Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The First Encounter




I entrusted my body to this nice floating feeling in this white and airy world.

“Ah! I want to stay like this forever…….”

I truly wish so, from the bottom of my heart.
I want to forget about other worlds and magic powers, and stay here….forever…..

But instead of that, my consciousness was slowly surfacing.
It smells like grass……That’s right! I was practicing magic and lost my consciousness!

I opened my eyes slowly, and a strong-willed beautiful girl with black eyes and black hair was glaring at me like she was watching a filthy something. She was peeking into me as I was barely able to keep my eyes slightly opened.

She’s in her teens, I wonder? She’s a young and classy beautiful girl……Her fascinatingly elegant black hair is swaying over her white skin.
This bearing of hers made her long hair stay upwards… seemed it would reach her lower back in normal circumstances. She was overflowing with an oppressive aura.
Judging by the beautiful dress she’s wearing, I fear that she might be a noble young woman. And what’s more, she has a bad personality.

She possesses such beauty that would undoubtedly make one fall in love at first sight if she were to smile genuinely, but her face and demeanor were followed by an oppressive and intimidating air.

“Oh, to try seducing my daughter as soon as you wake up, you’re quite a bold person, aren’t you!? Furthermore, you dare to do that in her father’s presence!”

……….Master, what did you just say? You’re…..

As I was getting up in confusion, something fell down.
Huh? A wet handkerchief? It looks like a woman’s…

Ahh! Is it that this young lady was concerned because of my passing out and placed her wet handkerchief on my forehead……?

……..The young lady placed her wet handkerchief on my forehead in sign of concern of me falling to the ground.

And then I say ‘Ah! I want to stay like this forever!’
Yes, that falls into the category of seduction.

“N…no, master! Young lady, forgive my discourtesy!”

“Haha! She will be your wife in the future. I don’t see the need for you to apologize!”

“……….That is right. It is as father says.”

……..Then, don’t make such an evil face.
It was natural for my master, but the young lady was also watching me with eyes filled with disgust, like looking at complete garbage.

“Oh right! Since you’ve already finished the first stage of your magic training and you’ve also met my daughter… about the three of us go have some tea!”

“…..Yes, father.”

“Y…yes, master.”

I can’t refuse this……
Discouraged, I follow these two with sullen attitude.

We entered the mansion’s reception room.

Once we were seated, the maids seemed to flow inside the room and make the preparations.
Just like artisans, they’re really vivid.

When I casually looked at the two seated in front of me, their faces wore a noticeable, disagreeable expression.
As I thought, they might not be very pleased with me as a marriage partner……..

Especially since the young lady is still…well, too young.
There should be many other suitable partners for a political marriage to choose from, since the bride is such a beauty……


It seems a young maid dropped a cup on the floor.

“I…..I am so sorry!”

The maid had a ghastly white face and kept apologizing. The young lady looked at her like she was trash and answered.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. It’s a cup that only costs around 5 gold coins.”
“Yes. If I’m not mistaken, I bought this cup for Bea last year on her birthday. It’s no big deal, really.”

……….The poor maid was shaking violently and while shedding tears, she kept on apologizing ‘I am so sorry!’

“…….You. Can you work while trembling like that? Maybe you need a holiday?”
“I see…..It certainly might be good to take some time off to relax and treat yourself. It gets colder from now on, and yeah, it would be great to take your family and go to the holiday villa in the south. I will inform the administrator myself. Haha”

If you break a cup, they get rid of you AND your family!? T…..too scary!

After these two wearing those devil-like smiles told her that, the maid’s face had already a white complexion.
With a hardly comprehensible voice, she kept on repeating ‘At least my family…….At least my family………’

Well, I understand that this is a world in which nobles have the power and you can’t possibly disobey them, but no matter how you look at it, these two have evil personalities.
I feel like crying when I think that these people will be my father-in-law and marriage partner…….

I definitely want a kind and gentle wife. Even though she’s a beautiful girl, if she has the worst character and a haughty demeanor, I don’t think I can live a long life……
Ahh! I wouldn’t have to go through such hardships if I did have any means to search for a bride, like some kind of magic that allows me to read minds or such…….


……….Mind reading magic?……….Can I use it? Can someone like…me…use it?

I focused my magical powers and prayed ‘I want to read her mind. I want to know her thoughts’……


And then I’ve started hearing this ill-natured girl’s thoughts, Bea’s thoughts……..

‘That girl, is she all right? Her face looks very pale, she should just go have some rest……
I don’t care at all about that cheap looking cup. I’m glad she didn’t hurt herself.’


Thank you God!
I might be able to live a long life after all!


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