Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The Decided Time Limit




I follow the ‘finger-cutting’ knight without knowing of the conversation taking place in that room.

The garden was so wonderful that it reminded me of the magnificent European gardens from old times.

On this carpet of greenery a variety of multicolored flowers are blooming in fullness and the pathways are made of perfectly maintained granite-like stones.

“It’s so beautiful.”

I muttered involuntarily.
Even though I suddenly got involved in such a mess, it is only natural to feel moved by the sight of such beautiful flowers.

“Indeed. It’s because we, from the Frontier Count Household, take pride in this garden.”

It seems that the ‘finger-cutting’ knight is in a good mood too.

“By the way, since it’s a bit difficult to forever call you knight-dono, could I ask for your name?”


“Understood, Galef-dono. Again, I am very pleased to meet you.”

“Yeah yeah!”

In the time we had our little conversational exchange, we arrived at the mansion.
It’s a huge, all white palatial residence, or better said it has the bearing of a grand imperial palace.

We entered the mansion and after a little walk Galef-san opened a door.

“You’ll use this room. A maid will be here soon. Make sure to follow her instructions!”

“Thank you for your guidance.”

After I entered the room, Galef-san left.

This is quite a wonderful room, incomparable with the one from before.
It seems that at least they won’t be harming me any time soon.
This is a treatment to make me realize this, huh…

The sound of a light knock is heard.

“Excuse me.”

The one who entered the room is a young woman with a dumpling-like head and red hair; the maid uniform suits this lovely girl perfectly.
You can’t say she’s an exceptional beauty, but she’s not plain either.
Well, she’s more like ordinary.

“Guest-sama, we finished preparing your bath. Follow me, please.”

The maid led me to the bathing room, this huge, extravagant bathing room.
How many days has it been?…….I have no idea when I arrived in this world, but anyway, this is my first bath in another world.
I would have liked to take my time and enjoy this moment for a while, if not for the maids who started washing my body clean.

It sure feels good though.
It feels really good.

They only washed me as they normally would, but it sure feels refreshing and it also smells good.
I’m not a clean freak, but I sure have strong feelings towards being clean.

Ah! This is embarrassing though.

The maids washing me are saying such things……

“What’s that? A tail? A leg?” “Wooah, it’s huuuge.” “That might be….pretty inconvenient…….”
I didn’t hear that………I didn’t hear THAT!

It can’t be helped! I’m a middle-aged man, you know!
When you’re washed by young women it’s inevitable for this to happen!

“Well then, please wait here.”

I thanked the first maid whose cheeks were now somehow red and waited patiently back in my room.
My body feels refreshed now that I’m also wearing new clothes.
Compared to the ones from before, these clothes sure are splendid.

However, as I thought, there were no underpants…….
This is a no-underpants world, I wonder…….

While drinking some black tea, I was thinking about how to explain to them the importance of wearing underclothes, when the door opened.

“I have kept you waiting.”

Old man Razatonia.

“No, you haven’t. Thank you for the bath. I feel completely refreshed now.”

“Yea. Well then, let’s talk a bit while eating something light. Ah, don’t worry about manners. Since the conversation is a priority, I won’t mind it.”

The maids took those words as a signal and quickly started to arrange some sandwiches and baked sweets on the table.
They left right after finishing the preparations.

Yeah, it looks delicious.

It would have been great if not for this old man, with whom I must share this meal……

“And now. About hero-dono’s schedule from now on.”

I put the sandwich away and gulped down my mouthful.

“One year. I will have you learn how to use magic in one year.”

“Y…yes, your Excellency.”

“Don’t worry. I will give you an excellent teacher. With him teaching you, one year is more than enough for you to become a proper magic user.”

One year, huh?……..During this time I have to become stronger and learn about this world.
For going along with this plan or for going against it, I need strength either way.
And then I desperately need information about this world and gain wisdom.
If I don’t want to die, that is…….

I don’t know when this currently cooperative old man will turn against me and become a threat.
He’s cooperative because he can benefit in return.
In that case, I must increase my merits for being his ally.
If he can benefit greatly from me, then the risk of being cast away decreases as well…….

“Yes. I will try my best to meet your expectations, your Excellency.”

That’s right, I don’t want to die.
If I don’t want to die, then I have to cooperate……I have to make every single effort for that purpose.
My resolution will stay firm, at least until i have enough power to protect myself.

However, his response was something I could have never anticipated.


“Well now, don’t be so stiff. You’ll be my adorable granddaughter’s husband, don’t call me ‘your Excellency’ anymore, grandson-in-law-dono.”



It seems I’m getting married with this cunning old man’s granddaughter…….

I’m sooooo gonna die……….

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  1. It seems I’m getting married with this cunning old man’s granddaughter…….
    I’m sooooo gonna die……….
    HURRY UP and have some accident, let me take over your body !!!

  2. Please die already for the god’s sake if you so much cannot see the future where you don’t die and cannot stop whining over and over!

  3. Man… if I were in his shoes, I’d be crying rather than enjoying the bath and food. Seriously, to have your freedom stolen like that is terrible! I hope he gains knowledge and ability to turn the tables on that old man…

  4. The maids washing me are saying such things……
    “What’s that? A tail? A leg?” “Wooah, it’s huuuge.” “That might be….pretty inconvenient…….”
    I didn’t hear that………I didn’t hear THAT!

    Man, the length of a tail and thickness of a leg, must be at the holy sword level. Poor girls. Well, this is japanese, girls can take dongs that are thicker than the width of their body, I’ve personally seen proof of that.

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