Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 14


Chapter 14: A New Family




Once I evaded the young lady’s yandere flag, another, even more dangerous, flag in the shape of my foster mother showed up.

Fuuu…A normal family would have been so nice……It’s not like I wished for something too extravagant!

I was guided by the butler, Camel, and soon arrived at the dining room.

Full-plate…..nope, my foster father and a 40 years old looking woman with black hair and slender body were already waiting there.

“I am sorry I have made you wait, father. Will you give me the honor of introducing me to the lady?”
“Don’t worry, we have just arrived too. Let’s do the introductions then. This is Celica, my wife and your foster mother from now on.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Zest-sama. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about you from my husband and my niece, Bea. From today, I am your foster mother Celica.”

My mother Celica was smiling coldly……Yes, she’s definitely from the lineage of that cunning old man.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too, mother. I am Zest. I will strive to meet your expectations.”

After we finished the ‘ritual’ of mutual greetings, the dining started.
The manners my master slammed into me proved to be perfect.

While eating, one must not engage in conversation, one must eat slowly and quietly.
The food was, as expected from the house of the Knights Division Commander, plentifully voluminous and concentrated on a meat diet.

Father? You’ve already had three times the amount I had, and you still want to eat some more? Oh, is it that because of the full-plate, if you don’t eat a lot, you won’t be able to carry it? Hmm…

After the eating is done and tea has been served, it’s all right for conversations to start.

“Oh, by the way, your magical power from a while ago was rather tremendous. Is it that you worked so frantically in order to prepare a gift for Bea?”

“Gahaha! That’s because this guy has fallen for her. Did you know that he also received a letter packed with a horrific magical power from the young lady?”

Gahaha! Ohoho!

Yeah…….those forced smiles.
I was in the sales business, so I’m quite good with faking smiles, you know?

Please spare me the stiff attitudes.

“But, that kind of magical power……. You sure are an excellent magic user, aren’t you! Now, this household can have its peace. Bea must hurry and give birth to children. The first born son will become the successor of your own household, and I will have your second son as the successor of mine. Otherwise I’ll be troubled……”

My foster father wore such a happy smile……He held my mother’s hand.

You don’t say…!

“I apologize for being rude, but don’t you have any children……?”

All the servants that were offering their assistance until then bowed and left the room quickly.
After everyone was gone, my foster father opened his mouth and his troubled heart.

“Unfortunately, we were not blessed with having children……My wife…you know….”

“I don’t mind it, dear. I can’t, well, give birth to children. When I was very young, I injured myself with dark magic……”

Now I see. And because of that you can’t bear children anymore…….
But, I wonder if my foster mother has a lower magical power than the old man and the young lady?
Her image is that of a frightening snake, but there are no unpleasant feelings once you start talking to her.

“Normally, a woman like me who can’t bear children could never be able to get married. But, you know? Somehow, my childhood friend, who also happens to be a very stupid man, wished to have me even so!”

“Gahaha! I’m perfectly fine with the successor being an adopted child. Falling in love was my weakness.”

Even if they are nobles, something like this shouldn’t be accepted here, right?
But she’s……well, a princess of the Frontier Count’s household.
If the Knights Division Commander was the one to want her……

I see…That old man would have approved it……that cunning old man.

But I sure have respect for you, father……You really are cool.
Should I do it then?…….I bet this is still a part of the old man’s plan anyway, so…….

“Mother, I could probably try something with my healing magic. Please, show me your hand…..Actually, I will come to your side.”

I left my seat and went to their side.
I used some observation magic and came to the conclusion it was in order. I can cure her condition.

“Forgive my rudeness, mother, but will you give me your hand?”

I grasped my foster mother’s hand, while she had a threatening expression, and activated my healing magic…..Father, don’t glare at me like that!

Because I’m the light attribute hero……Or rather, precisely because I was Japanese before, I can heal her easily.

That’s because the world Japanese live in is a world overflowing with information, unlike this one. Even without understanding the smallest details of our bodies’ structure, there is no adult who can’t explain how people are able to give birth to children.

It’s not enough to just heal her body.
I imagined me curing the interior parts of her body as well, specifically her ovaries and womb, and casted my magical power.

It’s finally over. I activated my observation magic……..and it was a success!

“I healed you, mother. If you manage to conceive, then I, as a light magic user, will look over you until the moment you’ll give birth. It’s all right. You can have children.”

I grinned at them, but they watched me with an expression of doubt and astonishment.
‘There’s no way!’ could be read all over their faces.

“You can both use observation magic, isn’t that right? Please confirm it yourselves!”

They activated their observation magic and for a moment they were both completely dumbfounded.
But, before long, they started slowly… nod over and over again, while shedding tears of joy.

They’ve both lived all their lives, while confronting with difficult emotions, but they can finally overcome them now.
There should be still enough time anyway.

Haha, it seems I’m in the way now……I’ll quietly sneak away from the dining room and go back to my room.
I want to give them time to enjoy this moment as a couple, since they’ve been through so much all these years and now their problems are finally solved.

I left the room and found Camel, the butler, who was bowing to me.

“Please forgive me for listening to your conversation. And thank you so much, young master! I really……really…..thank you…..”

Camel was shedding tears as well.
It seems he was also worried for his masters.

“I don’t intend to scold you. That’s because I haven’t met anyone after I left this room. Right?”

I said that and started walking towards my room.
He kept on bowing to me……..for countless times.

I arrived in my room and sit down on the sofa.
As to be expected, I was really tired…….

The maids came immediately after and prepared some tea for me.
All of them were bowing to me, while expressing their gratitude.

“I’ve only showed filial piety. There’s no need for thanking me.”

“Young master……”    “That’s to be expected from a light magic user ….”    “All those worries for such a long time…….”

Hahaha, it doesn’t feel that bad to receive their gratitude after all.
I elegantly sipped some tea.
It’s really the first time that young maids are praising me so extravagantly. I’m happy I came to this world!
I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Isn’t this Camel, the butler? I haven’t even realized you came here too.

Hm? What does he carry is his hand?

“Young master……A letter from Beatrice-sama has arrived.”

The letter was presented to me so respectfully……Heaven and hell… this what they feel like?

Will I die…..? I wonder……

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