Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 84


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Chapter 84: It Can’t Be Helped, for this Is Training in Homemaking Arts




“Princess Tsubaki…….Urm, Tsubaki will get married into the elf’s family as my daughter, therefore it was decided that she will undergo training in homemaking arts here, on my domain. Everyone……you do understand, right?”


“Yes sir! We will have her become a daughter that won’t bring shame on the Duke’s Household!”

“It can’t be helped if this is training in homemaking arts-nya. I’ll have her become charming enough for a long living elf-nya!”

“As for her maid experience, we’ll have her start from a 1000 times practice-swinging.”

“She’ll be entering the Duke’s Household, so she must be able to survive on the foremost lines.”



Do maids really do practice-swinging?

I felt surprise at the excessive motivation the maids and the black knights showed.

I left all the excited muscle brains inside the conference room and I returned to my office.

For some reason I decided to ignore, for it was probably my imagination, the disturbing line ‘Training equipment for a woman’s charm’.


“Oh my…..Welcome back, Zest-sama.”

(Welcome back, Dad!)


“……..You….you two look like you’re having fun.”


Bea’s eyes lost all their light as she peeled something off and stockpiled the flakes into a pot.

Toto’s eyes looked unfocused as she stared at empty space, while pouring her magical power into the pot.

Something black rose up from that pot and I think I saw a magical charm inside it. But I might be mistaken.



I opened the letter on my desk and started to read.

‘Grandson-in-law-dono, before she marries, she must be disciplined until the point she understands what happens if she looks down on the Duke’s Household and the Frontier Count’s Household.
I leave it in your care!’


The Count put an emphasis on the last sentence.

I put the letter away and glanced at the two girls.

They were still working on that thing, their smiles constantly present on their faces.

I used all my magical power to strengthen my quivering voice as I began to ask them.


“……….What is that you’re making there?”

“Zest-sama, this is the maiden’s secret medicine.”

(It’s a girls’ secret!)


“Then…… can’t be helped.”
My office resounded with their seemingly eternal devilish giggling…….

Keep it……keep it moderate, okay?


The Frontier Count and Tsubaki arrived the same day; we greeted them at the capital’s entrance gate. However…………….


Since she was a 12 or 13 years old child, I would only try to scare her a bit then let her off.

That was my plan…………in the beginning………..



“Having to come to such a countryside place…….it’s a huge bother.”

“Yes, this is not appropriate for the Princess.”

“Hey you! Don’t come too close to the Princess!”


Tsubaki’s lady attendants were wearing strong perfume that stuck in my nostrils.


“Oh my, is this Zest-sama? You are not very thoughtful, it seems. I am tired. Don’t you see? Well, it can’t be helped. You’re only good at fighting, after all.”


During those two years we haven’t met, Tsubaki completely transformed into a splendidly stupid young lady.



“Grandson-in-law-dono, this is serious talk. If you don’t educate her, it will get ugly…….Since she’s coming from a scheming household, I thought that she would be taught the same, but I was wrong. They only managed to aggravate her selfishness……….”


The Frontier Count showed a bitter face.

You believe that she’s part of an imperial family, so she must have elegant skills, but what you see is this mess.


“Albert, send the attendants back. They’re a hindrance.”

“Yes sir! Immediately!”


The lady attendants were thrown into the carriage, regardless of their screaming and struggle, and sent away.

I didn’t give a damn about the girl who shouted that she was the daughter of a count or something.

Now it was time to deal with the person in question.


Tsubaki was dumbfounded, but I informed her nonetheless.


“Starting today you’re my daughter and you will become one who’s worthy of being part of the Duke’s Household. You can only answer with ‘Yes’ and ‘Understood’.”

“……Su….such disrespect! If father finds out about this, you will”


Tsubaki ventured to say that much.

But obviously, the black knights and the maids unit, filled with killing intent, encircled her.


“I am your foster father now, so give up already. His Majesty himself took care of the arrangements……He expressly sent you here.”

“However, if it’s only about making her your adopted daughter, she could still continue living in the imperial capital…….Those imperial capital nobles are good for nothing. This was supposed to be their job.”


Your Majesty, don’t you think you’re pushing me too far?…….

I’ll discuss this matter with the Frontier Count later.



“Bea, I leave you in charge of her training in homemaking arts.”

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, with pleasure!”

(You stink! Tsubaki, you really stink! We must wash you!)


…….Hm? Is it that Toto doesn’t like perfumes?

I don’t really think that Tsubaki stinks.



I saw Tsubaki off as the maids unit took her away, then walked towards my office together with the Count.

It was time to discuss how we were going to harass his Majesty for what he’d done to us.


“I never imagined that Tsubaki could ever become like that. What is the imperial family doing!?…….”

“I was shocked. She won’t manage to infiltrate the elves country with that attitude……..”


“Yes, that’s impossible. The Emperor is forcing too much onto us. Shall we give him a little warning? What do you say, grandson-in-law-dono?”



He grinned broadly and continued with a shivering smile, one that I haven’t seen in a long time.



“This is nothing more than a military training organized by me and grandson-in-law-dono. It will take place near the imperial capital. There’s no problem if all we do is train, right? And I don’t really care what the other party will think about it.”







And so, the combined military training organized by the Duke’s Household and the Frontier Count’s Household started and the imperial capital trembled violently; they strongly believed that they were experiencing a rebellion.


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    1. Well she was a fiancee of the great hero which bolstered her ego. Then they easily broke the engagement off (without any consequences) and she is now engaged to an elf crown prince, which showed that even “hero” is lowly peasant comapred to her greatness. That certainly messed with her head.

  1. “His highness is getting cheeky. Let’s have a mock war on their front lawn and unleash our full bloodlust.”

    Best threat ever.

    1. I still don’t understand why they won’t seize the crown. They had enough manpower before Zest became Duke, now there is no longer any comparison.

      1. Because a coup detat in an otherwise stable country brings huuuge demerits and they would have to fight neighbouring countries and their own nobles afterwards. No matter how powerful they are they’d loose. Thus they’d need to rope others into it, which more sooner than later informs the roaylity about their plans.
        In short, “legally” amassing political power is way easier (by marriage or in this case adoption, the only setback is that the frontier count household is now bound to the crown)
        battle for succession might be the next thing after the elf trouble.

  2. “Oh my, is this Zest-sama? You are not very thoughtful, it seems. I am tired. Don’t you see? Well, it can’t be helped. You’re only good at fighting, after all.”
    During those two years we haven’t met, Tsubaki completely transformed into a splendidly stupid young lady.

    Whaat? Well, a lot can happen to the mentality in youth, but she went from a clever, scheming young lady that managed to trick Zest to a stuck up bitchy young missus, known for having nothing inside their head? What the fck? And I was here thinking that she was in on the scheme and was scheming for full. How wrong I was, such a curveball…

    Oh, and the best threat ever. Mock wars(training) right in front of the imperial capital 😀 That’ll teach them about being cheeky and pretentious in front of the absolute power of their defending army.

    1. yeah, i was like, whaaaat?? her characters changed so much in 2~3 years, its like a different character already.. then i convinced myself that it’s because she’s undergoing puberty

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