Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: The Prince’s Plan





“Master, please check this.”


Suu held out the letter.

I received and opened the letter from the elven royal family.

…….I don’t want to read it though.


‘Forgive me for sending this letter out of a sudden.

I sincerely wish to talk to duke Zest, one of the empire’s leaders.

There’s still a bit of time until I arrive, but once I’m there I’ll wait for the opportunity.

At this point, the only one I can rely on…….is the hero who achieved spiritification.

Please, I’m begging you, meet with me.’



As I thought, I didn’t want to read this.

And because he didn’t write his name, I had an even worse presentment.

He wrote it in a hurry and only included the minimum necessary…….That’s the impression this letter gave.


“Master, should we dispose of it?”

“……Right. Burn it.”


Suu probably guessed the nature of this letter by looking at my complexion, and quickly destroyed the letter.

Dangerous letters can only be burned.


As I thought…….

Does he have a maid he trusts in the elven country…….to send him his letters?


“It seems that Tsubaki’s husband is not like the rumors say. He’s not stupid…….he’s a big idiot.”

“My goodness. Master’s troubles are increasing.”


Suu said and grinned.


“You look happy, Suu.”

“Yes. Because he’s a big idiot. I’m looking forward to what extent.”
Just to be sure, she seemed to understand the fact that I called him a big idiot on purpose.

‘The elf prince is not stupid. He’s a big idiot who pretends to be stupid in order to scheme something in a foreign country……In short, he’s not an ordinary person.’

This was the meaning behind it.


“Well, he’s my cute Tsubaki’s husband. Once he arrives, I want to have a long family talk with him.”

“Yes, I will make the necessary arrangements.”


Suu lowered her head gracefully then left the room.

This reason should work as an official stance…….It all depends now on his reason for playing stupid.


I drank up all the tea that became completely cold.




“Foster father! It’s been a long time. This is Tsubaki!”


I finally got a moment of peace, when my door opened with such vigor that I thought it would break.

Tsubaki entered the room……She saluted flatly, as usual.


“Long time no see, Tsubaki. Let’s take out time as family, shall we?……You guys can leave. Someone from the Duke’s Household will take care of the rest.”


Hearing my words, the maids accompanying Tsubaki left the office.

Suu entered as to change places with them.


“Tsubaki, it’s all right.”

“Yes sir! Foster father, what is?”


“Suu, are we clear?”

“Yes. There are no problems.”


It’s not like I didn’t prepare for this, unlike before.

That’s because I expected Tsubaki to come see me.


“Tsubaki, playing along is good. What are you and prince planning to do?”



“Was I wrong?…….Then, did the prince ask you to do this? He thought about the plan and you cooperated?”

“Foster father, I don’t understand what you’re talking about!”

“Young lady, there is no need to be cautious of me. I am the Duke’s Household’s steward.”


Tsubalki kept silent as she alternately looked at me and Suu.


“You knew the prince from before meeting me. However, you couldn’t oppose his Majesty’s orders. That’s why you approved of our marriage……Or maybe, because of my age, you knew that we would get engaged first……How much of this was the prince’s reading?”



“Because of certain reasons, the prince must act like a fool otherwise he gets killed. You knew about this and decided to help him. However, I unexpectedly appeared……Am I wrong?”

“………Foster father…….you know this much……..”


“An unexpected fiancé……. Besides, rejecting him was too much of a risk. So, the prince thought about this plan. The stupid prince would propose to you and you would act like a stupid girl, right? You shouldn’t take me lightly, you know?”


Tsubaki didn’t answer.

She trembled, her face ghastly pale.


“Tsubaki, you’re a daughter of the Duke’s Household. I want to protect you as much as possible. However, there are things I can’t do if I don’t know what’s going on, right?”

“Waa, waaah”


“I’m not angry. I see, the one you were in love with was the prince, wasn’t it? I will grant you this wish. You can be happy!”

“Waaaaaaaaaah, fa……fatheeer!”


With a dripping nose, Tsubaki clang to me and cried.

Because of her loud crying, Bea showed up too.

Still, Tsubaki cried for what seemed like forever.




“Did you calm down? You really surprised me.”

(Ahaha, look at Tsubaki’s nose! It’s dripping!)


Tsubaki stopped crying after about an hour.

Bea wiped her nose clean with a handkerchief.

…….A real handkerchief, all right?


“I never thought that foster father would find out about this…… I will tell you everything.”


Tsubaki, her eyes red, started to talk as she drank some tea.


She met the elf prince about the time she was five.

Even then, the prince was famous for being a stupid prince. He ended up visiting the capital several times for some sort of exchange between the isolated elven country and the empire.


Well, the empire produced a grand hero, the first generation of summoned stranger.

They couldn’t ignore the empire, but they couldn’t send a simple messenger either.

However, if it were for the stupid prince, he could be killed by mistake and no one would complain…….It appears that the royal family used him because of his title.


And so, the two of them met and fell in love.

…….Is this prince all right, falling in love with a 5 years old little girl?

It happens to Japanese people too……But I can’t give you an example of it because it’s too indecent.


The elf prince and the empire’s princess.

There was no problem with their social status, so they kept in touch through letters.

The stupid prince was different than the rumors portrayed him. He was very kind and affectionate towards Tsubaki.

When they thought about getting married…….I showed up.


After that, it happened like I predicted. The stupid prince wrote her a letter in which he gave her instructions about how to act……



“I am sorry for everything I’ve done until now. I lied……and I…….”


Tsubaki’s tears began to overflow again.


“It’s all right. You tried your best until now……It was harsh, wasn’t it? All this time, what was his Majesty looking at, I wonder…….”


Bea wiped her tears tenderly, then hugged her close.

It seems that she was caught in a dream of love rather than being deceived.

……But for the prince to wholeheartedly fall in love with a little girl…I can’t seem to consent to this.

Yet, I’m too afraid to oppose them so I’ll just keep it to myself.


“Zest-sama. We’ll do something about Tsubaki’s matter, won’t we!?”



I can’t oppose Bea when she’s clad in a pitch black magical power, smiling sweetly like a holy mother.

I reflexively answered with ‘Yes’.



Tsubaki exhausted herself from all the crying and Bea took her to sleep.

It’s no wonder.


Tsubaki was still a middle school student after Japan’s standards.

And yet she desperately worked hard to fulfill her obligations as a noble…….and as a member of the imperial family.


This is intolerable……The royalty, that is.

They made a child go through such hardships.


I had to kill this rage, that I couldn’t let out, with alcohol.

Damn it!  I can’t even feel its taste.



“Master, please eat something too at least. Otherwise, it’ll be like yesterday.”


Suu came in bringing some snacks.

She’s right…..I haven’t eaten tonight.


“Yeah, I’ll do that. Suu, keep me company for a while.”

“Yes, as you wish.”


I drank my wine as I ate some cheese and crackers.

Suu prepared herself a glass and started to drink too.


“Master, nobles have duties.”

“…….I know that.”


“Commoners can’t live an extravagant lifestyle. Theirs is a life with low safety.”

“Yeah, I already know that.”
“In this case, please make up your mind.”

“I know.”


I drank up all the wine in my glass and poured some more.


“I know that it’s tough. That’s why I’m here. Please rely on me, master.”


Suu’s eyes were fixed on me and I could feel her firm determination.

She’s right. We’ll have to do our best and try everything we can.

I do have comrades who’ll help me after all.



“Thank you. I will rely on you.”

“This makes me happy. My loyalty is to you only……for a lifetime.”



She stood up quickly, bowed her head, lifted her skirt and bent her knee.

My faithful……my precious steward continued like this.



“Please use this. The smell has already infiltrated.”



She held out a handkerchief with three beautiful holes…….

Ah, she was talking about this? ……..Right…….


This steward……She’s probably no good after all…….


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