Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: The Noble’s Way



“Despite her having a fiancé, named Zest-sama……..”

(She’s making fun of us, Mom……..)


“………Well, it’s okay……..”


I was earnestly caressing their heads as the two of them were in a fit of anger.

Something collapsed behind us……..Maybe the intelligence unit soldier…….Don’t die, ok?



Listening to the girls’ story, it turns out that:

‘The elven prince came to the empire for a diplomatic meeting, but he fell in love with Princess Tsubaki at first sight and proposed to her without any warning.
Even though they explained him that she already had a fiancé, he earnestly requested her hand, promising her that she’ll be his legal wife, not his concubine.
Princess Tsubaki seemed that she wasn’t altogether against it, but the Emperor, on the other side, was really troubled.
He couldn’t discuss this matter with me, so he went to consult with the Frontier Count; that’s when Bea overheard them and went crazy.’


Hmm…..It’s good and bad at the same time…….
Well now, let’s she why she got so angry in the first place?



“I understand…….But Bea, Toto, I am not angry at all. I’m not even sad, you know?”


(Dad, don’t you hate it?)


Their magical power settled down a little.


“If you two even disappear from my life, I would get angry and fight with all my strength to get you back……However, Tsubaki’s marriage with me was a political one…….And I don’t really care about it, you know?”

“If Zest-sama says so, then I ……..But still, what about our Duke’s Household……..”

(Even though Tsubaki got along with me and Mom………..)


It seems that Bea is concerned about our nobles’ honor.
While Toto’s concerned about a completely different thing.


I seized Bea’s hand and looked her in the eye as I started to speak.


“Bea…….I will do something about our honor as nobles, so don’t worry about it. I am actually more concerned about your feelings. Did you really consent to my marriage to her? Would it have been better for me to get married to Princess Tsubaki?”

“……..The noble Bea consented to it. But I, personally……..hated……it.”


Her face reddened and she hung her head in shame.
I thought so…..Because she is a noble, she couldn’t act her according to her real thoughts.
I’m such a fool; being spoiled by such a young woman like Bea.


“I’m sorry Bea, I depended on you too much……I won’t ever make you cry again, I promise …..You are the only wife I need, so I’m determined to never marry another woman.”

“…….Haha, ‘You are the only wife I need’ you say? It’s the first time I’m hearing something like this.”

(Ah! I sure get sleepy after eating sweets….I’ll go lie down.)


Toto, you only have to stay silent okay?
Go sleep already!



In this world, I, a Japanese, can’t make my opinions known and accepted, even if I do the impossible.

It was precisely because I used to think like that that I ended up depending on Bea……
But it’s true that even if I do the impossible, they won’t accept my opinion.
In this case, I’ll take measures so that they’ll accept it without me overdoing it.


I have to do it solely for the sake of this precious girl in front of me.


That day, I swore to myself once again.
That I would live my life as a resident of this world……
And that I would protect Bea without hesitation, no matter the means I would have to use.


I kissed her and brushed her hair, and she finally smiled for me.

Yes, I will protect this smile……

And so, we slowly lay down on top of each other………….






(You had fun last night, huh!?)
“ “Toto, who taught you that?” “



After I punched some holes into Albert, we were walking towards a certain place.
He dared teach Toto unnecessary things.




Perhaps he’s saying that we’ll arrive soon or something.
Such a stupid dog.


“Are you really going to use that……?”
(Dad, I also want to help!)


Both of them approved of my plan.
…….I must do it. There’s no other way.

This way the Emperor will also consent and the other nobles won’t complain about it.



We arrived at our destination, and were welcomed by her.
I will cancel my engagement to Princess Tsubaki in order to live happily together with Bea.


“I was waiting for you, your Excellencies, Duke Zest and Duchess Beatrice…… well as Spirit-sama. We’re meeting for the first time. It’s a great pleasure!”


The woman brought her hand together to her chest and made a praying pose.



“Sister, it’s been a while. I came today with a request.”

“Oh my, a request from your Excellency……..What kind of request?”





“I am engaged to her Highness, Princess Tsubaki, and I came to you, sister, to hear you preach about it.”






I will make sure to use reason with this junky sister.

……………….Will it actually………….work?


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  2. I kissed her and brushed her hair, and she finally smiled for me.
    Yes, I will protect this smile……
    And so, we slowly lay down on top of each other………….
    (You had fun last night, huh!?)
    “ “Toto, who taught you that?” “

    As usual the author can’t write a proper s*x scene. I mean, you don’t have to go into details, but at least do a bit more… Their first night was pretty much skipped over and horrible from the beginning, after that we didn’t get to know of their first “real” time together. No good confirmation about whether or not they even did stuff like that. And now you go with “And so, we slowly lay down on top of each other…….” what the fck? Don’t write about stuff like this at all if you can’t handle it, dear author. I can’t imagine it at all, for all that I am concerned, she is still a virgin.

    The romance is pretty bad overall in this novel, it’s only used for comedic relief after all, it’s quite badly written. Well, that’s my opinion at least. It gets kind of frustrating though, since the author seems to want their relationship feel special, yet it is more superficial and shallow than the relationships in harem novels where deep romance isn’t even the main point.

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