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Chapter 102: Long Time no See, My Parents





“Gahahaha, it’s been a while, Zest! How have you been?”


“It’s been a long time, father.”

“Father-in-law, it’s been a long time.”

(Dad’s dad! Long time no see!)


One week after the uproar caused by the junky sister wedding incident, we came to my foster father’s mansion, on the Frontier Count’s domain.

We soon have to go to the imperial capital to meet with that stupid prince, and I also wanted to congratulate my foster mother for giving birth.



“Oh, young lady Beatrice……..Bea, it seems that everything is going well with you too. Take good care of that child in your belly, all right?”

“Thank you, father-in-law.”


Despite beating my shoulder with unrestrained force, my foster father was very kind towards Bea.

Discrimination! Ain’t this discrimination?

I healed my shoulder with magic, but he continued to strike it.


“First of all, come inside! We can talk after that. Gahahahaha”


I kept on receiving his attack as we entered the mansion.

Even the stone paving at my feet started to crack, but the servants were not surprised anymore.


(Dad is quite sturdy!  He’s tougher than stone! Awesome!)


I caressed the honest Toto as we entered the house and walked to the reception room.



Here, a long-missed smile waited for me.

It’s been such a long time…….Reflexively, I smiled as well.


“It’s been a while, Zest. How are you? You did not get sick during this time, did you?”


She embraced me tightly.

Ah……My mother’s gentle scent……..It feels like I’ve come home.


However, my foster father started to show killing intent. Please stop!

As always, he’s deeply in love with mother Celica.


“It’s been a while, mother. Did you lose a little weight? How’s your physical condition?”

Fufu, I’m all right. But because I don’t get enough sleep, I also have no appetite……”


She said and laughed, but she looked rather unwell.

I used my healing magic on her as I helped her sit on the sofa.


“Thank you, Zest. I feel much better.”

“Mother-in-law, it’s been a long time. Afterwards, please show me the baby.”

(Dad’s mom! Long time no see. You smell good!)


“Oh my, Bea, your belly will start to show soon……I’m looking forward to it.”
With the women’s excitement, our nice tea party started.

I distanced myself from them in a casual manner as I wanted to absorb the situation.


“Zest, you will stay here for the night, right? Take your time and relax.”

“Thank you, father. I will do just that.”


Are you angry that mother hugged me a while back?

The power with which he beat my shoulder now was five times stronger than before.


“Besides, I have something to talk with you about……So please listen to me.”


My foster father informed me, his expression serious.

……………As I thought, this was not just a simple sleepover party.



I finally got to meet my foster parents again, but there was more to this visit than pleasure and fun.

Once we finished eating dinner, I got called to my father’s room.


Bea and Toto were with my foster mother, chatting in her room.

I was the only one who got called.

In short, he has to talk with me in secret…….He must have something important to tell me.



“Father, this is Zest. What do you want to talk about?”


I sat on the sofa opposite to him.

My foster father wore an unusual pondering expression……..This must be pretty grave.


“Ah, you might already know this, but you must not tell a word about this to anyone, all right?”

“I know, father.”


He drank up a glass of wine and continued to talk.


“To tell you the truth, this is about Celica……………..”

“About mother? What happened?”


“Yes……Right. After giving birth, her physical condition isn’t quite excellent. You helped us today, Zest. You have my thanks.”

“Please stop. There’s no need for thanking between us.”


“……..Yes. You’re certainly right. So, about Celica……..”


After saying this much, he stopped.

I waited patiently for him to continue.

I guess it’s something difficult to talk about.


I wonder how much time already passed? ……At last, my foster father opened his mouth to speak.



“Celica, when she was finally…….finally…….able to do it, I got a little violent, unintentionally, and it all turned into this mess…….She won’t let me touch her now!…………..”





Eh? This is a lovers’ quarrel, right?


“She won’t even let me sleep next to her nowadays………….I don’t know what to do!”


I stared at my trembling foster father, weeping men’s tears.

Stop crying, father………Besides, there are certain limits, you know?

What are you? A youngster?…….


Still, I do understand him.

If Bea were to become like that…….Only by imagining it my stomach started to hurt.


“Father, you did well to talk to me. As a man, I completely understand!”

“Zest…….You understand me?……..”


“Of course. In case…….Bea and I would ever become like that, I would utterly destroy one or two countries in an outburst of anger.”

“That’s my son…….I am the same. I feel like going to war right at this moment!”


That’s a metaphor. It’s only a metaphorical expression.


“Father, do you want to try learning to massage? You could give mother a massage and relax her body and mind!”

“………What’s a massage? Is it something I can do?…….”


Yes, the massage has not yet permeated this world.

For this reason, it should be effective.

I took my worried father’s hands, and started to explain.


“It’s all right. The massage is a technique for making someone feel calm by gently rubbing their body. Anyone can do it with practice!”

“Only with practice, huh?…….But, I have too much power. I don’t know if I can restrain it……..”


I see. He does have self-awareness.

In this case, please be a little gentler with me too, father.

But the training comes first……Good.



“Albert! Where’s Albert!?”




After that, Albert’s shrieks continued to be heard all throughout the night.

My foster father would break him, and I would heal him with magic.

By down, Albert’s eyes already lost their light, but a splendid masseur was born.


My very excited foster father assaulted my foster mother’s room early in the morning.


“…….Zest-sama, did I help?”

“Yes, Albert. You did well…..Take your time to rest.”




I drank some tea as I watched Albert burn out his flame and pass out.

It is getting brighter and brighter outside.

…….What the heck did I do this whole night?


I wiped away my tears as I returned to my room. Bea and Toto were sleeping next to each other.

I got in the bed slowly and quietly, in order not to wake them up, and took a short nap.



I woke up around noon. Bea and Toto waited for me to wake up, then we walked together to the dining room.


“Zest-sama, are you all right? You were late last night, so I was worried.”

(Let’s sleep together a lot today!)


“Yeah, I’m all right. Thanks. Let’s sleep a lot.”


My parents were already waiting for us in the dining room.

They were shinny and smooth………Did they enjoy it?

Well, it’s great that they made peace and everything……


They were smiling and flirting with each other, and I decided to look away as I finished eating.

I was drinking my after-meal tea when my father whispered to me.




“Oh, by the way, the demons’ boss is coming here this afternoon.”

He said it so casually, like he just told me that he’ll go to the convenience store.

My body became stiff.


……………You should’ve informed me about this first, instead of your lovers’ quarrel.

I have a bad feeling about this.


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Translation: Nana
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