Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Stupid Dog, Albert



“Even though I’m a dog kemonobito, I’m herbivorous.”
“ “ “ “Wahahahahahaha!” “ “ “

“I had a good laugh…”
“Albert-san is such a fool.”
“He’s just a natural airhead.”
“He did think that pose was cool.”
“He’s nothing but a lunatic.”



On our way back, we met the black knights, and they took all their time to thoroughly tease Albert.

“You stupid idiots, shut your mouths! Shut up and walk!”

Albert snapped.

“Albert, you’re the stupid one here.”
“Albert, be silent.”
(This crossbreed dog, is he your pet? He needs more discipline, Dad.)

“Y…yes! Forgive me!”



When they heard we wanted to go out in the castle town, the black knights concluded that they needed to escort us.
At first, they did indeed earnestly escort us, but I discovered them rather fast.

It was when that black clothed impostor showed up.
I did say it, before the guards appeared, right?
That it was a job for those guys.
When I said that, I didn’t refer to the city guards, but to the black knights.

However, they soon lost their interest in providing ‘protection’; the imperial capital was a safe place after all.
They decided they didn’t need such a large number of ‘bodyguards’, so they took turns in watching over us.
Since there were many young and beautiful girls in front of that café, they started to hit on them.
Beaten at his own game, it was decided that I would be in charge of teaching Albert a lesson.



The result…



“It was the first time a vassal tried to seduce me.”

“I am truly sorry!”



Is this….



Albert was now dragged along with us, literally; as the carriage advanced, Albert became pretty beat up.
The sound of him constantly hitting the ground was rather nasty, but as long as it won’t end in instant death, I can still treat his wounds; no problems there.


We finally arrived at the imperial castle.

Albert couldn’t move anymore, so I let him in the black knight’s care and returned to my room.
It was already evening.


The same day, my master, my mother-in-law, Bea, Toto and I would meet up for a family diner.
Bea didn’t have the chance to meet her mother after all.
So I wanted us to have a meal together.


“And then? How far did you two go?”

These words stuck in my trachea…….



Since I was choking, Bea started to pat me on my back.
Master, this is an act of ‘medical’ treatment.
Don’t release your killing intent, please.

“Are you all right, Zest-sama?”

Bea looked into my eyes and asked, visibly worried.
Ah! She’s too adorable.

“Thank you Bea, I’m fine though. Smelling your scent and having my back patted by you, meant a complete recovery from anything I might have had.”

“Stop it, Zest-sama!”

She started to hit me with her tiny fists again.

As I was saying, master, this is……..yup, it’s just flirting.
I’ll try to restrain myself.


“I’m sorry for that. But to answer your question, I can assure you that our relationship is a very pure one.”

It is actually the truth.
Our relationship is indeed pure and ‘clean’.

Mother-in-law got speechless for a short moment, then she started, with a bitter smile.

“This wasn’t what we asked. We wanted to know where you went today, as in where in the city…….”
“Lies!! Zest, you are lying to me!”


……Wh…what is this?

My mother-in-law asked where we went in the city today, right?
What the hell is master saying then? What lies?

“A pure relationship? Don’t lie to me! I know it pretty well.”

He had a demonic expression on his face.


My mother-in-law looked at him, her face expressionless….. Damn, she’s scary.
Bea and I exchanged glances.
We both looked a bit confused. What was he talking about?

Toto decided that this whole thing had nothing to do with her, so she dedicated herself to eating the cookies.
This is how she was….



“I know it pretty well…..I’ve seen it with my own eyes, you kissing Bea!”



With a rough nasal breathing, my master concluded.



Huh? So you did see that!



Bea was sitting next to me, her face completely flushed, and she started to tremble lightly.
Most certainly…..we did do that.
Was it wrong…..?







An ugly, heavy sound reverberated inside the room.

It was my mother-in-law’s iron-ribbed fan.



“Sonia, I wonder where were you when you saw that?”

“In….in Zest’s bedroom.”

Master, you started to speak respectfully now?
Mother-in-law’s intimidating air was not to be trifled with.

“Sonia, stop whining about a young, soon-to-be-married couple kissing each other. And when you see them doing that, you have to pretend you didn’t see anything, that’s normal, you know?….You even went to his bedroom. It seems you’ve forgotten, but you weren’t any better when you were my fiancé…….Remember that time when you……”
“Sorry, Lamia, I was in the wrong, so please stop it. I know! Once in a while, I really want to be alone with you and relax. Shall we go to our room? Come now, let’s go!”


The speed with which they disappeared was rather frightening.

…….So master did something in their pre-wedding period.
I’ll investigate it later.


But well, this worked for me too, and it seems my mother-in-law is fine with me kissing Bea, so I can feel at ease.


Relieved, I looked at Bea only to see her looking down in shame, extremely abashed.

“Are you ok, Bea?”

I brushed her hair.

“Yes, I am all right now.”

She smiled and she nestled close to me.




I could feel her body temperature.

I hugged her tenderly and she returned my embrace.

“Bea, you smell really good, I love this flower fragrance.”

“……Zest-sama, you smell of black tea.”



Before long, I slowly approached her face.


It was like our lips were attracted to each other.


Like they were requesting to come together…….. (I want to kiss you too!)





Yes, you were here as well, Toto……

We both started to laugh.
I kissed her on the cheek, and Toto was extremely delighted.

This little girl is unbelievable.
I should give up on kissing Bea today.

I escorted Bea to her room, and I returned to mine.
I finished with the shower quickly, and entered my bed.

Tomorrow, a call from the Emperor should arrive.
We must decide what we’ll do next.

I fell asleep while thinking of that.







“Such a beautiful morning……And yet, I’d be the happiest if the world would just perish right now……”
I muttered to myself.






It seems I……wet my bed……….?

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
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