Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: An Illness Called Mating Season?





“The kemonobito folk develop at fixed intervals a condition called mating season. Normally, the parents should teach their children about this sign of adulthood, but…..this girl didn’t have such parents.”


Kachua continued, ignoring all of us who became speechless.


“Once a year, during that whole period, if single, you should spend your time inside your home. As for the symptoms, it shouldn’t exceed a light state of excitement, but……if you ignore it for several times, then this is what happens. This is quite an often occurrence for stubborn women.”


Kachua explained with a smug face, but the explanation didn’t really reach my ears.

Inside my head, I kept exclaiming ‘For such an absurd reason I was called back from the Country of Elves?’.


“That’s why, there’s no need to worry. Two or three stimulations, and she’s back to her former self!”


That’s when my heart broke.

I was summoned in a foreign world and tried to survive up until now.

I obeyed the nobles, trained and was forced into a political marriage……

I made a family, and in order to protect it, I left my family behind and went to the Country of Elves.

Despite me trying my best for so long……I was called back home for such a reason!?




Because of this whole absurd situation, I couldn’t stop crying.

I had to refrain from hugging Wis closely and giving her my love and care, and instead I desperately made battle plans.

Mating season……I crumbled down to my knees and clang to the bed where Katalina slept.


“Archduke-dono really thinks dearly of his subordinates. Were you this worried……?”


“Your excellency, you’d do this much for your subordinates…….”

“Thanks goodness! Katalina-chan, his excellency did so much for your sake…….”

“Fuuuueeen, thanks god I’m his excellency’s subordinate!”


Without knowing my inner thoughts, the people in my surrounding misunderstood me for some reason….

I had no room for correcting them.



“Sorry for being distracted. So, who’s gonna treat her?”


We left Katalina’s private room and gathered inside my office.

According to Kachua, she needed two or three times of relief……

But the person in question was unconscious…..Someone has to do it.

By the way, the black knights and all the guys were mobilized in a different country.

Only women were left here…..It was quite natural.


“I will. Katalina-chan is my good friend and if I can become her strength then…….”


Media said, announcing her candidacy.

She’s indeed qualified, being her friend and a married person.

The maids’ unit nodded as well.


“Good, I’ll leave it in your care, Media. I’m counting on you.”

“Please leave it to me, your excellency.”


Media bowed and left my office, and I drank tea as I saw her off.

Damn, I returned for such a trivial matter…..


“Someone, stop that idiot!! She’s a man 1!!!”


“Ha! Come to think of it, she is!”

“I completely forgot!”

“We must stop her quickly!”


“……Archduke-dono, you surely have some strange subordinates.”

“I’m sorry for their noisiness……”


There’s no mistaking it that my voice trembled as I answered.

In front of a leader from a foreign country, we greatly embarrassed ourselves.


“All right. Leave it to me. In the past, I was known as the ‘Single’s mass producer’! I used to calm down the kemonobito folk’s pots as well!”

“……Thank you.”


“Uh huh. Then, I’ll be on my way!”


The loli baba left the room with a nod.

My answer was actually a refusal……but I wasn’t in the mood to tell her that.

Still, what’s with that single’s mass producer? Is that even all right?


Contrary to my worries, Katalina returned to us safely(?).

She was just as usual but…….



“I have made you worry-nya! But I am all right now-nya!”


All tense, Katalina declared, and that tenseness was the problem.


“I see……Then, why do you stick closely to Kachua-dono?”


Kachua had dead fish eyes, but Katalina took her hand and firmly entwined it with her own hand.

This is awful……Without any doubt it is going towards that direction.


“I opened a new gate-nya! Thanks to Kachua onee-sama-nya 2!!”

“Urm…..It’s inexcusable…….but, since it’s been a long time, I didn’t know when to show restraint…….”


Don’t open that gate!

It’s useless, my dizziness is cruel……The world is spinning round and round.

Just how should I cope with this situation?


“I am also a woman, but since this happened, I plan to take responsibility!”

“Kachua onee-sama, you’re wonderful-nya!”


The two stared at each other and a pink aura developed between them.

This is already beyond my powers.


“For the time being, Kachua-dono has all sorts of formalities to take care of……Katalina is also in convalescence and it must be very difficult for her. I’ll take care of this for the time being. I will return in about a month and we’ll decide then what to do. You’re fine with this, right?”


“Yes, I’ll leave it in your care, your excellency.”

“Yea, I have no objections.”


Despite solving one problem, I returned to the Country of Elves carrying a bigger problem in my hands.

The inside of my head was in an extreme situation…..I have to consult with Suu and the Frontier Count.



On my departure, I hit the two embracing individuals with a punch on their heads infused with my most powerful strengthening magic.

Of course, I went easy on them, so they didn’t die……They twitched constantly so I knew that for a fact.

It’s all right.

Kachua lost her consciousness and I grabbed her and placed her on top of the dragon.

Their relationship is under consideration, but they nonetheless embraced each other in public, those two idiots.


“U—n, ah, archduke-dono. Why did I fall asleep?”

“Probably fatigue. Take your time and relax.”


“I see, you’re right. Yea…..understood.”

“I’ll wake you up once we arrive, so I won’t mind if you want to sleep.”


“It’s a long-awaited air travel. I’ll enjoy the scenery!”

“I see. Last time was night time……Fully enjoy the trip then, Kachua-dono.”


After that, we traveled as we appropriately matched our talking subjects.

My head was full of questions about how to deal with these two’s relationship.

Katalina wanted to give birth to a child, but…..will she walk the road of girls’ love?

No, I’ll first have to listen to Suu’s advice, who is also a kemonobito, and decide afterwards.

I used healing magic on my stomach, which quickly started to hurt, as I waited for our arrival.



“Welcome back, your excellency!”

“Master, thank you for your hard work!”


I finally arrived back to the Country of Elves.

Because Kachua was in very high spirits during the trip, she was sound asleep now.

The maids were probably used to it, so they shouldered the sleeping Kachua and disappeared somewhere.

…….That woman, she sleeps all the time.


“We didn’t face any problems. At the prince’s instructions, in order to deepen our friendship, we strolled around using the dragons. So, how is lord Katakina?”

“I see, that’s all right. Let’s talk about Katalina’s situation in my room. There’s no threat to her life, but something troublesome happened.”


As I conversed with Suu, we walked towards my room.

For the time being, I had to explain things properly to these two executive staff members of mine.

I cleared out all the people once I got to my room, then I started my explanation.


“…….That’s what happened. What do you think?”


“ “Aah, so her mating season aggravated?” “


They didn’t seem astonished, nor they felt any shock.

Suu and Albert took everything calmly.

Hmm? Does this happen often among the kemonobito folk?


“My mother taught me about this. Lord Katalina didn’t have the chance to find out about this due to the war time.”

“Under those circumstances, the adults were desperate to stay alive, after all.”


The old Tarminal Kingdom persecuted the kemonobito.

Maybe Katalina didn’t have any adult to teach her about this, since she ran away and lived in concealment.


“Then……does it happen often for women to wake up attracted to the same sex?”

“It mostly happens among women.”

“Men… know……many take care of themselves by themselves……”


Well, even if you leave men alone, once morning comes…..Of course.

So this is only limited to women? But still……


“It’s all right, master. It only happens once. There are many of us who experience this after the aggravation, but once they calm themselves, they return to normal.”

“That’s right, your excellency. In the past, when Suu experienced the aggravation herself, she aaaagh!? Gofuu!!”


Froth came out of Albert’s mouth as he collapsed.

Before anyone became aware of it, Suu grasped in her hand the morning star.


“Master, there are things in the world better left unknown. Don’t you think so?”

“It’s precisely as you said.”


Suu laughed as she stepped on Albert’s head, and her smile looked exactly like Bea’s dark smile.

……Suu-san, is it okay to heal Albert, since he’s having convulsions and everything?
No? You sure? I see…….


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Translation: Nana


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