Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Neebel, Again





“It’s been a while, you two. I’m glad that spirit-sama is well too.”


The demon race’s head, Neebel greeted us with a smile.

Inside my father’s mansion…….in his reception room, we were enjoying another encounter.


“I’m glad that Neebel-dono is looking well too. How about them?”

“Yes, they’re good. Especially the girl, who is very pleased with her recording magical tool, doing all sorts of things with it.”


…………The fujoshi? 1 What is she doing with that magical tool?

Was it Mari-chan? I won’t say her full name though.


We started with the greetings, and continued with a harmless chat.

It was like he was a noble friend of mine who came for an appointment.

We got into the main topic about the time when my tea got cold.


“Duke Zest, I have something to tell you.”

“Yes…….You said something about it last time. Was it about your duty?”


“Yes, I thought that it was about time I’d talk to you about it.”


He took a fleeting glance at us.

Sitting next to me were only Bea and Toto.

My parents were not present from the beginning and the maids quickly left the room after preparing the tea.



“Our duty is to watch over this world. We are its overseers. Duke Zest, what I want from you is your collaboration.”

“Overseers?……Something like low enforcers or mediators, right?”


“Yes, it’s not too different from that. However, overseer is more accurate. We look out for this world, in order for it not to make errors.”

“And you want my cooperation?”


Neebel smiled and continued.


“Yes, all of you. We did our research and there’s no problem concerning you three. And you also have the necessary qualifications.”



“Yes, you are qualified to become overseers only by being the spirit’s masters. Besides, you’re a stranger from a different world who can use light magic. There’s no complaint against you, duke Zest.”

“I see……”


I looked at Bea and she had a complicated expression.

No wonder she does. I bet my face looks similar right now.

They suddenly tell us to cooperate and become overseers…….To be honest, I don’t even know what that implies.


“I understand. But first, before I give you my answer, I want to hear details about the overseers and about what you need our cooperation for. Zest-sama, are you all right with this?”

“Yes, it depends on the contents of your request. There’s a limit to what I can do after all.”


Thanks for assisting me, Bea.

I felt that the conversation was more concentrated on me, so I was rather pressed.

He is under his wife’s thumb.

If Neebel thinks of me like that, it’ll get considerably easier for me.



“Duchess Beatrice, it wasn’t my intention to disregard you. I’m sorry. All right……The job of an overseer is quite simple. We make sure that a science civilization won’t ever develop here. And, what I want your cooperation for is to not spread the technology of your world in this world.”


I was speechless, for his request was unexpected.

He came to tell me not to let technology grow in this world?

……..I taught them how to make bras, but I guess that was safe……


“The bra is all right. However, if you were to use technological textiles for it…….then it would’ve been a different story.”


Neebel smiled, and I sensed his dreadfulness more than it was necessary.


“I watched you up until now, duke Zest, but you didn’t teach anyone any scientific techniques. Therefore, I felt relieved. Well, since that refrigerator is a magical tool, that thing is all right but……..”

“If one makes a refrigerator using science?”


“Of course, they will become the overseers’ target.”


I instinctively asked, but Neebel answered me without altering his smile.

I’m saved by my lack of technological knowledge…….Thanks god I’m stupid……

A war against the demon race is just too bothersome.


“Science and technology…….Can I ask why?”

“That is…….for protecting this world. I still can’t tell you everything but we, the demon race, the dragon race and the spirits won’t allow the development of science and technology in this world. I want you to remember this.”


…….Right, these are precisely the races I don’t want to antagonize.

I’ll just obey for now.

Even without technology, I didn’t have any trouble living my life here.

I also want to avoid pointless hostility.


“I understand. I will cooperate. There’s no advantage for me in opposing you all and propagate technological practices in this world.”

“I agree. I have no interest in that science thing.”

(Dad, who is Science?)


These two didn’t understand what science was in the first place, so they blankly accepted Neebel’s request.

They didn’t understand a thing from our talk……But, they didn’t want a fight against the demons.

At least they understood that.


Still, for me, this was a major thing.

The science civilization is prohibited……. Well, they do have magic here so science it’s not really needed anyway.



After that, without any problems in particular, we continued with our chat and, after a short while, Neebel left.

So, this is a world in which technology is negated……. or, it might be better to say that it is under close observation?

I must have to investigate this matter a bit.


I was drinking tea in my room as I looked outside the window.

This world’s secrets?……Is it better to know or not to know about them?…….

I asked myself this but the answer was forever hidden.


“Zest-sama? Are you going be up late?”

“Bea?…… I’ll go to sleep now. Let’s go together.”


Bea came check on me and we went to bed together.

She hugged me closely and I brushed her hair.


Whatever happens, I will protect Bea no matter what.

Even if the demons……the dragons or the spirits become my enemies, I will protect her without fail.

I made my resolve, then I hugged Bea. When I was about to fall asleep……..



“Zest-sama, this is a serious matter! Your assistance is needed!”



A maid shouted in a teary voice, as she knocked on the door.


“What happened?”


I jumped up to my feel and opened the door. The maid had a ghastly pale face as she informed me.



“The master……he injured his back inside madam’s room…….The knights’ training tomorrow…….”



…………….I thought about saying something cool and get it over with, but then I realized the insinuation.

Father, I told you that there are limits you can’t cross…………..


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Translation: Nana
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  1. Read chapter 97 for a reminder of who this fujoshi girl is.

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    1. Yes, you’re right. I went back and changed some instances where technology was indeed better than science. Thanks for pointing it out! ^^

      Happy reading!

  1. hahahaha, his father has way to mutch energy for his own good. If he injured his back, I drea to think in wich state he leaved his poor wife!!!!

    1. “Duchess Beatrice, it wasn’t my intention to disregard you. I’m sorry. All right……The job of an overseer is quite simple. We make sure that a science civilization won’t ever develop here. And, what I want your cooperation for is to not spread the technology of your world in this world.”

      I agree with you that characters like these are fishy. They likely had dealings with the previous hero, something might have happened due to technology. In other ways though, I feel that they know what’s up, you can’t just go and develop fantasy worlds like this, it’s such a waste. Small things are cool, but when things like trains, guns and other stuff is introduced, it completely starts to ruin the fantasy premise. I love these medieval-esque worlds, it really pisses me off when mcs go ahead and introduce one technological tidbit after the other(if it’s high tech stuff and not just stuff like food and clothing).

      1. They probably don’t want the development of magitech, Imagine an atomic bomb that curses the land as well as irradiates it, or a rifle that fires magically guided bullets. The demons seem to have hit a sustainable level of civilization and the introduction of tech would destabilize that as well as present a threat to the demons and dragons supremacy which is holding a lid on the world.

      2. Yeah, technology can destroy the world easily on its own, magitech can do much more 😛 Too much power that can be used by anyone is not a good idea.

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