Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Arrival




“My head hurts……Zest, can’t you heal hangovers?”

I can, but I won’t, master.

“Alcohol is considered a good medicine when consumed in proper quantities. It would be very difficult to heal it with magic, don’t you think?”

“That might be true…..Ah! I feel so sick……”


My foolish father, who had no memories of yesterday’s banquet, and I were shaken inside the carriage.

My master is very weak against alcohol.
It’s not that he can’t drink anything at all, but after two glasses of wine if he drinks a third one, he’ll be dead drunk.
Moreover, when he gets to that point he even forgets everything he’s said or done, he becomes uncontrollable.

Really now…….Yesterday, he didn’t only talk about the young lady’s dark mole, but also about when precisely her chest started to grow big only to give me a finishing blow afterwards.

‘Zest, did you know? Even though Bea looks quite slender in clothing, her chest is amazing. There’s a rumor amongst the maids saying that her chest is very soft and springy and it smells really good, you know? So nice…’s soft. So, what was your first impression?’

As if I would know, we still haven’t…….Still, what sort of rumors are you hearing about your daughter, you foolish father.


A black knight blushed extensively and I knocked him off his feet.
Master, you’ve said too much.

He might have been under a lot of stress……my poor father-in-law….Will I be the same in future? I’m a son-in-law too after all……

While staring at the other pitiful son-in-law, our journey continued uninterrupted.



“Welcome to the imperial capital. Excuse me, but I have to know your family name.”
“We are from the Varnam Frontier Count’s Household. Inside the carriage are the Magic Division Commander Sonia and Lord Zest.”

Oh, we arrived…..Because I haven’t slept at all yesterday, I was absent minded and I haven’t even realized.
Master was sound asleep, as one would expect.

“Thank you. What about these captured soldiers?”

“These guys……”

Albert explained the situation.
I’ll leave it to him, I’m still sleepy and I don’t really want to bother.

“Slaves!? I can’t believe it……They’re a disgrace to the imperial soldiers!”

The gatekeepers were staring at the captured soldiers.
Well, normally, people would get mad.

After he finished the explanation, Albert handed over the soldiers.
They were being hit while taking into custody, but, well, it’s the imperial capital’s problem now, I have nothing to do with it.
It can’t really be helped, these guys were trying to do something too unacceptable.

We said our farewells to the adventurers as well at this point.
They too were very misfortunate……However, it all ended safely. Were they lucky or unlucky…….?

“Zest-sama, thank you so much. We will never in this life forget your kindness…..”

“Don’t worry about it, besides, if you say such things to a noble, they would really take you away, you know? Saying thanks is more than enough.”

I’ve already decided, I have already made my mind about this.
For some reason, the women were staring at Albert.

I’ll make training for him two times harder, this ‘good-looking’ Albert…


After they bowed to us for several times, the adventurers followed after the soldiers.
It would be an investigation, but I’m sure it’ll end by evening.

With this our business was finished. Let’s enter the city already!


“Well now, my father-in-law is resting at the moment. Do you want to check inside the carriage too?”

I looked at the gatekeeper and informed him about this.
It seemed like I was asking a question, but, in fact, I wasn’t.

‘We are the Frontier Count’s family. Let us enter the city already, we are tired.’

This conversion would be the correct one.
And so, since the gatekeeper was a decent soldier, his answer was:

“Thank you, but there is no need. You can pass.”

Something like this.

If he were to want to check the carriage:
‘You don’t trust the Frontier Count’s family? Die then!’
It would have turned up like this.
Being a noble sure is scary.


The rattling carriage advanced on its way.

Finally, the imperial capital. For now, I’ll just have to inform the palace of our arrival and wait for further orders.
The Frontier Count’s Household has a mansion here, so I’ll just wait there.


We passed through the huge gate and entered the city.


This is amazing. I ended up looking around restlessly.
This really is a city one would call an imperial capital.
It’s extremely wide and beautifully maintained, just like a large, red, deep-water scorpionfish.

And because of the large number of people, I almost forgot I was in a different world.
All that somewhat tranquil atmosphere I encountered up until this point, was completely gone in this city.
I really came to a city……I strongly felt it.

I somehow missed this tumult, it made me think of Japan.
It would be great if I could stroll around a bit before going back.



Our mansion was very close to the palace……in a corner where many noble residences were lined up. It was beautifully maintained by a bunch of exclusive maids and it seemed serviceable at any time.
It must cost a lot of money though, it’s somehow wasteful.
It’s only occasionally used anyway…..But still, this is also one way for nobles to show off.


I gave orders to inform the palace of our arrival and entered the mansion.
I informed the servants that I would rest in my room until dinner time, and I took an afternoon nap.
I find it hard to cope with all-nighters….I’m a middle aged guy after all, you’ll have to pardon me.

By the way, master seemed to go to sleep as well.
That’s why it was all right for me to do the same. I must be thankful of my master’s hangover.



It’s been a while since I’ve slept in a fluffy bed.
I immediately entered the realm of dreams.





I somehow heard someone knocking at my door and a maid called out to me.

“Zest-sama, the dinner preparations are complete.”





Forgive me if I seem too unsociable at the moment.
That’s because the exchange diary was floating right in front of me……..


I understand, I must write something in it.

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