, that is handed over to me so respectfully…..
I can’t run away from this, right?……It’s a letter in which the young lady shows her gratitude.

Oh, dear God! I really wanted to have a good sleep tonight.

“Right! Thank you. It’s quite the fast reply…”

I received the letter and tried my absolute best to keep my calm.
My feet were shaking like a level 6 earthquake, but no one has noticed.

“Oh! She already replied?”   “You are so loved, young master!”    “We must not be in the way!”

While saying this, the servants with their blushing cheeks left the room.
My face was, on the other hand, ghastly pale…..

I readied myself and opened the letter. When I did that, a pointless floral scent, that actually smelled good, hit me.
Flowers are becoming traumatic for me.


‘My beloved fiancée’


It seems I leveled up.
I did it! It would be dangerous not to have the young lady as my ally. It’s all according to plan!

That’s the hint it gave me.
I want to think that this magical power the whole letter emits is just my imagination.


‘It seems that I might have misunderstood you.
It’s the first time I received such a lovely present and letter.
Once again, you’ve made me experience a first.’

Um, it was the first time I received such a letter as well, you know!?
We’re the same…….


‘Moreover, to receive a diamond that confirms our love….and to dye it to such a beautiful pink color…..
Zest-sama sure is bold! You must not give such presents to anybody else, ok?’


Whaa? I didn’t know that was a diamond, and I forgot to use observation magic at that time.
Besides, why am I bold? Does it have a meaning? Later, I will ask some maids about this.


‘I pretty much understood your feelings, Zest-sama.
We still have some time until our marriage, but I will try my utmost to give birth to a lot of children!
You can rest assured.’

………………? Chi…..children?
Is the young lady on a rampage? Was the diamond a bad choice?

Well, I’m good as long as she’s happy.
Anyway, I can’t do anything about the fact of not knowing about the diamond’s meaning.


‘Because of my misunderstanding, I have sent you an embarrassing letter……
Please forget about it, ok?’

……Yes, I really want to forget about it!


‘Since I have clearly seen Zest-sama’s feelings, I won’t do selfish things anymore.
But, once in a while, come and visit me, ok?
And also, until just now I might have cried in front of my father and grandfather.’

……..Please stop! I might start crying too.


‘I’ve heard that, from tomorrow on, you’ll be starting your training with the soldiers.
It’s the first time, but I will prepare you a lunch filled with all my feelings!’


“Someone! Isn’t there someone around here?”

The young lady’s ‘first’ cooking filled with ‘all her feelings’, you say!?
I can’t win this, she must be stopped!

The maids came immediately, and I explained them the situation. And they…
“Well, well, our young master sure is really loved! Fufufu, enjoy your meal!”
And they left me without helping at all.

A somewhat more mature maid was clearly glaring at me.
Oi, I am your young master, you know? That’s why you have to help me……No, it might be even more dangerous than I can even expect.

Well, the l…light attribute is strong against ‘unusual situations’.
It’s all right, I will be safe.

The young lady’s cooking might not even be that awful after all. There’s still hope.
I raised my spirit and continued with the reading.


‘I am looking forward to tomorrow!
Have a restful sleep!


When I told my family I want to cook for you, they were all against it.
They said it’s unheard of since I am a noble.’

That’s right…..Normally, nobles would never do such a thing. Everyone, please do your best efforts to stop her!


‘But, after I desperately tried to convince them about my feelings, they were deeply moved to tears and sat down on the floor, finally approving!
Please, look forward to it!

Your one and only, Beatrice’


Young lady, they were not deeply moved emotionally.
Because of your dark magic, they were completely exhausted.
While thinking that, I lost my senses.




I wonder how much time has passed…….It seems I’ve lost my consciousness.
I looked outside the window at the sky.

“I wonder why…..when she said to me to look forward to it I felt I was threatened……”

What I saw, when I muttered this to myself, was an eerie bright red full moon that seemed to symbolize tomorrow…….

Will this mean death…….?

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  1. Thanks for the Chapter!!!
    okay so the gem he chose and the color means that he loves her and wants lots of children glad i got an answer to that question

  2. ‘I pretty much understood your feelings, Zest-sama.
    We still have some time until our marriage, but I will try my utmost to give birth to a lot of children!

    Ah, that’s one of the things I really hope won’t happen but I will probably be disappointed. There was a tag with “pregnancy” on it, after all. Shit, I hate stories where there’s kids being born, I remember almost dropping ATG because of it, but she never showed up until recent chapters, so I was able to keep going. As long as it doesn’t turn into something where he’ll act like a doting father or anything, it really makes me uncomfortable.

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