Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: The Sound of Rescue





The one who moved next was Roll.

She shortened the distance between her and Shiranui in several seconds. However, when she was on the verge of touching his face, Shiranui ‘disappeared’.


Then, his voice materialized somewhere behind our backs.


“The Rolling Cat, huh? If I’m not mistaken, if you get to touch someone it’s over. You have such a dreadful ability.”


As I thought, it’s not the sound that moves.

It’s some sort of ability.

Teleportation or something?

It’s impossible for me not to follow a sound.


“Well, well, I came to help and found such an unthinkable harvest.

The Rolling Cat and the above-the-norm boy. Two blessings at once, isn’t it?”


Damn it. So, the SDF called for reinforcements as well……!

There’s won’t be higher classes than colonels, how much of a bullshit could you utter, Boss……!


“Shion, can you stand?”


“Ah, yeah……”


I somehow managed to raise my hurting body and I stood up.


“……Trouble arrived.

I don’t know if I can win.”


“……You’re joking, right?”


“I’m not. Lieutenant general Shiranui is an outstanding Teleporter, famous in the entire world.

Don’t look away.

You only listen to the sound.”


Roll didn’t afford to look away either.

As I thought, he’s a Teleporter.

I have no idea how to deal with a Teleporter, and I guess there is no way to deal with it in the first place.

At any rate, it was the worst situation possible.


Shiranui didn’t move and looked at us as he let out a faint laugh.

I couldn’t move carelessly either.

If I were to distance myself even a tiny bit from Roll, who is invincible in close range combat, he would hunt me down.

The reason why he isn’t attacking me right now is thanks to Roll’s presence.

And because Roll knows that, she’s intentionally creating a space between us and him.


“Shion. If it gets extremely dangerous, don’t mind me and use your full power.”


Roll didn’t take her eyes off Shiranui.

She’s checking him out.




The moment I answered this, Shiranui opened his mouth.


“Hmm. If you don’t come at me……. For the time being, let me collect that box of yours.”




Shiranui’s laughter disappeared into the night sky.

I hurriedly turned around towards the Sadinta, where the box was stacked.




The box is in danger.


“Shion, hold on tight!”


However, Roll said this and grabbed me.

Then, she started running in the exact opposite direction of the Sadinta.


“Where are you going!? The box!”


“The mission is a failure! For the time being, think only about getting away from this guy!”


Roll entered a back alley from the main road, running through a dim street.


She was sprinting at full speed.


She ran in zig-zag through the back alleys.

A full power dash. I was shaking violently, holding on Roll’s shoulder.


After we ran through the back alleys for a while, we finally stopped and she let me down on the ground.


“Haa……haaa…… for now, we must blow up the Sadinta……

Shion, you pay attention to our surroundings.”


As Roll tried to steady her breathing, she took out the car phone from her pocket and touched its screen.

Instantly, the sound of an explosion echoed from far away.

She blew up the Sadinta. That’s because there was various info about our organization left in there.


But, leaving that aside……


“……Roll, did we fail our mission?”


I timidly asked her, as she stared at the terminal phone.


“Yeah. Since that guy came, all we can do is run.

What mustn’t happen now is us getting caught by them.”


These words shocked me.


“Missions failed…..?”


I bet they’ll get angry.

How should I put it……. I didn’t really have any feelings towards doing missions……. but, experiencing failure and knowing the current situation was quite shocking.

More than shocking, I was afraid we did something that cannot be undone.

Which reminds me that the box contained a ‘broken thing’, the Anonymous’ Development Department’s secret clump.

Now that this thing is in the SDF’s hands, they’ll be more than pissed off.

We did it.


“There’s nothing for you to worry about, Shion.

This time, it was the Boss’ judgement error, or, better say, it was the fault of the branch office guy who got caught.

From now on we have to be able to cover for ourselves.

At any rate, don’t think about this now. We better concentrate on running away.”


Roll gripped the terminal phone as she spoke.

Her voice was clear but I wondered what her innermost thoughts were.

I can’t grasp her facial expression behind the mask.




“I conveyed the current situation to the reinforcement team.

Since we can’t escape this town on ourselves, I requested a rescue team.

They said they’ll arrive in about 10 minutes.”




After I replied, I noticed a sound that seemed to be getting close to us.


It was him…..!


“Roll, he’s approaching us…….!”


The sound was irregular and scattered, but without any doubt it was getting closer to us.

Our location was exposed.

I guess they have an ability user with scouting powers in their logistical support team.


“That was fast. Let’s run away.”


Roll grabbed me quickly and started running again.

She cut the wind, running through the alleys.


She jumped over a blue garbage box, kicked the wall and changed directions.

Her speed was tremendous.


The enhancement type Stray Cat.

This kind of terrain was Roll’s playground.

Now, the sounds coming from that guy were going far off…… Or so was supposed to be.






All of a sudden, Shiranui appeared in front of us and Roll immediately turned around.

However, at that speed she couldn’t turn around fast enough and Shiranui closed the distance between us in an instant.




Roll couldn’t fight with me in her arms.

She kicked the ground with great power and jumped over Shiranui’s head.

She changed directions again.


Then, she continued to run uninterruptedly.


We passed through an alley and got out on the illuminated main street.

At the exact same moment, Roll let out a shriek.




Roll tumbled down and dropped me.




I stood up instantly and rushed over to Roll.

Having done so, I saw a knife stuck into her back.

Her delicate back started to pour out blood.


“Hey! Roll! Are you okay? Hey!”


“……Guh… This isn’t much for me, so I’m all right……! Run away first!”


“Damn it!”


I somehow managed to grab the injured Roll and started to run, while carrying her along.

Still, Shiranui immediately blocked my way.


“Who would’ve thought that the Rolling Kitten will be brought down so easily. It’s thanks to you.”




I thought about turning around and running away again.

But it was no good.

Even Roll got caught by him. There’s no way I’m getting away.

Damn it…… What should I do!?


“Shion….. Don’t mind me and use your power!”


Roll said, her breathing rough.

Yet, that was truly our last resort.

Because that would end up killing Roll.

And that is……no good.


Damn, what should I do……!?


I know, I have to buy some time.

I decided to buy time. When the comrades from the headquarters arrive, we still have a chance of winning.


However, how do I buy time?


As I thought about that, Shiranui’s body blurred. He disappeared.

The next moment, the scenery I was looking at changed completely.

Roll’s weight vanished.

And I felt a strange floating sensation.


I discovered Roll about 10 meters ahead, laying on the ground.

Down was the ground.

And a sound behind my back.


I understood in an instant.

My position was changed.


“Well now, above-the-norm boy. Let’s talk a bit.”


Coincident with the beginning of our fall, I heard this coming from Shiranui, from behind my back.

When we were close to the ground, the scenery changed again.


This time, we went higher than before.


“As a result of our analysis, we found out that you manifested a dominant ability. It’s a magnificent ability you have there.”


After the fall, we changed places again.

He was rising higher and higher.


“Offensive ability, spying ability, high perception. No matter how you look at it, you have a top-class ability. If you train it, you’ll become an unbelievable ability user.

It’s rather dreadful, since you’re an enemy.”


The scenery was changing, changing, changing.

He moved places repeatedly, and I ascending rapidly together with Shiranui.

Before one knows, I saw Roll standing up and starting to chase after us, climbing a skyscraper’s wall.

However, she couldn’t catch up with Shiranui’s teleportation speed.


“Now. I’m thinking about giving you the chance to atone for your sins. You must take the extenuating circumstances into consideration.

After taking your situation into account, I understand that you didn’t have anything else to do but join the Anonymous.

The SDF must’ve dealt with you differently too, maybe try to protect you by any means.”


I saw the skyscraper’s rooftop.

An unthinkable altitude.

If I fall down from this height, I’ll certainly die.


“Do you want to join the SDF?

Depending on your answer, I’ll decide whether your life ends or starts anew.”


The annoying noise coming from Shiranui from a while ago.

A very convenient mumbo jumbo.

The reason why I’m alive right now is thanks to the Boss.

You tried to kill me, remember!?


I guess I can survive if I switch sides to the SDF.

Speaking of my real intention, I would’ve liked to do so if possible.

But that was before that incident.

Being able to live is enough for me.

This manner of thinking hasn’t changed, but I still have my pride.

I could also lie in order to continue living.

But, instead of living because of that, I’d rather break myself down in this situation.


“Let me hear your answer.”


I answered Shiranui’s question.


“Bite me.”


“I see. Then, you’ll have to die.”


He trampled down my back strongly and I started to fall at great speed.

Roll was running up the skyscraper when she entered my view.

However, Shiranui teleported right next to her.


I see. Because there was nothing I could do right now, he went to hold her down. The end, huh?


Impossible. I’ll do something myself.


I took out the wire emitter from a side holder and held it firmly.


I took a deep breath.

Then, I shot the wire.


The shot wire got stuck in a fence on the skyscraper’s rooftop.



I can do it!


I pressed the emitter’s button lightly and stopped the reeling wire.

All that’s left for me now is to somehow stick to the building’s wall.


However, without warning, a knife was thrown and hit me directly in the hand.

Together with a small blood splash, I was separated from my wire emitter.


“Damn it……..!”


I turned my head around.

I saw Shiranui fighting Roll. He most likely threw a knife towards me during their fight.




It’s useless.

I’m falling down…….!


I closed my eyes, halfway to giving up.

My life…. I spent it while living in vain……

As I thought about this, I took a small breath and heard Roll’s voice.


“Shion! Shion!”


I turned around and saw her running up the skyscraper’s wall, while dodging all the knives coming at her.


She’s already up there.


Roll kicked the wall powerfully and jumped towards my falling self.

She then splendidly caught me.


However, the ground was getting closer.

It’s great that she caught me, but how does she intend to get over this critical situation!?

She dodged the oncoming knives by twisting her body.


“Shion! Get ready for the impact!”


Roll’s shout made me realize how close the ground was now.

Roll fixed me in her embrace, and prepared for landing.

Don’t tell she’s trying to……..!


“Oi!! Stop……! Don’t do it!!”


My cry came late, because we already landed.

Still, calling that a landing was doubtful.

It felt like I landed on one cushion as I stroke the ground.

But the sound I heard at that moment wasn’t the sound of my own body receiving the impact.

The detestable creaking sound came from Roll’s legs.


She vomited blood and collapsed to the ground.

Because of the impact, I couldn’t find my voice, but I dragged my body and crawled to where Roll fell senseless.




Roll held me in her arms and undertook all the impact of our fall.

There’s no way she’s all right.

However, I can still hear her heartbeat.

She’s unconscious.

The bones all throughout her body are most likely shattered.


“Futile struggle. You’re going to die anyway.”




Shiranui looked down on us, and I barely managed to voice those words.


I realized that more of the SDF’s reinforcements arrived there.


There was nothing more that could be done.


Our best chance was for me to use my ability.

But that would kill Roll.

Roll would die and I would survive.

This was the best strategy as partners as well.


But there’s no meaning to it if I can’t save Roll.


I can still stand, right?


“Oh. That’s amazing. You still want to continue, huh?

You’re such a regrettable man of talent. Yet, you don’t get a second chance.

Be quiet and die now.”


Shiranui gripped the knife lightly.





It happened the next instant.







A person appeared together with that sigh.


A black suit.

Their frank face exposed, and an Anonymous mask in one of their black gloved hands.

At any rate, with a listless expression that person approached us.

Perhaps……That person is the aforementioned Tameiki-san.

They coincide with the description I heard from Roll.

That presence, walking slowly but imposingly right in the middle of the main street, was approaching us.



“……It seems that your comrades arrived.

And in addition to that, it’s ‘Gravity’ 1


Tameiki-san was releasing an overwhelming intimidating air, making even lieutenant general Shiranui become extremely vigilant.


The battle was bound to start immediately.

One SDF soldier concealed himself behind a building.

I didn’t know his rank, but he was someone who managed to survive my previous attack, so he was rather skilled. He was about to attack Tameiki-san.


However, the battle didn’t start.

Or, more accurately, it already ended.

In an instant.

He couldn’t even touch Tameiki-san because he turned into a cherry tomato crushed underfoot before he could realize it. He decorated the ground in a beautiful shade of red.

He was crushed flat.


“It seems that if I don’t get serious right now it might get rather dangerous……”


After Shiranui’s muttering, I heard another sigh.




The next instant. The sound of a splat!

Blood splashed on my Anonymous mask.


Timidly, I turned around to look next to me.


Having done so, I saw a bloodbath spreading far away.




If I’m not mistaken, that’s where Shiranui was standing a moment ago.

I was in a state of confusion when I heard another long sigh. I looked up and Tameiki-san turned around.


It’s…..it’s over…………?


Flabbergasted, I couldn’t comprehend what just happened, when one woman appeared right next to me all of a sudden.

This woman was Shidou-san.


“Shion-kun, you did great.”


I was astonished by her sudden appearance, but then I remembered Shidou-san’s ability.


Shidou-san can temporarily put under her control the very notion of distance.


Shidou-san brushed my head gently.


“Shidou….san……..Ro, Roll……”


“I know that. Poor thing.

This is awful……. But we can still save her.

Chiyaku is in the helicopter, so let’s return there as quickly as possible.”


We can still save her.

Those words brought me relief, and I lost consciousness the next instant.



And so, our missions ended with the word ‘failure’.


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Translation: Nana


  1. The author used Gravity to translate the Japanese characters, which actually mean ‘heavy sigh’. I’ll also use the author’s choice.

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  1. Thanks for the translation Nana. It really was a good chapter.
    I guess this is what separates it from typical light novels where the protag always unlocks his hidden potential in the critical moment and either wins or at least puts up and fight and comes off looking cool, or the cheat protagonist novels where the protag uses his OPness to cruise through every critical situation with ease, overwhelming the opposition and walking away smelling of roses.
    But this is different. Here despite having an overwhelming ability, it’s still mostly untrained and the protag is still only a few steps away from a common civilian highschooler. When someone shows up they can’t handle, they end up failing the mission, the heroine ends up in critical condition keeping him alive and the cavalry barely shows up in time to save them, with the protag having accomplished almost nothing. He doesn’t get to look cool, doesn’t get to put up a fight. The only things that can be said for him is that he refused to betray those who saved him, refused to sacrifice his partner to save himself, and kept together in the face of certain death without panicking and persisting in looking for a way for them to survive. Which considering his level of experience, training and his starting point as a common teenager from a peaceful nation, is actually pretty good. Realistically, a typical teenager, regardless of gender would have lost to the fight or flight response, running away blindly, or lashing out in a panic to kill everyone, including Roll. So Shion actually did pretty good.
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    Of course, the readers who want their cheap thrills and don’t want to identify with a protag who ever looks lame or weak will probably shun it. Their loss though.

    1. I am one of those looking for a cheap thrill, but in this case, I feel he is just pathetic because the author made him need to be a failure for this scenario. Did he do nothing for a month while in Anonymous. Seriously did he never have any curiously as to how to use his power beside using it as sonar and blast waves? Did it never occur to him to feel out sound waves? Did he ever try to research the mechanic and physics of sound? What in the goddamn hell have he been doing this pass month?

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        All I can say is, it sounds like you were really hoping to see him turn into a ruthless sociopath who will sacrifice anyone or anything for his own goals, with a twisted smile on his face just like Tanya and think it would have been pretty badass if he just sacrificed her to save himself with no care for the fact that he’s spent near every waking hour with her since they met and that she got in that condition due to trying to fight while protecting him.
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