Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Quiet Talk – The Unknown Soldiers




“Oi, did you hear? It’s about the Knights Commander’s son.”
“Yeah, I’ve heard. Did he really finish off all the new recruits single handedly?”

“It seems so. This time he will practice with us, the regular soldiers.”


Inside the Frontier Count’s army’s cafeteria, this conversation was taking place.
Not only these three, but all the other soldiers were in a trance, talking about the same subject.

Their training was not ordinary.

When speaking of regular training, what do you think it happens when a noble gets hurt?
The answer in simple.
The best case scenario would mean imprisonment, the worst would mean death penalty.

This is a generally spread ideology in this world in which the lives of commoners are pretty much casually considered.

Then, do they gossip about this because they feel fear?
The answer is: You’ll understand once you know about the unique tradition of the Frontier Count’s army.


“We should probably go now, guys.”
“Right. If we’re late, we’ll have a very hard time.”

The regular soldiers, also known as ‘The Black Knights’ were going towards the training grounds.



Out of the 5000 soldiers in the Frontier Count’s army, only 500 are called black knights.
You might think that’s surprisingly a lot?
Or maybe too few?

Every year, up to 500 commoners who aspire to enter the army are chosen and trained until the numbers decrease.
And these 500 people are thoroughly bullied for half a year.
They must train even while eating, be woken up randomly at night for nocturnal attacks training.
If any of them collapses, the other ones undergo first aid training while carrying him away, then return to the regular training.

However, if you say you want to quit, you can easily return to your normal lifestyle.
They won’t chase after the ones who leave.


Their number is halved in but a week, and in a month, there are only about 100 people left.
Truth be told, if there are 10 people who can hold for half a year, it is said to be quite a lot.

Only after one endures this rigorous training, is one finally accepted into the Frontier Count’s army.

These 5000 people have all put up with that brutal training.
And among them, only a handful are called black knights.

And these black knights have a very simple, single rule for their training:
‘During training, there’s no distinction in social status.’
Only this.

That’s precisely why not many nobles aspire to become black knights.
They can of course enroll as black knights without going through the brutal initial training.

However, they would be thoroughly knocked down during the regular one.
Revenge is also forbidden.
If by any chance a case of revenge is discovered, the one who did it and his entire family would be eliminated.
The Black Knights Commander and the other black knights will carry on the task and be the executioners.


Obviously, the nobles get special treatment even in the lands governed by the Frontier Count, but once a noble becomes a black knight, it’s impossible to receive favorable treatment anymore.

That alone, makes people admire the knights wearing black equipment and it also becomes the elite soldiers’ source of pride.
Even a commoner can acquire the privileges of an average noble.
Therefore, all the men living in the lands of the Frontier Count, dream of becoming black knights and rise up their social status.



And these black knights were waiting impatiently for the rumored son of the Knights Commander to join their training.

There was only one thing they all thought about.


‘We’ll welcome him if he’s strong. In case he’s weak, we’ll thoroughly knock him down and drive him out.’


And then, the man in question showed up……






“What, I see you’ve already drawn your swords? It’s great you’re serious about this though. Oh yeah, you can use any weapon you’re good at. Spears, axes, use whatever you like. In case you don’t die, I’ll make sure to fix you, so feel free to charge at me.”


The gentle man smiled and prepared his stance while saying these words.

One enraged black knight charged in slicing about with his sword, but his arm got cut off and sent flying.
Everyone is his surroundings was starting to panic……..His arm disappeared, just like that.

Were they frightened they might get killed? Nope, it’s slightly different.
They were actually scared of not being able to fight as soldiers anymore.

“Is it really over once your arm gets cut off? Is your other arm just for decoration, you fool? You still have your legs attached too. If you all run and charge at me like this, you’ll just give me the chance to bring down some of your comrades. Start again.”


Said the gentle looking man, holding one hand out. The next moment, the soldier’s arm was completely fixed.

“Even though there’s a limit to what I can do with magic, I already told you that as long as you don’t die, I can fix you back. Now, charge at me again.”

The man said and smiled.

A gentle person? Absolutely not! This guy was a monster.


A monster we want to rule over us, thought the knights.


“Hahaha, this is the best training ever! Oi, surround him! You let him keep smiling like that and you still dare to call yourselves black knights!?”

The black knights were all wearing warlike smiles.
Because they too don’t really function as normal human beings, they ended up acknowledging a monster-like man.

They all had weird smiles on their faces and poured their everything into this battle.

When the monster saw this, he as well smiled in a similar manner…..






“ “ “ “ “Cheers! ! !” “ “ “ “




These battle maniacs were having a party in a bar.


“Wow, Zest-sama, you really are strong! I lost my arms three times, you know!”

“Hahaha, your attacks were too obvious and too many. You must proceed with more discretion.”

“It seems Zest-sama was used to fighting against spears.”

“Well yeah, I was taught by the Knights Division Commander and the Magic Division Commander after all!”

“ “ “ “………I’ll be damned……..” “ “ “

“…….You’re all charming little things compared to those two.”

“That is so right……”    “Those two, huh?…..”      “I wouldn’t be able to manage those two……”     “It must’ve been hell……”

The knights were cheerfully talking.

“Well, everything’s fine once you get used to it! Anyway, leaving aside all formalities, everyone, eat and drink to your hearts’ content!”

“ “ “ “ “Thank you! !” “ “ “ “




After repeating such trainings and drinking parties over and over again, the soldiers started to recognize the monster as their boss.
However, the conclusive reason was something else….






“Zest-sama, I am not thirsty. Why don’t you understand, I wonder? As I thought, I’m better off walking alone.”

“Hahaha, you’re really cute, Bea. Look, they sell cookies over there! Do you want some?”



“Wow, formidable. He’s escorting the unpleasant looking young lady around…….”
“Hey! What’s cute about that kind of face?”
“Yeah, the young lady, she’s obviously angry…….”


“Holy smokes! He caressed the young lady’s hair!?”
“Hii! The young lady looks scary!!”
“He….he’s gonna get killed!”



“As I thought, that man is amazing.”
“Yeah, no one can touch the young lady without some serious guts.”
“And there’s more. According to the maids’ gossip, they meet every day.”
“ “So he goes through that every single day???” “


This was the real reason the black knight acknowledged him.
It wasn’t known just yet, but the reason for their approval was in fact the result of sneaking a few glances at his date with the young lady……..





After a few years, the black knights mustered the courage to speak their minds about it, at which point:

“What? Bea is actually very obedient and cute. Going on dates with her is really rewarding. I’m good to go every day.”

He drank and talked like it was really nothing out of the ordinary, but the knights got unnecessarily frightened and pledged loyalty to him once again.

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii


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  4. “As I thought, that man is amazing.”
    “Yeah, no one can touch the young lady without some serious guts.”
    “And there’s more. According to the maids’ gossip, they meet every day.”
    “ “So he goes through that every single day???” “

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