Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: The Awakened Feelings



As I was waking up, I found the young lady sitting next to me, so I embraced her instinctively.

In order to survive in this world, I followed the nobles’ orders.
In order to survive in this world, I trained hard to learn the ways of battle.
In order to survive in this world, I got engaged to the daughter of an important noble family, young lady Beatrice.

In order to survive……


It was supposed to be like that…..


In order to survive, I need a good relationship with the Imperial household.

I’ll marry the princess and take the young lady as a concubine.

Is this really the right answer, I wonder……..?



Since when?…


…did I start thinking that this always displeased-looking young lady is in fact adorable?
…did I start feeling love for her? Was it because I am the only one to understand her real thoughts?
…did I start loving her so dearly?
…did I start thinking that I don’t want to part with her, not even in death?



“Bea, I really love you. More than anyone.”

My words came out spontaneously, stunning the young lady…..urm…..stunning Bea.


Bea’s face was completely flushed and she was about to start crying.


I looked at her and slowly pressed my lips on top of hers…..




(The Masters are kissing!!)


……Listen up, spirit!
Don’t interrupt us now!




Masters…..Why the plural?


You sure said something I can’t overlook!?


I was feeling reluctance to part with Bea’s lips, but I had to.

Bea, don’t make such a face…
It looks like I did something against your will when I kissed you…..

A little depressed, I asked the spirit in order to confirm my suspicion.

“Listen, little spirit, just now you said Masters, with an ‘s’…..What is Beatrice to you?”

(Hm? She’s my Master.)

……….Oi, oi!

“Then, what about me?”

(You’re my Master too.)



Calm down for a moment, stupid self……

What is it Bea? Why are you pulling my sleeve? Hm? Do you want to play with the spirit?
I got it, I got it….Go play there.


The spirit is calling Bea her Master?

Because she’s my wife?
No, we are not married yet…..

Don’t say……



“Hey spirit, who actually created you?”

With a blank expression, she answered.

(My Master and my Master. It’s pretty obvious, don’t you think?)





I thought that I was definitely the one who achieved this spiritification.

It was different.

Beatrice and I did it together!!



“Ha, haha, hahahaha, ha haa ha ha haa ahahaha“


It’s useless…I can’t stop laughing!!

I see now, we both created this spirit! We both achieved spiritification!
In this case, the terms should be different now.



Bea and the spirit approached me.

Bea started to softly wipe my face dry with her cute handkerchief.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

With a somewhat ‘worried’ expressionless face, she continued to wipe my tears.
I see, I was crying…..

“Sorry, I made you worry. I am fine now.”

I said, and gently brushed Bea’s hair.
The spirit was sitting on my shoulder, smiling brightly.

“Good then. But what happened?”

“Well, it’s just that all my worries disappeared. I can be with you now without feeling reluctance……When I thought about receiving everyone’s blessings and be able to marry you freely, it seems I started to cry. I was crying with happiness.”

Bea’s face got bright red again, while she was glaring at me.

“Don’t say such embarrassing words with such a serious face! But……”

She paused for a moment and looked downwards.

“Me too….Being able to marry you….makes me happy….”

She said and smiled. I really thought she looked adorable.

Then, she…
Embraced me again….







Something felt out of place……..





“Bea smiled!?”




I was startled………..
Moreover, I couldn’t hear any other thoughts from her.

What actually happened?

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  1. Get me my Insulin, honey! The sugar level of this chapter is making me dizzy.
    I wonder if bea’s natural dark aura gets jumbled when she’s embarrased or gets extremely happy?
    Thanks for translating.

  2. “With a somewhat ‘worried’ expressionless face, she continued to wife my tears.” That was a most suitable typo, but it should be ‘wipe’, not ‘wife’, right? 😉

    BEA SMILED AND WAS HONEST FOR A CHANGE?!! This feels like a turning point!!!

    This was actually sweet of the MC…. I’d probably be more moved about this if not because he was trying to get surrounded by women at the party earlier… Hopefully he’ll stop trying to be a failed womanizer after he’s understood his own feelings for Bea…

    This was cute, however, the author didn’t do a good job showing the transition of his feelings, from when he simply thought she was cute but still a death flag to now that he really wants to be with her, even if she could easily raise death/yandere flags.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out! ^^
      I went back and corrected it… This typo is the second on Nana’s list of favorite typos, after ‘grandson-in-LOW-dono’ xD

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