Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 61

Ok guys, I made a mistake in translating the title of the 1st Book. It shouldn’t be the ‘Downfall of the Empire’ as I interpreted it at that time (since that’s how grim the things looked back then xD), but rather ‘The Dawn of the Empire’ (dawn as in daybreak). I’m really sorry for misleading you ><
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And so, the 2nd Book starts today.


Chapter 61: The Characters until Now ※Contains Spoilers



Zest Gaiyus

A middle aged man, 32 years old, with black eyes and black hair.
He married Bea out of mutual love.
He likes to flirt a lot.
He is a Duke and the 1st Rank Imperial Mage. He became an authority figure inside the empire.


Beatrice Varnam

A 16 years old with black eyes and black hair.
A Japanese style beauty who gives the impression of matureness.
An expert of black attribute magic.
She married Zest out of mutual love.
She’s a duchess.
As a duchess, she’s a popular figure that all the women of the empire admire.
Her portrait is selling like crazy.



A spirit that Zest and Bea created.
She adores her Dad and Mom.
Her outer appearance is that of a 30cm mini Bea.



Razatonia Varnam

The head of the Frontier Count’s Household
A demon-like old geezer with a dark mind
He’s also an expert of the dark attribute magic and is feared in the area.
A frightening and always scheming old man
He calls Beatrice ‘Bea’ and is affectionate towards her.


Sonia Varnam

A son-in-law in the Frontier Count’s Household
The refreshment of the terrifying Frontier Count’s Household
When he’s only with the family he switches to the gentle ‘papa’ mode.
Normally, he interacts with people while being is the frightening ‘Frontier Count’ mode.
He’s the protagonist’s magic teacher and the Magic Division Commander.


Galef Gaiyus

The Knights Commander
The protagonist’s foster father
He accepted the protagonist for being his successor, but the protagonist also healed his wife.
He is able to have children now.
He feels a debt of gratitude towards his adopted son and always causes a stir about his successor.
He’s a loud man who wears a full-plate armor.
An old man with muscle brains who looks like a powerful bandit.


Celica Gaiyus

The protagonist’s foster mother
The Frontier Count’s younger sister
Since the moment the protagonist healed her of infertility, she’s always doting him.
She’s very supportive of his marriage to her grandniece Beatrice.
Her personality is the spitting image of the Frontier Count’s, but she intends to be kind towards the protagonist.



The Gaiyus’ Household’s butler
An old man who manages the servants
He deeply respects the protagonist who healed madam Celica.



A male kemonobito
The man called dog knight
Because he’s exceptional, he also serves as the Frontier Count’s guard.
Since the ‘marking incident’ he unnecessarily fears the protagonist.
He marries Meril.
He’s a faithful dog that is no match for his ‘master’ Zest.



A baron’s daughter.
He had to separate from Albert because of the difference in their social status.
Zest helps them and they manage to get married.
She’s extremely grateful to Zest.




The Emperor of the Grun Empire

A middle aged handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes
Conforming to tradition, he cast aside his name after the enthronement.
He was called ‘Sarsesh’ when he was a child.
No one calls him by this name now since it’s considered a blasphemy.
People call him ‘his Majesty the Emperor’ or simply ‘his Majesty’.


Empress Natasha

A beautiful woman with blond hair and blue eyes
She has a gentle aura and she looks like a soothing ‘onee-sama’.
His Majesty is deeply in love with her and won’t really show her in front of the public.
The gardener who fixed his eyes on the empress got killed.
The master chef who complimented her cooking skills got killed too.
If you breathe the same airs that she breathes, you’ll be killed…
This is the extent of the rumors, which show how much his Majesty cares about her.


Imperial princess Tsubaki

The daughter of his Majesty and Natasha
She has the name of a flower (1) from the legendary country of Japan.
A 10 year old beautiful girl
She likes the spirit and she admires Beatrice who is the model of it.


Prime Minister Arc

A man in his 50s
He has the image of a little fatty with brown hair and red eyes.
However, he also acts heartlessly according to his position of a Prime Minster, and he would be capable of murdering his family if that’s for the best interest of the country.
He gets along well with the Frontier Count and he visits him every year.


Imperial Mage Rank 4

Lamia Varnam

A mage specialized in medical treatments; Sonia’s wife
Beatrice’s mother
She normally works in the imperial capital.
She’s a very indulgent ‘mama’ towards Bea.
Towards her husband she also has a ‘spartan’ attitude and often gives him aggressive responses.





The head of domestic affairs
He’s the father of the idiotic noble who ‘offered’ a marriage proposal to Beatrice.
Unknown cause of death



A middle aged woman
The shopkeeper of a Western-style clothes store that shows favor to the Frontier Count’s Household.
She also opened a shop that sells all sorts of new selection of goods.


Viscount Mark

Media’s father
He’s a poor man greatly perplexed by his foolish son.
He’s grateful to Zest for arranging a marriage for his son, and can’t wait to see the face of his grandson.



The heir of the Viscount’s Household.
He looks like a beautiful girl, but he’s a man.
He’s a commander of the Maid’s Unit.
He married Tasel.
He claims that he would die for Zest’s sake.



A former adventurer
She’s a woman that looks like a wild, handsome man.
She falls in love with Media and marries him.
She swears of oath of allegiance to Zest since he’s helped her making various arrangements.



Count Raiza

The Commanding General of the Empire’s Army.
A 43 years old with blue hair.
He has a tough, huge body.
The Emperor acknowledged him when he was young and made him a viscount, then a count.
He has an official position now.
He’s the Emperor’s right-hand man.




Tarminal Kingdom’s side



A grandpa who came to the empire as an emissary for the kingdom



The royalty who led the kingdom’s army.
His name is unknown.



A male kemonobito.
He opposed the despotic administration in his country and created the Rebel Army.
He admires Albert and he develops an interest for Duke Zest, since he is Albert’s master.
He becomes the headman of a fishing village.



A cat kemonobito and a legal loli.
She works for Zest as a civil official.
She’s the guys’ idol.
She’s unpopular among the black knights.




The Holy Country of Lilac

Pope Garbera

The top of the Holy Country of Lilac.
He’s quite the tactician, but he’s open to conversation.


The Sister

A woman who showed up as a messenger.
She speaks an enigmatic language.
She becomes the Priestess of a church on Zest’s domain.


(1) Tsubaki (椿・つばき)means ‘camellia’ and is a common name for girls.

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
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