Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 20


Chapter 20: A Man Beyond Expectations




One month has passed since the one-day incident that filled the Frontier Count’s Household with despair…..later nicknamed as ‘the dark grimoire incident’, and for the time being the regional capital was peaceful.
I was undergoing the same daily training with my master, my foster father and the soldiers.
Since the soldiers have considerably opened themselves to me, we often went drinking in the city after training was over.
In Japan, I was in the sales business, so I had a lot of chances to go drinking with my clients, therefore it wasn’t painful at all.
I have spent every single day going drinking with the noisy soldiers, going with the middle-aged squad leaders to establishments where we could enjoy the company of young ladies, or being invited and visiting the houses of nobles and commanders.


Ah, I’m also coping with that grimoire in the shape of an exchange diary! Nowadays, I don’t need the servants to deliver it anymore.
That’s because the grimoire often decided by ‘itself’ to go visit other houses than the appointed one.
Thanks to that, it had now quite the reputation in the neighborhood: ‘If you wake up early in the morning, you’ll be able to see the flying grimoire’

……..I decided not to think too much about it……

Well, I’ve spent some rather peaceful (?) days.



“Son-in-law-dono. Something really troublesome has occurred…….”

To be suddenly summoned to the Frontier Count’s Household and be thus informed is……

“To tell you the truth, it’s about yours and Bea’s marriage……It might not go according to the initial plan anymore.”

The old Frontier Count Razatonia was showing an unusually evil smile and the air around him seemed rather eerie.

“The plan was for you to take your time and become well-known, cause some strife, then marry her as a reward for solving it. Am I correct?”
“Yes, your Excellency. It’s just like you said.”

“However, a fool who dared to interrupt our plans has showed up…..Such misfortune!”

Fuu” he sighed and sipped some black tea.

“The only son of a priest noble from the imperial capital, you know, expressed his wish to marry Bea and took the trouble to come here……So darn annoying!”

Razatonia-sama, please choose your words wisely!

“However, one does not simply express their wish to marry someone and just comes over all of sudden, right? Or does he have any connection to the Frontier Count’s Household?”

“That’s what you’d normally think, right? Even so, that blockhead came here saying ‘I heard that here resides a beautiful woman who is worthy of me. There’s no need for you to worry about the ceremony expenses and I’ve already brought a congratulatory gift’. Ha ha, he’s making fun of me. The imperial capital bean sprouts think of us only as some mere countryside gatekeepers.”

Yea, he’s showing a smile that seems to shout ‘Don’t defy me!’

“But even so, your Excellency has declined, or?”
“Well, here’s the thing. Without taking all the trouble of causing strife, when something like this falls into your lap, don’t you think it’d be such a pity not to use this opportunity? Grandson-in-lay-dono.”

Hiiii!! Please stop, my heart already froze!

“He’s lucky to have the necessary court rank though. But I put a condition, namely……..that the person in question must wish to marry him as well. He will propose to Bea in the square in front of the castle gates, I chose this place since it’s rather vast. Nobles, soldiers and commoners will all gather there. I will make sure everyone is informed.”

Such a wicked old man!

“So, I will challenge him to a duel with the young lady’s hand at stake, right?”
“Who would have thought that there were mutual feelings between her and another man, and this man is actually the successor of my Knights Division Commander!? I sure wasn’t aware of it!”

“I’m quite surprised he agreed to this condition though.”
“Haha, he said ‘Something like for me to get rejected by her is impossible. It actually pains me that such an event will pass unnoticed, so make it as grand as possible’………He really takes me as a fool.”

His Excellency Razatonia was not smiling anymore.
He had such an aura surrounding him that I couldn’t even call him an old man anymore……not even inside my head…….Good-bye, blockhead noble-kun!

“I understood. It can’t be helped if it’s an unfortunate death as the result of a duel. What’s the date and time?”

He grinned at me broadly.

“Five days from now, at noon. We’ll have a party after that, so make sure to prepare for it as well, grandson-in-law-dono.”

Even though I said that, killing someone is a bit…..I wonder if they’ll let me go with half killing him or with leaving him one-handed……
And if some unfortunate accident happens afterwards, it won’t have anything to do with me.

Yes, let’s just go with that.
The moment I decided to ask him about this, the door was opened violently with a bang.

“Grandfather, I must speak with…..Oh! You were here, Zest-sama!”
‘Grandfather, save me! …….Zest-sama!?’

The young lady……’save me’ she said?

His Excellency Razatonia also raised an eyebrow at the sudden intrusion.
It was such a great display of failed manners for a noble.

“Bea, that’s not very lady-like……What happen to your face?”

Now that he said that, I looked at her again.
She was staring at her black and red ‘witch’ dress like she was watching something filthy and her eyes were cold as ice……Is she crying!?
One side of her face was bright red……

“Bea, I will heal your face. Please don’t move.”

I rushed over and cast my healing magic while the young lady was still silent and obedient.

“That would be helpful, Zest. So, Bea, tell me what happened.”

His Excellency Razatonia was now very serious.
Depending on the circumstances, bloodshed might occur.

The young lady caught a fleeting glimpse of me and started talking.

“I was enjoying my tea inside the summer house in the castle’s courtyard when some unknown man called out to me. When the maid threatened him, that man approached me and caught hold of my hand, saying ‘I don’t see the problem since we’re already engaged’.”

‘I hate this…..I don’t want Zest-sama to hear this. But, he’ll find out anyway……’

The temperature in this room dropped considerably.

“Since I hated it…..he called me impertinent and hit… face…..”
‘I wonder if Zest-sama is mad……I’m such an indecent person, talking with an unknown man like that……’

I approached her quickly and seized her hand.

“Bea. I’m sure it was scary, but you’re safe now. However, your feelings are confused at the moment, so it would be better to go back to your room and rest for a little bit. After I finish talking with your grandfather, I’ll send a messenger to my house and then we can have a good talk. What do you say?”

“Yes. You do just that. It won’t take much time, so you should wait a little bit.”

After the young lady reluctantly left, my master came in instead.

“Son-in-law-dono, that was really helpful. You convinced her to go back to her room. I almost thought she was going to get rid of that idiot just now.”
“Yes, that would have been a little inconvenient… this moment, at least.”

“Your Excellency…….Master…..”

Hearing that, they both turned to look at me and their expressions changed from a villainous smile to a very serious look and again to an even more villainous smile.




“I want to ask you not to touch that idiotic noble for now. It would be better for an unfortunate accident to have many witnesses.”




It seems I like the young lady more than I previously thought and my desire to monopolize her is rather strong.
That blockhead……..I’ll just kill him.

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
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      1. Japanese imaginations and fantasy are wide and vast like the ocean. Ever heard of a big boobed loli? They exist. Well, mcs meeting them would refer to it as blasphemy, and I agree, but they have properly created such monstrosities. Mostly for comedy.


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    Even if the guy is a first born son, as a noble his father is bound to have prepared a few spares, and started grooming those when this guy turned out to be an idiot.

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  6. It seems I like the young lady more than I previously thought and my desire to monopolize her is rather strong.
    That blockhead……..I’ll just kill him.

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