Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: The Nightmare Weapon’s Revival



Bea made breakfast………

After hearing such a hopeless notice, I couldn’t stop from asking.


“Idiot, so you watched silently without doing anything to stop her? Couldn’t you just cause an ‘accident’ to ruin the food, or something?”


With an admiring expression, the black knight answered.


“Zest-sama, is just that lately, Beatrice-sama has become more sociable.”

With teary eyes, he continued.

“Such a lovely Beatrice-sama was doing her best to make the breakfast, I just couldn’t stop her!”

“………….Forget it.”
“………….I wish you the very best of luck.”


I shook his hand and silently entered the room.


“Morning Bea, it’s a great morning, isn’t it?”
“Good morning Zest-sama. Yes, it’s a wonderful morning.”


I cast some healing magic on my trembling feet as I tried to sit down on my chair.

“I made the breakfast today.”

Bea was showing an expression like she was begging for me to praise her.
Clad in strengthening magic, I tried to control my trembling while brushing her hair lightly.


“It smells delicious, Bea. However, didn’t you promise me you won’t cook again because it’s dangerous?”
“Haha. Since then, I did a lot of practice, so as not to worry Zest-sama anymore.”

Her smile was sparkling.

It can’t be helped.
Such a beautiful girl cooked for me…………

I have no choice but to eat it.

(D…Dad….this is…)

Toto, you can’t say anything else…….I looked at her with a serious expression and she seemed to understand.


“Let’s eat…”
(Itadakimasu!) (1)

“Go ahead and eat.”



As for our breakfast, it contained bread, soup, salad and some dark liquid for drinking.

The outward appearance was pretty ordinary; there was nothing strange about it.



Timidly, I took a mouthful of soup.



“It’s good……”

!?The soup was a success!
I’m sure the maids helped her!


So, the first one was safe…..Toto was gulping repetitively as well.


Then, what about the bread? I took a bite.





This was a success too!
Such good fortune…..There are only two left…..



Eagerly, I started tasting the salad.



“It’s fresh and tasty……”




How can this be?………At last, only the dangerously looking ‘something’ was left………..

I glanced at Toto, but she was not approaching the black liquid.


I get it.
If I drink this, everything will be settled peacefully…..



I prepared myself for the worst, and took a sip from the dark liquid!







Yes, it was actually coffee.



“Haha, in Japan, people often drink this, right? I looked up in an old book, and it was written there.”


Smiling, she was eating her breakfast.


“My cooking skills were very bad, so Zest-sama was worried about me, am I right?”

Bea was smiling kindly and I couldn’t reply to her.

“I knew it actually, that Zest-sama was being silent about it out of kindness. But still, I wanted to cook for you, so I kept on practicing…….on my grandfather.”


…………..Frontier Count, are you still alive?


“But since my grandfather is a busy man, he changed places with the black knights after a while……….”

That old geezer Frontier Count, he ran away.

“Thanks to them, I’ve become rather skillful, haven’t I, Zest-sama?”



Really now, this girl is…….

She’s really, really kind.

Because of the dark attribute’s influence, she went through a lot of terrible and painful situations.
And yet, she’s such a kind girl.


I hugged her softly.

“Bea, thank you so much. Truly……”

I gazed at her firmly for a while, and before one knows, I kissed her…….





“Thank you for the meal.”
(Thank you for the meal.)

“You are very welcome.”


The food Bea prepared for us was in fact delicious.
We ate up everything and drank coffee after.


“Still, I really didn’t know there was coffee in this world. When did you buy it?”

I was in a great mood after drinking coffee again in such a long time, so, with a smile on my face, I asked her.

Having done so, with a smile on her face, Bea answered me.









“I didn’t buy it. It actually comes from Toto-chan’s bottom.”







…………..This is kopi luwak coffee. (2)
While thinking that this was indeed kopi luwak coffee, I drank it all up.


Takkurun-san’s note: Unfortunately, kopi luwak coffee, made of the excrements of the so-called civet cat, actually exists.



(1) Itadakimasu – a Japanese expression of gratitude said before a meal. It literally means ‘I humbly accept this food’.

(2) Kopi luwak is the name of a type of coffee beans. They kinda have a controversial story, so if you’re interested, cheek this link:

And yeah, it is poop. ><

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii

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      1. I mean sure. Eggs occasionally get poop on them, but that’s because chickens have only one exit, the cloaca. Eggs form in the reproductive area and only touch the poop parts when leaving the chicken. They also have a coating on the shell to prevent anything it touches getting inside (if kept intact the eggs do not need to be refrigerated). So the part you’re actually eating should never have come into contact with poop.

        It’s pretty different from drinking coffee that was partially digested and pooped out of cats.

  1. In luwak coffee, coffee beans are fermented inside of civet stomach and excretd through poop but not digested and then people clean and processed it to be edible and hygiene so at some sense you just consume fermented beans

      1. With the amount of ‘coffee’ “lovers” in the world, I’m surprised they don’t try to advocate more for the protection of elephants. They’d probably just want a grande mocha frappe lattachino in a large ivorn horn with a small decoration of a cut-off mermaid.

  2. That ending cought me off guard pretty good…One of the really rare times i actually laugh at WN’s 😀
    And then he went and drank it all with 0 F’s given…

    Also, Bea FTW! She’s perfect wife now.

  3. wow i read this at the same time , i drank luak coffee….

    Ps: they fed civet-cat (luak =in indonesia) with coffee(fruit) , luak have low digesting acid, so whats left in its feces is coffee bean. they then dry the feces (surprisingly the feces doesn’t smell so bad), after that they cleaned and burn the coffee bean.

  4. WAIT, WHY NOBODY IS CARING ABOUT THE SUDDEN CHANGE THAT HAPPENED TO BEA? I don’t know who this girl is, but she definitely isn’t the Bea we all know!

  5. Ok, this was funny, but…. I don’t approve!! Even if I don’t complain about how a yandere is suddenly quite savvy and agrees to let her lover take a concubine, this is a completely different girl altogether from who Bea was only a few days ago!! It makes no sense, OK?! She can cook and smile and come across honestly! If it had been a slow and believable transition as their relationship deepened, I would’ve understood, but this was sudden and unexplained. Did the real Bea die and another person’s mind take over or something??

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