Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Proof this is Another World




Otherworlder? Moreover, another world??

Just now, this old man said otherworlder, right……?
But before that.

“Hello. I humbly introduce myself as Kato Toshiaki.”

I get up off the couch and bow deeply.

By the look of things, this person might be of a higher social rank than the knights from before.
I guess he won’t be displeased that I greeted him with respect.
At least he doesn’t show hostility.
If I don’t look like obeying him it might get pretty nasty…..even though my true feelings are nothing like this.

“Yea. Well, you shall sit. Talking while standing is too much for an old body.”

Said the old man and sat down across me.
On both his sides were two knights holding themselves back.

“Then, excuse me! However, your Excellency. I know nothing about the ways of this world. That is why, if I do or say something that is rude or inappropriate I would kindly beg of you to show tolerance.”
“Fine. I won’t demand a stranger from another world to suddenly know of our manners. Besides, the ways of this world are not that much different.”

“Thank you very much.”

I sit down superficially on the sofa.

The old man in front of me is a calamity…….

So this world isn’t very different from the one I know…..
And then, I can’t deny the existence of his Excellency…..huh?

This here is the world to which an otherworlder has come to.
And he understands it to a certain degree.
The old man who is referred to as his Excellency is none other than his opponent.

Hmm…I kind of solved the mystery…..Another world, huh?
However, I can’t easily believe such a thing.

“Your Excellency, could I humbly ask a question?”
“You’ll answer his Excellency’s question first!”

The knights glare at me intensely.
His Excellency’s question? That one from before?

The old man was wearing a faint smile seemingly not caring about all this.

“Knight-dono, by his Excellency’s question, are you referring to whether or not I’m the stranger* who’s a hero candidate? If that is the case, if I don’t confirm to myself that this is indeed another world I might end up lying to his Excellency.”
“Fine. Certainly, if you don’t understand the situation to a certain degree we can’t have a proper conversation. Kato……was it? Or, do they use first names in that world? Toshiaki?

The knight was about to say something but he was stopped by the old man’s hand.

“It is exactly as you said. Toshiaki is my first name. But if you find it difficult to pronounce, you can call me Toshi.”

The old man nodded his head and started talking.

“Well then, Toshi. Let’s give you proof that this here is another world!”

When he said that, one of the knights drew his sword.

This sword didn’t have the same color as those you often see on TV or in games.
It was such a silver color that the sword appeared to be wet.
I involuntarily thought that it was beautiful, but then the knight cut his finger off.


I frowned reflexively.
That must really hurt.

From the spot he used to have his finger blood was overflowing.
He won’t be able to make promises** anymore.

The knight’s face was now red due to the pain he self-inflicted and he approached me to show me the wound.

“I certainly took damage, right?”

I could only nod to that question.


The knight picks out a bottle from his waist pouch and drinks its content.

Right after that, the indeed lost finger started to regenerate very quickly.

“Wha!? The…the finger grew back!?”

I cried out instinctively, but that was inevitable……
His finger grew back just like that, you know? It’s a mild horror movie…….

“So, what do you say? Do you have similar medicine in your world?”

The old man, with his usual faint smile on his face, asked me.

“N…no, your Excellency. It’s impossible. This is the first time I’ve seen medicine like this.”

“Is that so? Then again, are there people like these in your world?”

Having said that, he took off the other knight’s helmet.

He was a man who had dog-like ears.
He was swaying his tail carefully and his ears were twitching in a hectic manner.

“This person……if I’m not mistaken…….he’s part of a race referred to as kemonobito***. Is that correct?”

The old man slowly nodded to my question and continued.

“Yea. So you did realize this is another world by now, right? Ah, later on I’ll show you some magic too.”

Magic!? This is turning more and more into a fantasy pattern, huh……..

Well, since they also have hero candidates, they can’t possibly win against the Demon King without using magic.

“Y…yes. Thank you for your consideration, your Excellency! I am convinced now that this is another world. However, you said that I’m the hero candidate. What do I possess to make you think so?”

“Yea, this now is the important part!”

Knock, knock
Someone was knocking at the door.

When the dog knight opened the door, a beautiful woman with dog ears wearing a maid uniform entered the room.


A beauty with dog ears.
This is absolutely magnificent.

She’s a dog-eared beauty with a slender body that can only be compared to that of a model.
She bows and starts preparing the tea.

Oh! There’s some for me too…..this scent, is it black tea?
It is much appreciated, my throat is dried-up.

Before long, setting up the table was done and, as she stopped in front of the door and turned around to face us, she bowed and saluted.


“Well then, I shall excuse myself-nya!”


“So you’re a cat!!!”




My sudden outburst caused the pretty girl with dog ears to look at me with teary eyes and the dog knight to glare at me, while clenching his teeth.
The ‘finger cutting’ knight was expressionlessly touching his sword.
And then…..

The old man sitting in front of me was not smiling anymore……



I will probably die……….sooner than expected……



*Mind that this time I used ‘stranger’ instead of ‘otherworlder’ for the Japanese ‘isekaijin‘ (lit. person from a different world). When the Japanese text allows me, I plan on using the term ‘stranger’ from now on…I like it more somehow.

**yubikiri = lit. to cut off one’s finger
= linking little fingers to confirm a promise (If you’re a manga/anime fan, you must be familiar with this ;D); pinky promise.

***kemonobito = it literary translates as a beast-human. Other terms for it are therianthropy, beastkin. Since these terms are a bit too fancy, I decided to use the Japanese term. Yey!

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Translation: Nana
Supreme Overlord: Mockii

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  1. Ouch, hope they can let it pass since he doesn’t know about that other world and he can apologise for being rude…..
    Thanks for the translation~!

  2. First, the knight tells him to keep quiet, then chats about anyways. Then Making his exellency do party tricks just to prove the existence of another world. Seriously? I mean seriously? I cringed a lot in this chapter.

    1. Well, I kinda understand these two things. When they initialize a conversation or have started one, it’s obvious he should discuss stuff and not be cut off if they want him to understand properly, and from earlier experiences of summoning, they seem to know some things of the other world, so proving it’s another world is the first thing you need to do before starting a proper discussion. The knight chatting is indeed a bit weird though.

  3. …Yeah. I think he might better curb the japanese anime/manga/novel custom of using tsukommi on everything that is weird. Seriously, wasn’t he a salaryman in his past life? is it so ingrained in him to tsukommi at stuff that he does it subconsciously?

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