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Chapter 21: As Her Fiancé (First Part)




After I’ve decided I was going to cause an unfortunate accident, I followed after the young lady.

Since she’s a noble young lady, I’m sure she had never experienced something like ‘having her arm seized and her face hit’.
In fact, both my master and his Excellency, the Frontier Count, were enraged and fuming.

“Grandson-in-law-dono, death can easily come from an accident. So, don’t worry about it.”
“That’s true. Zest, since going easy on him would count as discourtesy towards your enemy, you have to fight with all your might.”

These much appreciated words came out from them both.

The servants’ rage was also at a MAX level.
“Zest-sama, his neck. Aim for his neck!”     “It’s the first time I’ve seen the young lady cry…..That damn pig….”      “We’ll all be there to cheer for you!”

Etcetera, etcetera……
They called him pig……And don’t tell me to aim for his neck, it’s supposed to look like an accident, right? If I’ll aim for the shoulder and I hit his neck in the process, nothing can be done about it, right? That’s the course of action I’ll take.

The young lady was pretty much enraged as well, and the grimoire……no, the exchange diary’s pages were filled with ‘I won’t forgive him  I won’t FORGIVE him  I WON’T FORGIVE HIM’…..When I’ve first seen that, I wet myself a little……

Again, the rumors have made their way to the soldiers as well. They all expressed their anger to me “He made a pass at another man’s lover?!”      “Those guys from the imperial capital, they’re all the same.”     “He’s after the young lady of all people!?”, but in the end they all came to the same conclusion:

“ “ “Since he managed to anger Zest-sama, he’s definitely gonna die!” “ “

…….All of you, what kind of monster do you think I am?

And then, about that damn pig in question…, the priest noble’s idiotic son, he was invited to some noble’s residencies, but he kept on making a fuss over the young lady: “She’s such a rude woman, but she looks good.” or “She’ll become obedient once you’ll train her body”.

As for why nobles invited him, that’s because this guy’s father is in charge of the internal administration in the capital, so you could say he’s part of the upper echelons and he has quite a strong influence.
However, after all the trouble they went through to invite him, he tells such foolish stories, it’s no wonder everyone was starting to feel antipathy towards him.
Just as one would think, there was no one who would invite this stupid guy anymore, on the contrary, they started to make bets on ‘In how many seconds I’ll kill the idiot?’.

Don’t gamble on this……Nobles sure have a lot of free time……


These five extremely noisy days have passed in the blink of an eye and the day of the idiot’s public execution is finally here.
I was waiting for my turn at the gatekeepers’ station.

Today, as the son and successor of the Knights Division Commander, I was wearing the full equipment of the Viscount Gaiyus’ Household.

According to my father Galef, this was handed down in the Viscount’s Household for generations and it’s a proof the one who’s wearing it it’s the head of the family, and during times of struggle and conflict, one would wear this armor on the battlefield…..
It seems it’s a tradition in the Gaiyus Household.

“Even though you’re an adopted son, you’re without any doubt the Gaiyus Household’s successor. Wear this and go get the bastard! Gahahaha!”

He’s really such a kind father.

While thinking about that, I was drinking some black tea and pausing for breath, when I realized the gatekeepers inside the room were having a bad complexion……
It appears that I was fairly enraged as well.
When I am reminded of that idiot, both my rage and my magical power are running out of control.

“Ze, Zest-sama. Do you want some more tea?”
“It’s all right. It’s almost time for me to show up anyway.”

“Y, yes sir!”

Outside, the cheers are becoming louder.

It’s starting…..I went out slowly.


The weather was fine so a lot of people were gathered in the square in front of the castle’s gates.

The Frontier Count, my master and the one who’s playing today the leading role, the young lady, were standing above the castle’s gates.

The space right in front of the gates was occupied by the nobles affiliated with the Frontier Count, the soldiers protecting them, and further behind them, there were a lot of commoners gathered. They even installed some food carts and the whole event was starting to feel like a very noisy festival.

“Everyone, thank you for coming here in such large numbers.”

At his Excellency’s words, transmitted to every single person gathered there through magic, the large group of people grew quiet.

“Well then, the reason why I asked you to gather here today, as you may already know, is because someone who wishes to ask my granddaughter Beatrice’s hand in marriage has showed up.”

“Wooow” Shouts of surprise could be heard.

“Our Frontier Count Household is the shield of the empire that protects its borders. And this Household seeks elites who have the necessary strength in order to act as a shield and the power to lead you all. That’s why I propose to do as follows.”

The people were starting to get confused. What on earth is he saying? What the heck is going to start? They swallowed their saliva, and with it their anxiety, and stared at the Frontier Count.

“If one wishes to marry my granddaughter, one must demonstrate they’re strong enough to protect her. And if everyone gathered here give your consent, I will allow this marriage to take place!”

His Excellency the Frontier Count climbed a bit further above the gates and spread his hands.

“Lord Alf, the next head of a Viscount Household is requesting this marriage. Show us your power! Convince us you’re worthy!”


From inside this deafening wave of cheers, one man showed up.
He’s a fat man in his 20’s with a peculiar brown hair that springs up here and there, his face full of sweat.
The dazzling clothes he’s wearing don’t suit him at all.

While breathing heavily, he somehow arrived to the open space inside the square and raised his voice.

“I am Alf! Come, Miss Beatrice, I will give you the honor of becoming my wife!”

Alf finished his ‘speech’ with a tone of self-importance and whipped the sweat off his face while grinning broadly.

How the hell should I answer this?
How should I demonstrate my strength?

His Excellency’s risen hand stopped the whispering voices.

“You’ve made your point, lord Alf. Is there someone who objects to this marriage? However, answer with caution! If someone has objections, I will ask him to put his life on the line for me! So, is there someone who objects to lord Alf’s marriage and wishes to risk his life while at it!?”


The square was as silent as a grave.
That’s to be expected. Although there might be people who are not very pleased with this marriage, his Excellency asked them to risk their lives for it.
The nobles have no choice but to stay silent.
It’s like he said ‘disobeying me indirectly accounts for immediate death’.

The nobles can’t go against the Frontier Count, same goes for the soldiers……as for the commoners, well, their only option is keeping their mouths shut.

In the awkwardly silent square, the sound of a metal armor resounded…….Gachan…….Gachan……

Before long, ‘that thing’ appeared in front of the people.

A black armor that seemed to devour all the light.
However, every single person in the empire could recognize the beautiful golden designs and the symbol of the Frontier Count’s Household imprinted on it. It was the armor of the Count’s strongest forces, and I was wearing it.




“I’m Zest, the next head of the Gaiyus Viscount’s Household! I object to this marriage! I won’t hand Beatrice-sama over! I challenge you to a duel!”



“ “ “ “ “ “WOOOOOOOAAAA” “ “ “ “ “



I drew my sword, and this deafening, huge wave of cheers was accompanying my actions.
A black armor, huh…..? It’s like I’m the bad guy in this whole situation… wearing this……

While thinking of that, I readied my sword in a stance.

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