Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: A Stupid Noble



We heard the angry shouts of a man, coming from outside the shop.


I couldn’t believe an idiot would pick a quarrel with us in this situation…..
Extremely amazed, I went out of the shop.


“What’s with this noise?”

The man, who was glaring at Albert, moved his eyes onto me.

He was most likely in his 20s, a young noble-looking man.
His face was a little chunky though.

“Who the hell are you? These guys’ leader? Are you even training them?”

This fellow said that, after looking at my black military uniform.

“I am indeed their leader. So what?”

I decided to act oppressively.
I haven’t seen such a level of idiocy in a long time.

“Ha? I see you don’t know how to speak properly, maybe that’s why I can’t stand the likes of knights. If the ones guarding you are this vulgar, then you……”

Say it, just say it!

“The Frontier Count is nothing like the rumors say. I feel pity for the Princess having to marry these idiots’ boss……..”


The no.1 idiot was still continuing his lecture, a proud expression on his face.
It should be enough.


“So, who are you? Say it fast ‘cause I’m busy.”


I asked for his name, since I already had enough reasons to get rid of him.
It’d be troublesome not to know where to send his coffin after all.


“As expected from a provincial person like you not to know of me. I am a baron and the next leader of the Adventurers Guild!”

………The Adventurers Guild?

“……….The next leader of the Adventurers Guild? A baron?”


In all honesty, it surprised me.
I was surprised that such an idiot was made a baron, and surprised that the Adventurers Guild chose him as their future leader.



“If you understood then move aside! Do the likes of you knights dare to oppose a baron?”

He said then turned to look at me, grinning.
Albert was a knight. It was true that he couldn’t overdue it since the other party was a baron.

Only in case he didn’t have a direct order, that is.

“Albert, restrain this guy right away! We’re going to the so-called Adventurers Guild. Do it!”
“Yes sir!”

The idiot was restrained quite easily.

“You….you fool! Do you even understand what will happen if you do this?”

“Albert, he’s too noisy. Stuff something in his mouth!”
“Certainly, your Excellency.”

Albert, not a rock…

You really endured it, didn’t you…..The black knights now? Stop stepping on that idiot’s toes so nonchalantly!

That looks painful…..


I looked at the idiot like he was nothing more than garbage, then I returned to my carriage and gave instructions to go towards the Adventurers Guild.

Well, getting rid of him at this moment sounded pretty good to me, but in case the Adventurers Guild was a place full of idiots like this guy, then I’d just take the opportunity to clean it up as well.
I didn’t really want to show a bloody scene to the still very young Princess Tsubaki; it wasn’t good for her education after all.


At times, screams could be heard from behind the carriage, but I didn’t pay them any attention.

“From now on you’ll have the opportunity to meet other high-ranked nobles, so how about giving Albert a promotion?”

“Is he only a knight now? If that’s true, then that means I can’t play with him.”

The two girls made me think about it.

They’re right. Albert is doing all sorts of jobs for me, so I should promote him.

“Since his Majesty offered me the free use of a few court ranks, I’ll promote Albert during his wedding ceremony.”

(Are you making that stupid dog your official pet, Dad?)

Toto, you’re too strict when it comes to Albert.




Something like a duke showing up suddenly at the Adventurers Guild would turn into something extremely huge.
All the more if a princess is coming along.

I already sent a black knight to notify them about our arrival, so it should be all right.

However, if they are decent people, the level of this incident should be above insane for them.



We arrived at the Adventurers Guild.
I made Bea and the girls wait for me inside the carriage.
Since the black knights are surrounding the entire place, it shouldn’t be a problem.


I got off the carriage and understood completely what the Adventurers Guild was thinking about this idiot.





“Your Excellency, we are truly, truly sorry!”


A sturdy, good-looking man was kneeling down on the ground, while saying that to me.
I guess he’s the guild leader.

Behind him were the guild’s staff members.
All of them, women included, were prostrating themselves in front of me.


Good. The Adventurers Guild seems to be decent still.
Leaving that aside, it seems that this idiot was the only exception.

“That person became an adventurer by using his authority as a noble and in the end he acted like he owned this place. We were tormented by this as well……”



It sure seems so.

He became an adventurer by taking advantage of his power as a noble, so the guild members, even though they disagreed to it, they had to accept him.
But he even threatened them into make him the next guild leader.

He’s a prototypical idiot.


After hearing their story, I kind of felt pity for them…..
And for the Adventurers Guild……



Right……I’ll do just that.



“I understand your circumstances. Therefore, how about I submit a personal request to your guild?”


The guild leader was about to cut his stomach in order to apologize, but the staff members stopped him.
Then, I made a suggestion to them.





“My request is a sham battle on the castle’s training ground. The opponent is that idiot. There’s nothing to worry about, just accept my request.”

Everyone present was startled.

“He can’t say no to this, I will directly warn him. You can retaliate as much as you like…..urm, we’ll just do a sham battle, that’s all.”


“Great! I’ll go buy a new axe.”
“Your Excellency, you’re the best!”
“Oi, don’t accept my request so easily, you should prepare first!”
“A spear, I gotta go buy one!”
“What about his teeth? Are we allowed to extract them?”


The guys were overjoyed.

However, some of them were still worried.


“Although, doing something like this to a noble will only mean that we’ll suffer afterwards!”
“He’s a vindictive person after all…….”


Ah, that?


“No need to worry. He’s already a dead man. He insulted a duke in front of her Highness, the Princess. That means death penalty. All that you will do is a sham battle against a criminal condemned to death.”

After I finished my sentence, Albert started to grin broadly.
Obviously, after having done something like that in front of the princess, nothing could save him anymore.
It’s a death penalty by definition.





“ “ “ “ “Let’s go buy weapons!!!” “ “ “ “






That day, all the weapon selling shops in the imperial capital sold their entire stocks.
It was a very unusual incident…….

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Proofreading: Carmina
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    1. He is like a ‘noble familly guy’ from the first village where someone on second layer of cultivation is considered a mythical being

  1. “Albert, he’s too noisy. Stuff something in his mouth!”
    “Certainly, your Excellency.”
    Albert, not a rock…
    You really endured it, didn’t you…..The black knights now? Stop stepping on that idiot’s toes so nonchalantly!
    That looks painful…..

    These black knights are great… Damn, a stone used as a gag, that’s harsh.

    Still… Just how many did he offend for the entire stock to be sold out in an IMPERIAL CITY. I get it if it’s a small city with one weapon shop, but an imperial city with many weapon shops and huge stocks… I think he must’ve offended at least a few thousand people… 😀 I don’t think the mc will get to execute him by himself.

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