Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: A Present for the Young Lady




I sure received a terrible letter…….

“Oh! That black paper contains a fair amount of dark magical power! Gahaha!”

Right?……I can feel it all around us.
The letter in my hands started to feel hot.

“You must be really happy to receive such a letter, full of Young Lady’s magical power! It overflows with the blessings of the dark attribute!”

Father, this is what you’d call a curse.

“Y…yes. I must immediately prepare a present and a letter for the young lady.”

“You should write the letter once we arrive at our house. As for the present…… if you’d like to use gem ores, I have a lot of them. Since you’re a light attribute magic user, you could use that to create something for her. You sure must be happy that the young lady thinks so much about you.”

The full-plate was nodding in agreement.
Or, it might be that he’s scared and this is just his counter-plan……

“Then I will go with that. Thank you, father.”

While we had this conversation, the carriage came to a halt.
It seems we arrived.

I got off the carriage and a splendid western-style house came in sight.
The mansion doesn’t look that new, but it sure has personality.

In the entry hall, the maids were lined up in rows. There’s a nicely dressed, handsome middle-aged man at the end of the rows.
He must be the butler.

“Welcome back, Master.”

All the servants lowered their heads simultaneously.

“Yes, thank you. Everyone, this is my adopted son, Zest. Starting now, you will recognize him as such. He’s an excellent light magic user, Sonia already gave his approval!”

“Did Sonia-sama…..”    “That Sonia-sama?”      “A light magic user…….”

The old man’s raised hand stopped the shocked voices in an instance.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Zest-sama. I am Camel and I serve as the family’s butler. I am greeting you in the name of all the servants. Please take good care of us!”

He said that and lowered his head in a very elegant manner.
It was such a beautiful bow, it charmed me.

“Hello Camel, I am Zest. I will strive not to bring shame on my father’s name, on our family honor. I will be relying on you.”

“Yes, young master.”

“I would say it’s enough for the greetings. Zest, you are free to do what you please until dinner time. You will meet my wife then too. I will make preparations for the ore to be sent to your room. You should quickly write the letter for the young lady. Gahahaha!”

The full-plate crushed my shoulders and then left.

“!? He took Master’s ‘attack’ so calmly!”    “There….there’s a crack in the floor……”     “He…used recovery magic!”

I see….So that’s a normal behavior for the full-plate.
After I assured the maid that I was okay, she showed me to my room.

“This is young master’s room. All the necessary things for writing the letter have already been prepared. The gem ore will arrive shortly.”

If I were to compare this room with the ones I’ve used in the Frontier Count’s mansion, it’s not inferior to them. I’d rather say, it’s quite a wonderful room.
I decided I will write the letter right away, since my life felt in danger.
Who would have thought the young lady was a yandere …………

I will write the reason I couldn’t visit her and I’ll apologize.
‘It’s all right, I will never hate you.
I really think you are very cute.
I actually like you very much.’


I kept on writing, even though my body felt numb.
It’s quite harsh…If I were to write something like this in Japan, it would only hurt.

With very much struggle I managed to finish writing the letter, put it into an envelope and sealed it.
It seems the gem ore has arrived as well.

“Excuse me, young master. These are all the ores we managed to gather for now, which one do you prefer?”

There were some rocks lined up on a huge tray.
I just chose one of them randomly.

“!? T…then, I will take my leave now.”

For some reason, the maid had a red face while she left the room……was she ill? A cold, maybe?
More importantly, I must cast all my light magical power into this ore.

I was frantic.

I don’t wish to die…..I don’t want to die at the hands of the young lady.
A yandere, huh? Just give me a break! The young lady would be so cute otherwise.
She has good style, her skin looks so white and smooth, her hair looks so silky….I’d rather say she’s just my type…….
What? Am I in love……with the young lady?
I might like her………….I do like her a lot! My feelings, please reach to her!!!
Somehow, in the meantime I managed to create a gem.
Is this the result of the young lady’s curse? That it became like this…..

I inserted the resulted pink colored gem in a charming little bag, and I passed it, together with the letter, to a maid in order to deliver them to the young lady.

Fuuu…..It should be all right for the time being.
I looked outside the window only to see that the evening was settling down. It’ll be time for dinner soon……It’s time to meet my foster mother.

I sure did concentrate a lot, for the time to pass this fast.
I felt accomplished, and while the fatigue was greater than before, I drank some black tea.

Black tea, huh?…..Even though in Japan I was the coffee type.
In this way, I am rapidly growing accustomed to this world, huh?
While I was getting emotional, the butler Camel came to ask for me.
It seems that, during my working, some maids were affected by my magical power and collapsed.

Sorry…..I left Camel in charge to apologize to them on my behalf.
“There’s no need for the young master to do that. The madam was actually delighted!”

Is what he replied. Why would she be happy about it? Ah! Because of the ‘excellent magic user’ thing?!


“The madam said ‘To frantically cast magical power like that in order to make a present for my cute niece, he sure is a charming son, isn’t he!’ She was very happy!”



Niece?…….The foster mother I’m going to meet soon is the old Frontier Count’s……..blood relative…….

Will I be able to survive this?………

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