Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Enemies and Allies





“Your Majesty, I am truly sorry for this.”

“Zest…..You have all sorts of hardships.”


I intended to apologize for Tsubaki’s rudeness, but the Emperor was sympathetic towards me.

We both looked at each other and dropped our shoulders.


If it were my real daughter who did this thing, it would be over simply with me scolding her.

However, it’s a different story if the one who did it was the Emperor’s real daughter who got adopted into another family. That’s why I beat her like that.


“I left that in the Empress’s care. Shall we continue?”

“Let’s do just that.”


The Empress transported the white-eyed Tsubaki to another room.

She’s resting now so I kind of felt relieved.

I drank some sweet tea, perfect for my exhausted body.

In reality I was in the mood for wine, but I endured it.



“Now, prince Mars. How much power and influence does the Prime Minister have?”

“Yes. High elves……In short, what you call here nobles, about 30 percent. But the problem is, there are a few of them who have incredible influence.”


I see, 30 percent, huh?……The rest of them are sitting on the fence, waiting to choose a side, huh?


“What do you specifically mean by incredible influence? And how many do you have on your side?”


My question made prince Mars’s face go stiff, but he answered nonetheless.


“Yes! The Prime Minister has the high officials in the internal administration and one of the three generals in the military affairs on his side.”


He straightened his back as he answered.

Stop it……I don’t need any more muscle brains, and you don’t have to be this nervous.


“I see. He has that much power……Then, what about your side?”

“That is……For the time being, I have no one.”
“What? I believe I heard that you said you have no one on your side at this point.”

“Your Majesty, I think I misheard it too.”


“Because I had to act like a fool in order to preserve my life, you know…….”


I understand his reasons, but zero help is kind of embarrassing.

The Emperor held his forehead in his hands too.


“What about the queen’s faction? The queen should have a great deal of influence, doesn’t she?”

“As expected from your Majesty. I admire your wisdom.”


I nonchalantly sucked up to the Emperor, but the prince’s words made me lose face.


“Urm, the queen……my mother is on the Prime Minister’s……”


The prince’s words seemed apologetic, and the Emperor and I both took deep sighs.



“In the end, the Prime Minister’s faction is about 50 percent. Still, it seems that there are many people left who would at least listen to our story or even join our side. Maybe there are not so many who seriously think about the devil king’s revival, after all.”

“Yes. If Zest is saying this, then, does it mean we have a chance to victory?”


“Let’s assume that the elves’ army has about 5000 soldiers. Half of them, 2500 soldiers, no matter how powerful the elves are……they don’t stand a chance against me and the Frontier Count. Besides, if we use my reputation as the hero who achieved spiritification……”

“We can politically corner them……”


The Emperor closed his eyes and thought about it for a moment, then told us his decision.


“Good. In the worst case, we’ll start a war. We’ll move with the goal of saving the prince in mind. I entrust the contact with the demon race and the holy country to Zest.”

“As you wish. I will first contact the demons and confirm this with them. They surely have information, and hostility from their part is too dangerous. After that, we’ll arrange an urgent marriage ceremony.”


“Yeah. We’ll go with that. We now have a good reason to intervene in the elves’ country’s affairs.”



“Your Majesty, father-in-law, thank you.”


Prince Mars lowered his head deeply, and so, our discussion was mainly over.

However, the Emperor broke the ice after all.


“By the way, Zest, how much a military force can you mobilize?”


You’re going to ask this, aren’t you…….?

I don’t really want to answer.


“500 black knights, 200 soldiers in the maids’ unit, 500 adventurers, 2000 kemonobito volunteer soldiers. I can mobilize as much in the first stage……”

“About 3000 soldiers!? What about a maximum mobilization?”

“3000 in the first stage…….”


“If I mobilize the kemonobito in reserve as well, I can possibly gather another 5000 soldiers.”


The kemonobito on my domain live normal farmer lives.

Still, in case of emergency, almost all of them volunteered to become my soldiers.


“This way, you can win the war all by yourself……”

“7000 kemonobito, the elite black knights and the war maidens?……Just where in the world is father-in-law going towards?”


The Emperor and the prince had shocked expressions on their faces.

For some reason, they seemed to understand each other.


“See? Zest is scary, isn’t he? Even if I change his domain, there is no one else but him who could rule a place full of kemonobito. He’s way too troublesome.”

“I sympathize with you, your Majesty. Furthermore, that Holy Country of Lilac is his neighbor?”


“If they treat Zest coldly, even that country could become his enemy. He can already become Emperor.”

“That’s…..what can I say….”


They both let out a sigh.

Gimme a break!


“I have no intention to stand at the top of the empire. My hands are full with the current position anyway.”


“I’m thankful he has this kind of personality.”

“Indeed, he’s more like your right-hand man.”


“Yeah. But you mustn’t take him lightly, you know? It’s certain that he’s satisfied with his current position. However, if you make the mistake to snarl at him, he won’t make do without inflicting back a massive injury.”


The Emperor laughed, then continued.


“Zest, supposing I do something to Beatrice, what would you do?”


Hahaha, the Emperor likes to joke around.


“Such an interesting joke, your Majesty. But……in case that becomes true, I’ll erase every corner of this empire.”


“See? He’s serious about it, so you must be careful too, prince Mars. You mustn’t touch Bea….your mother-in-law, okay? You’ll perish if you do.”

“I will definitely not show disrespect towards mother-in-law!”


Prince Mars shook his head with such vigor that his neck might come off.

The Emperor’s feet were trembling too.


Your Majesty, this is just a play, right? It was just to teach the prince a lesson, right?

Hmm? Was I wrong…..?


“You do just that. Assuming you never touch his wife, this guy is very kind towards his relatives. For your sake…..or, better say, for Tsubaki’s sake, he’s cooperating right now.”

“Yes. Thank you for your advice.”


Yes. As I thought, he only wanted to warn the prince.

He warned him about how to handle me…….

Well, I do believe that I would kill this prince if he ever does something to Bea.


And so, the Emperor was about to end today’s discussion.

However, he couldn’t do it.

Because the door opened slowly.



“Dear. Tsubaki cried herself to sleep. What in the world happened to her!?”


The Empress entered the room, her usually gentle face had now a shade of wisdom.


“Then, I’ll excuse myself, your Majesties.”

“Excuse me.”


We both sensed danger, so we greeted them with superb timing.

I ignored the Emperor who seemed to ask if we were going to leave him like this.

In order to save myself, I sacrificed the Emperor……



“Wait, you two. Zest, you’re her foster father and prince, you’re her future husband! You’re not unrelated to this!”

“Forgive me!”

“I agree with you.”


“Ku ku ku, you made her angry, Zest……”

“You, my dear, are the number one reason why I’m angry! Don’t laugh! Show some remorse instead!”



It happened so that, I was left with a precious experience after today; the Emperor and I both knelt on the ground in a seiza position.

To women……Or better say, to the wife, even the Emperor has to kneel down and explain things properly.


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    1. Well, I agree. He looks around 18-22. Seems he will keep that appearance until the end, around 100 years more. In the prologue at the very beginning: “In a humble office, lacking in decorations, a man was leaning back in a large chair.
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      “Let’s assume that the elves’ army has about 5000 soldiers. Half of them, 2500 soldiers, no matter how powerful the elves are……they don’t stand a chance against me and the Frontier Count. Besides, if we use my reputation as the hero who achieved spiritification……”

      …Any army below a hundred thousand to a million is considered small fry amongst small fry. At least that’s the feeling I have after reading all these novels. A few thousand is just not enough for me to take it seriously when the mc alone can probably take care of 500-5000 or more, depending on training. Well, that is unless it’s one of those novels like cultivation ones where everyone is supremely powerful, then it’s scary even with just a few thousand.

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