Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Wisdom from a Different World





“We didn’t go anywhere for our honeymoon…….”


“……..Honeymoon? What is that?”

(Is that a trip or something, Dad? You said ‘go’ so…)


It was an early afternoon when I said those words all of a sudden. Several weeks passed since the tits-cloth incident and the maids unit was still working on the cleaning up.


The time we spent together all three of us after I got married was indeed little.

The war started and I had to stay away from my home, then we had the trouble with Tsubaki…….

It seems that this world doesn’t have the concept of honeymoon, but I would really like to do it, together with my family…….


“A honeymoon is when two people who formed a new family go traveling together. Well, this time we’ll be three. It is also meant for making memories together.”

“It seems fun! Is this a custom in your world?”

(Can Toto come too? This will be our first trip together!)


“Indeed. This is typical in my world. You’re still in a stable period, right Bea? If so, then it’s all right for you to travel, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it’s all right, Zest-sama.”
(Toto is in a stable period too!)


………..I smiled bitterly and brushed Toto’s hair; she clearly didn’t understand a thing.


“Then, how about going to the Holy Country of Lilac? I heard it’s a very famous place for sight-seeing.”

“That’s right. I really wanted to see the Grand Cathedral at least once in my life. And it is also famous for its beautiful places.”

(Cathedral? I want to see it too!)


Oh, this is looking good.

This country really does seem to have sight-seeing areas that are famous among women. Once in a while, Albert proves to be useful too.

All that’s left now is to adjust our schedule………….


“Your Excellency, I’m sorry for interrupting your pleasant chat-nya.”

“Ah, I don’t mind. What’s wrong, Katalina?”
“Yes. That incident…….Urm, that banquet…….The cleaning up after it has finished-nya.”

“I see. Thank you for the trouble. That……was very unfortunate.”


“It was the result of a fight between people who wanted the same thing, that tits-clothnya. I gave up-nya.”

“Well, it was the prize for helping out, so everyone had the right to have it……..Cheer up!”


She bowed and left the room, but, as I thought, her spirit was very low these days.

Did she really want that tits-cloth this badly?……..It was fake anyway.



That incident, that destroyed half of my mansion, came later to be referred to as the ‘banquet’.

If word gets out that it all started from a piece of tits-cloth and ended up with the master’s house being destroyed would not even account for a bad reputation.

That’s why I decided to change it into ‘a trivial thing that happened during the banquet’.


“Ahaha, a banquet? If this was all a trivial accident that happened during the banquet, then there’s nothing to be done.”

“Yeah, and we mustn’t forget that a spirit resides inside the Duke’s Household.”

(That chaos was really fun! I wanna do it again!)


“Toto, stop it……..You did the most damage with your magic!”

“That’s right, Toto. You must not do that again!”

(………I’m sorry.)



Yes……That one-on-one fight between Katalina and Media became the target of a gamble, and everyone placed bets and had fun.

And, because of the gradually growing excitement or something, the black knights and the maids unit started to fight too.

It was inevitable, since these guys have muscle brains.


The excitement rose even higher and Tsubaki decided to barge in too, but she got beaten full of holes by the maids unit and returned to her seat.

Until this point, it was still all right……The Duke’s Household puts into practice the same strategy as the Frontier Count’s Household: ‘Social status doesn’t count in a sham battle’


However, wanting to show Tsubaki her strong point, Toto decided to join as well.



…….The world wasn’t quite wrapped up completely in a nuclear flame………

At best, it was only as powerful as creating just one huge crater…….It was a miracle that no one actually died.


As one would expect, Bea was shocked too…….Except for she wasn’t.


‘It is common in the Frontier Count’s Household for the vassals to get excited over the master’s soon-to-be-born baby and start fighting, resulting in damaging the house.’


She inclined her head to the side in doubt, wondering why I was so shocked……..Her attitude shocked me even more than I already was.

The Frontier Count’s Household is scary in so many ways.


Well, after that, I left Katalina and the maids unit in charge for cleaning up after the ‘banquet’.

Toto was supposed to join them too, but the work progressed smoothly anyway, and it was originally a scramble for that tits-cloth.


Besides, Toto wasn’t the only one who damaged the mansion. She did launch the finishing blow though…….


“However……I can’t believe that Katalina is actually that strong.”

“Yes, her martial arts were exceptional.”

(That nya-girl was really strong!)


“Nowadays, she keeps on getting invited to join the soldiers’ training. Will she be all right?”

“She seemed to enjoy it, so I guess she’ll be just fine.”

(She’ll be fine. Nya-girl is strong after all!)



I caressed Bea’s tummy as we had that conversation, then realized it was time to leave.

I walked towards my office in order to finish my work for the day.



I put my stuff in order while sending fleeting glances at Katalina. She really looked depressed.

I want to do something for her…….I also want her to make arrangements for my trip too, but I can’t bring myself to tell her that.


Aren’t there any good ways to solve this problem…………




“What is it-nya? Your Excellency”



“…………..Could you perhaps make a bra?”

“What’s a bra-nya?”





“Gather the dwarves technicians-nya! There’s no time to make weapons now-nya!”

“The maids unit! Bring all its members here to help!”

“Gather the metals needed to make that wai…wire thing, or whatever it’s called!”



Angry roars resounded inside my office…….And so, this world made the first steps in giving birth to the bra.



“Is… it all right for me to have a trip? I leave the bra thing in your care.”




“ “ “Oh, please, please, take your time!!” “ “



And so, I easily received permission to go traveling.


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