Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 comes with a fight…..a good or a bad one, it’s up to you to decide. ^^

Chapter 30: The Bandits Showed Up




“He he he, what’s wrong, dear knights……you’re so shocked you can’t even say a word? Haa?”


That’s correct. We were really too surprised to say anything.

What we saw was a bandit group of almost 30 people.
Normally this would be considered a threat, being outnumbered three times.

“You have women too! We’re lucky today. Oi! Leave the women and your armors behind and disappear from my sight, little noble boys.”

The bandits were smiling mockingly.

What’s with these guys?……Why are they so composed when going against the knights? Is there something more that I’m not aware of?

“You idiots are out of your minds? What are you planning, making enemies of the army?”

Albert shouted.
He readied his spear not leaving a single opening; the black knights followed his example and were already prepared for battle.
They would not show weakness even against a group of bandits.
Usually they spar with my master or my foster father….the Knights Commander, and even in those circumstances these guys are happily fighting against them, they’re all battle maniacs…..urm, elites, they’re elites, yes.

However, they seemed to be differently perceived by the bandits.

“Haaa! After the war ended, the army is only composed of weak noble little boys now. Look, don’t try to show off and leave before you injure yourselves.”

While one of the bandits was saying those words, another one was approaching Albert, and ended up being stabbed to death.
His neck was cut open and he collapsed leaving behind a mist of blood.

“What the hell is this?”

It was Albert who muttered those words.
When the bandits saw their comrade become a corpse in but an instant, they couldn’t even react.

“You’re this weak but still dare to challenge us?”

He muttered to himself again and killed another two bandits who were closest to him.
After that, the bandits finally came to their senses.

These guys are different than ordinary soldiers…..Did we challenge some unthinkably strong group? That’s what they were thinking.

Finally, they readied their weapons, lowered their backs to prepare for battle, and even though they started shouting angrily and threateningly, it was already too late for them.

“Don’t make a fool of yourselves, you idiots! It’s an insult to challenge the Frontier Count’s Army when you’re this unskilled! Everyone, don’t leave any of these fools alive!”

Moved by Albert’s anger, the black knights started to move simultaneously.
It didn’t matter whether the bandits were wielding their weapons or trying to run away.

It was a one-sided extermination.

The black knights, including Albert, had a very easy to understand reasoning.
They enjoy the status of being the most elites among the soldiers of the empire, so for these guys pride is something very valuable.

‘As the empire’s shield, the Frontier Count’s Army and its soldiers are to never be defeated. The enemy army is the first and the last opponent you fight against. The defeat of the Frontier Count’s Army is the defeat of the Empire.’

Once you enter this army, this is what you get taught in the very beginning, after that you get trained thoroughly.

This also applies for nobles.
Even a highly ranked noble from an esteemed family and lineage, once he enters the Frontier Count’s Army, his status would account for nothing.

Nobles that are not soldiers, commoners that are soldiers.
These kinds of things mostly occur throughout the Frontier Count’s territories.

The little noble boys these guys refer to, who can’t hold on even for half a day and end up running to escape death, this situation for the soldiers in the Frontier Count’s Army is daily training.
The Imperial Capital Army sure has become dull……


My master and I were inside the carriage thinking about this, when one of the still surviving bandits approached us.
A hostage?……Your way of thinking is really not bad…..

I left the carriage, my attitude changing from a miserable mood to a delightful one……and I approached the group like I was a predator coming across its prey.

I waved my hand to stop the black knights who were moving towards me to offer protection.

“He’s their boss! Take him hostage, hurry up!”

Someone from the already shrunken group of surviving bandits shouted.

Only two?……So few.

A bandit carrying an axe on his right shoulder was approaching me insecurely when I drew my sword and slashed him from his lower half up to his neck.
His severed head was rolling on the ground, his face dumbfounded.

The other one was coming slashing, aiming at my leg.
I stroke with my sword on a diagonal trajectory from above and cut off his arm.
This guy was instinctively pressing down on his wound with his other hand, not even realizing his neck was just losing the head above it.

It’s a bad idea to aim at me and not be prepared….I never hesitate to kill my enemy before they try to kill me.


“There is no possible way that I, the leader of the black knights, am a weakling.”


I was so amazed by their stupidity and muttered to myself.

“Lord Zest, we finished as well. I am sorry to have troubled you.”

Albert lowered his head.

“It’s all right, I don’t mind. The maids and the adventurers are unharmed, I hope?”

The black knights would never get injured against weak opponents, so there was no point in asking them.

“Yes sir! No damage has been done.”

The adventurers’ faces were looking bad…..I guess they are not used to seeing people die.

“Well then, let’s get going. Toss these bodies in the woods somewhere.”

The black knights made the preparations very quickly.
The adventurers helped out, which made me grateful.

However, it was such an unnecessary loss of time…….Let’s get to the village fast and rest.



And so, we arrived at our village the same day in the evening.
We got here much later than we had planned, so I was feeling tired.
I just wanted to drink and forget about it…….


A banquet was taking place again.
This is also part of my ‘job’ and it’s important for maintaining the Frontier Count’s Household’s authority.
Really now, being a noble is damn difficult.


I was really in need for a drink.

“ “ “ “ “Cheers!” “ “ “ “

“Everyone, today you’re allowed to eat and drink all you want!”

“Yes!”    “Zest-sama, let’s buy some sake from the imperial capital on the way back!”    “Ah! I also want some sweets.”

“Right, leave it to me. It’s a long-awaited journey after all. Leaving that aside, come on, drink!”

“Zest-sama, this sake is really good!”
“Oh, village chief! Did you like it? We still have a lot more.”

“Lord Zest! I like meat the most!”
“Albert, shut up! I’ve heard that countless times already!”

“Hey Zest, Bea has a…… dark mole on her right butt cheek and……”


“W…who is the idiot who gave my master a drink??”


It’s my job…..This is my job as a noble……



Other things happened that night, but nothing too problematic.
All that’s left now is to have my audience with the Emperor, buy some souvenirs and return home quickly.

The enjoyable banquet came to an end and I went to sleep.





Suddenly, I was coming to reconsider some things.

Among the adventurers we rescued, there were two young women…..!? W…what if perhaps……?

A fitting development for the night, huh? Ah! I give up.

This is cheating, right?……Will the pink diamond break, I wonder? Will it be okay if there’s no love involved, only the body?
No, in the worst case the diamond will break……However, will it be all right if it only happens once?
No, maybe not……




In the end, I kept on worrying until morning and nothing actually happened…….

Somehow or other, I really wanted to die at that moment……

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii

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  1. This time is a consciously made death flag right?! Don’t ask why sooner or later a demon lord might be born just to hunt you down because your a “hero”!
    Damn Riajuu hogging all them death flags to himself >:(

    Thnx for the chappy~ Nanodesu~

  2. His likability dropped from 100 (from the killing the bandits part) to 20 at the end of the chapter.
    Cheating is a no. Fantasizing it is fine. Trying to make excuses for doing it is the lowest of the low.

    1. Nah, if it’s just pleasures of the flesh it doesn’t matter. Loving someone and having a one night stand is two different things. He loves bea, there’s no doubt at that. Having some fun in bed will not change that. It’s hardly that different from masturbating to some other girls image if no feelings are involved, so I don’t get why it’s so bad since it shouldn’t even be referred to as “cheating”. He can’t touch Bea yet, so isn’t it unfair to him if he can’t get some release in other ways? They’re not even married yet, just engaged.

      People are way to quickly to scream out “cheating” and bring down the hammer of judgment with their biased opinions. So, you think that loving someone implies that you have to fck only that person? Well, other people think differently. Especially in a world like this where concubines is extremely normal, where it’s more abnormal than normal to not have them as a noble.

      I also like the whole “completely loyal to you and will not touch another woman” idea of a romantic relationship, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only approved version. I don’t feel that we should judge him for wanting to have some s*x before marriage or when he’s away on journeys/can’t get some in other ways, which man wouldn’t want some? Just because you pay a prostitute for some workout in bed doesn’t mean you love her, right? Is it really that unforgivable if it’s just for fun with no feelings involved? Is that act so damn sacred that only lovers/couples can do it? Never heard of f*ck buddies? Is he a horrible beast that should die because he’s honest to his desires and wouldn’t reject the embrace of a woman if she came to him in the middle of the night?

      Well, this is a sensitive topic and I guess not everyone could be open minded about it. Most people are hypocrites, I am also among them. As an example, I wouldn’t like the idea of my wife going to get some male prostitutes even though I might not mind visiting female prostitutes myself if I am not satisfied. I do understand that people have desires though, so that’d mean I’d have to satisfy her so that she doesn’t need to look for other options. I guess I’d only have myself to blame if she went to another man for relief, right? Well… it’d be easier to accept stuff like that in a world like this too, because of that pink diamond I can be sure that she doesn’t love anyone else even if something like that would’ve happened, so it’d be more acceptable.

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      1. I have a feeling that things are a lot worse than they expect in those lands. There are probably even groups that go around wearing black armor, pretending to be Frontier Count’s men.

        If so, it’s probably been going on for so long, no one really pays it much attention, or even consider those who pretend like that to be very weak.

        So, Zest’s short trip will turn into a year long campaign across the whole kingdom, trying to exterminate all those pretenders.

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