Stranger’s Handbook – Prologue

The Prologue is a little bit short and it doesn’t offer too many details, but that’s still enough to get a slight idea and make someone curious ;D
I used the same spacing as the author since that helps creating tension (my opinion).
I won’t say more, but enjoy!  \(^.^)/






“Hmm, something like this maybe?”

In a humble office, lacking in decorations, a man was leaning back in a large chair.
He was in his 30’s…no, he looked more like in his 20’s; the man with black eyes and black hair was gently rubbing his overused right hand, from all the writing he’s done.
When he casually looked out the window it was pitch-black and he realized he’s been concentrating for a long time.

‘Knock knock’ the sound of knocking at a door was heard.
There’s only one person who could pay him a visit at such a late hour in the night.

“Master, I brought you some tea.”
“Oh! Come in.”

“Yes, if you’ll excuse me!”

The person who opened the door and slowly entered the room was the maid who served this man.
She was preparing the tea while swinging her chestnut-colored ponytail, but her usual lovely face was sadly distorted.

Master, aren’t you pushing yourself a little too much? Because lately, you’ve been awake until very late in the night writing, everyone feels concerned.”

“Ah! Tell everyone to stop worrying. I’m not overdoing it. But, thanks anyway.”

He slowly savors the black tea she prepared for him.

“I’m not overdoing it, but if I don’t finish writing this, dying wouldn’t make a good enough excuse. Hahaha”

She silently stared at her master who was drinking his black tea while smiling.

Her master, this man, was Zest, a first-rate royal mage of The Great Grun Empire that reigns over the entire continent.
He, who casted aside his Japanese name almost 100 years ago, was working on his final project.

“I’m afraid I’m not going to last much longer. I really must finish this final project no matter what. Because I made a promise, you know!?”

While saying this with a lonely smile, he picked up the quill pen once again.

The girl lowered her head softly and left the room so as not to disturb her master.
So as not to disturb her master’s last job.
So that her master could keep his promise.
She gently grabs the pendant at her chest.

“I’m sure he’s able to smile without a care in the world. But we must not forget! Our clan has a debt towards him that could never ever be paid. Even if the entire continent turns out to be his enemy, we must never betray this person!”

She returned to the antechamber clutching the pendant that was passed down to her, a woman of the clan who grew-up along with these words.

“Grandfather, if I want him to stop working on this final project does it count as betrayal? But even so I wish for this person to continue living…..”

The final project of a first-class royal mage of the Grun Empire, Zest’s final work…

It is a record of the battles and conflicts spanning over his 100 years.
It’s a job to convey a message to posterity, concluding a history of turbulence and agitation, the circumstances leading to The Empire taking over the entire continent.
He put together this “Stranger’s Handbook” so that when the time comes for other strangers to be summoned here from another world, they would be hopefully facing a little less hardships.


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Translation: Nana
Jack-of-‘almost’-all-trades: Mockii

10 thoughts on “Stranger’s Handbook – Prologue

  1. they way you translated this is somewhat odd.

    She was preparing the tea while swinging her chestnut-colored ponytail, (so she was swinging her chestnuts in front of MC?)

    many ways you could have done it

    1. I found it extremely depressing. 100 years? 100 YEARS? damn, that’s too young for a mc(assuming it’s the mc because he was japanese, made a book for future summoned people and all that, totally gives the mc vibe). There’s nothing I hate more than when a novel ends with the mc dying from age or something, but getting to see that he will die after only 100 years pisses me off. Such a crappy way to start off a novel. I’m sure it will be funny later, but this start will forever haunt me when reading this novel. It also seems like his beloved people are dead, seeing how he “promised them” to do something. Seems he is going to commit suicide after writing it too or something, because the maid is implying he wouldn’t die if he didn’t write it.

      I always want the mc to live for countless years, becoming close to or fully immortal, together with his girls. At least I don’t want to know that they died, even if it was a peaceful death. I also don’t want to see the mc grow old. Because shit like that is really depressing and therefore it’s the opposite of what I want when reading novels, which is to be happy and relaxed. Ahh… well, I will try to forget this disaster of a first chapter.

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