Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Finally, a Moment of Break





“Can I finally sleep……?”


After six nightmarish hours have passed, I was finally released.

This is the time it took them only to choose Wisteria’s nickname.

It makes me shiver only thinking about what would’ve happen if I haven’t had already chosen the name.


“Master, thank you for your hard work. Still, young lady Wis?……It is a great name.”


Yes, at the end of the fierce battle between those two, the nickname Wis was chosen.

‘Like we call Beatrice Bea, following an ancient custom of taking the first half of a name as the nickname, the same we shall do with Wisteria, so we’ll call her Wis!!’

These words spoken by my mother-in-law was the winning move.


“Right. Anyway, they calmed down now……Do I have anything else scheduled for today?”

“Yes. But it is already evening, so you should rest a bit.”


“Indeed……Suu, I’ll rest a little here. For some reason, I feel extremely sleepy…..”


I fell asleep on the chair in my office.



“Master? Master! Please wake up, master!”


I opened my eyes for Suu shook me awake.

What? Is it morning already?


“Why the urgency? It doesn’t feel like I slept too much……”


Outside was pitch dark.

Hm? Did I sleep for an entire day??


“It is still early evening. Not much time has passed but……you must go report to the Emperor about the delivery.”

“Ah, for this one, I must go there in person, otherwise it’ll be no good.”


It’s true that the Emperor showed concern for this matter as well.

Therefore, I have to go meet him in person……

I used some healing magic on my tired body, then I started walking towards the Emperor’s chambers.

Because Suu let me sleep for a little bit, I feel a little more comfortable now.



“I’m sorry for coming this late. You helped us considerably, your Majesty. My daughter……Wisteria was safely born.”

“Ooh, that’s great, Zest! And you also finished choosing the name.”


I was immediately able to meet the Emperor, who was relaxing in his quarters.

The Empress… not around, huh?

He’s truly doting on her, so much so that it could be considered an illness.


“However, I never imagined you would come this soon. I surely thought it would take another three days and three nights.”


Three days and three nights…….Did those two also drag the Emperor in the matter of choosing Bea’s name?

The Emperor showed a bitter smile and I could do nothing but apologize.


“Urm, I’m very sorry for that. The Frontier Count and my mother-in-law have caused you trouble……”

“Hahaha, at that time, I felt I was in hell. The palace’s training grounds became a burnt area. This time, it all ended quite easily.”


“Bu-burnt area? Those two…….they’re really……”

“Don’t worry about it. Because this is a customary event in the Frontier Count’s Household. I save a budget for this every year. It is funny how the ones who always come apologizing are the sons-in law! This tradition! Hahahahahaha!”


The Emperor was striking his knees, letting out a great laughter.

Apparently, this name struggle in the Frontier Count’s Household is more or less inevitable.

And now, it even became the amusement of the Imperial household.


“The previous Emperor……During my father’s reign, the town was partially destroyed once, did you know that? The commoners and the nobles alike gambled on which of the two proposals would end up passing, so everything was actually all right.”

“I don’t know what to say…….”


The Frontier Count’s Household is beyond comprehension.

Ah, I also ended up joining that group……sigh……


“Well, think of it as a family custom and give up. There’ll be a next time anyway……I have too much budget saved for this, so when the time comes make it big and flashy, all right?”


I can’t deal with this custom.

I let out a soft sigh, careful not to let the amused Emperor see it.



After I finished reporting to the Emperor, I returned to my room.

I planned to quickly finish some of the paperwork, then go to sleep.

Thinking about this, I looked over the letters when I hear a knock on the door.


“Father, it’s Tsubaki!”
“Father, it’s Mars.”


“Ah, what happened? You come at such a late time……Well, take a sit.”


I asked Suu to prepare some tea as I listened to what these two had to say.

They sat on the sofa and after they completely harmonized with each other, they continued as follows.


“ “ Congratulations! We are more than happy to hear about the birth of our younger sister!” “


“Haha, what’s with your reserved manners. But thanks.”


Even though I said this, I felt really grateful that these two came here in person to congratulate me.

Younger sister……so they think about her like that.


“I see, the language of flowers, huh? Such a wonderful source of beautiful names! Wisteria…..she’ll become a great beauty in future.”

“Haha, I must eliminate all the insects who’ll court her.”


“ “Hahahahahaha!” “


The prince and I both laughed harmoniously.

However, Tsubaki didn’t plan to let it end this way.


“Father! I also want such a name!!”


She didn’t have the same smiling face as before; Tsubaki’s expression changed completely and she had now a sullen look on her face.

But I can’t do this. The Emperor chose your name, after all.


“But Tsubaki is such a good name.”

“That is right, father.”


We both sensed that this could turn out rather troublesome, so we cooperated.

It looks like the prince has a strong ability to sense danger as well.


“Still……It is true that my name is a flower’s name, but I didn’t know about the language of flowers! I really wanted a name with meaning, just like Wisteria!!”


This has already become troublesome.

It is way too dangerous to change the name that his Majesty gave her.

On the other hand, it’s too difficult to explain her away…..


…….Hm? if I remember correctly, Tsubaki also means something in the language of flowers.


“There is one after all!? A meaning for Tsubaki in the language of flowers.”

“ “Eeeeehhh!?” “


“And that is ‘Pride / Reserved kindness’. This is perfect for you actually.”

“It-it has such a meaning……”

“This is wonderful, father!”


Shall I continue?


“It is a lovely name that even actresses and dancers use. I also admired your name. Isn’t this great for you, Tsubaki?”

“Is that really so?……Ufufu, it is indeed great!”

“Father, you did splendidly. Magnificently!!”


Good……This is truly great.

The two of us overcame the pinch situation.

Ignoring the smiling Tsubaki, we both shook our hands firmly.



Prince Mars took the extremely pleased Tsubaki along, and it was finally the time to go to sleep.

That prince, before leaving, he made a bombshell announcement…….

‘My guardian would like to meet with you tomorrow’

Because this meeting is tomorrow, I won’t worry too much about it now.

I’m already at my limit.


I’ll try my best from tomorrow onward…..So I’ll just go to sleep……

I collapsed into my bed and lost consciousness instantly.



“I’m sorry, master. Please punish me with this.”

“……Morning, Suu.”


When I woke up that morning……a lightly dressed Suu held out to me a horse riding whip.

She slipped it into my hand and dropped to her knees.


What is this situation?

I was in a state of confusion, but she continued to attack me.


“Please! Please hit me, master!”

“Good morning, your excellency Zest. The madam is coming here…….”


Suu and I both looked at Albert as he froze in place.

My fate could change depending on a single word from him……

Please……It’s up to you now Albert!!



“Madam, his excellency is still sleeping! You can go in after he wakes up, so please wait here on the sofa!!”


Perfect, Albert! I can deceive her this way!!

I will promote you after this.

Suu and I kept quiet, looking at each other…..Our hearts understood each other at that moment.



(Dad, good morning!! Are you playing horse with Suu? Toto wants to play too!!)

“Oh my, this is such an interesting and fun looking horse play! We might need to have a small talk!”


Yes, it was impossible to deceive her.


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