Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Cleaning Up after the Turmoil




“Haha, as expected from the heir of the Knights Commander. You overwhelmed that imperial mage with your power.”

“Thank you. Compared to my father and my master, I still have a long way to go.”


I can’t remember how many times I had the same exchange over and over again, but there were a lot of people waiting in a queue to congratulate me.
After I physically ‘said’ good-bye to that damn pig, the nobles surrounded me and gave birth to this commotion.
When I easily killed an Imperial Mage of the 3rd rank, who is said to be at the top of all mages of the empire, I worried that they would be too scared to approach me, but it seems that it wasn’t the case at all.

“To easily defeat an Imperial Mage, you’re just like your father.”

“Yeah, like when the Knights Commander was young.”

……So it’s all thanks to my foster father.

Gahahaha, that’s my son for you!”

With a warlike smile, the full-plate started to beat my shoulders.
Hey, I’m being buried…..look, the stone pavement is cracking.

“Thank you, father.”

My very happy foster father can’t be stopped.

“You’re being modest. But you know, after you showed us such wonderful bravery you should at least boast a little more! I know! Since we’re at it, let’s have a little contest of our own too…..”
“I cannot do that. I am still no match for you, father.”

As an adopted son, or more importantly, as his heir it is essential to show the good relationships between the two of us.
It’s like a performance for the nobles.

Father, please don’t look at me with bloodthirsty filled eyes.
It’s all for the show, right? Please tell me it’s all for the show.

“Zest-sama, I’m sorry to disturb you while you’re busy. I bring a message from his Excellency the Frontier Count.”

A soldier interrupted.
If his Excellency gave orders, then that’s definitely a priority, and what’s more, it was such a good timing too, I’m saved.

“Oh, what is it that his Excellency wants to tell me?”
“Yes Sir! It’s about the banquet his Excellency intends to hold starting tonight, in order to celebrate your engagement with Beatrice-sama. It is also the matter of discussing the arrangements for your entering the palace. Please, follow me.”

“I see, lead the way then. I’m sorry everyone, but per his Excellency’s orders I must take my leave now.”

The full-plate was feeling somewhat bitter, but since he couldn’t disobey his Excellency’s orders, he obediently……well, not really, but he somehow consented.

“Argh! Then, you guys, I’m sure your bodies are throbbing for a fight!? Let’s have a match, come with me!”

“Great! Let’s do it, Knights Commander!”    “If I can spar with the Knights Commander, I will gladly join you!”     “Hyaa, a contest!”

“Knights Commander-dono! Please let us, the magic division soldiers, join you as well!”

Gahahaha, I don’t mind it, everyone is welcome to follow me!”


These muscle brains started to run towards the training camp.
They’ll be back by evening, so I’ll just ignore them……Even the magic division soldiers, what the heck are you doing?

Well, at least I’m glad they don’t feel enmity towards me.
The nail that sticks out gets hammered in, huh?……But to stick out this much, it’ll be hard to hammer it back in.
Even so, I must go greet the nobles tonight.

It’s so amazing, you won. Congratulations for your engagement.
And they all lived happily ever after.

Something like this it’s rather impossible in the nobles’ society.
At least this time the Frontier Count made the necessary arrangements and it seems my foster father has started to move too. Precisely because of this, the result was favorable.
All that’s left now it’s the very enjoyable and fun greetings and congratulations.

Damn bothersome…..But if I don’t do it the enemies will increase while the allies will decrease in numbers. It can’t be helped.


I casually looked in front of me and I realized the soldier I was following was fluttering and watching me with imploring eyes.

“Is something wrong? Is there something bothering you?”

Started, he flinched and turned around to look at me apologetically.

“I…I’m very sorry, Zest-sama. But I….well…..I also have someone I want to propose to, so could I at least shake your hands? I want to share your good luck.”

The shy and already completely red soldier was in his teens, a youngster that was still rather immature.

“Haha, I don’t mind it. But I truly hope that person is not Beatrice-sama. Do you want to duel me?”
“Th…th…..that’s unthinkable!…..This…this…..She’s not such a sublime person, just a childhood friend, the daughter of a knight’s household. “

……Hey, if you’re scared just say it.

“I hope it’ll turn out well. Good luck!”

I said that and let him shake my hands, while he lowered his head countless of times saying ‘It’s an honor! Thank you so much!’
It’s really nice, a childhood friend.
Is this girl the cute type? The beautiful type? What’s her hair color? Her height?…..while I kept on teasing the young knight, we arrived inside the castle, in front of the room that was prepared in advance.


This room, just like the reception room, had a very comfortable looking sofa as well.
The moment I sat down in order to rest my body, the maids came in and started preparing the tea, but…
They didn’t stop at just preparing the tea.
They’re young girls after all.

“Congratulations for your engagement.”      “Such a wonderful proposal, just like in fairy tales.”     “I’m so envious of the young lady.”

Looking delightful, they started to make a fuss over it.
Normally, they would have been scolded for this, but since today is special and everyone is in a festival merrymaking mood, it seems it’s safe.
Even though the very stiff maid chief was here too, she didn’t seem to be in the mood to scold them either.

“If it’s Zest-sama, I wonder if he’ll take some concubines too? That’s right, when he marries the young lady, new servants will have to enter the mansion!”

For some reason, the maids started to quarrel among themselves, but I pretended I haven’t seen anything.
It would be wise not to intervene when women quarrel, nothing good would come out of it.

I was looking at empty space while drinking my tea when the call came.
It seems the maid chief took over the role of guiding me to the Frontier Counts office.
She’s a woman in her 30s, she certainly has good style and she does her job properly…..but it seems she’s still single. There’s something fishy about her, and that’s scary.

While I was pretending I didn’t notice her flirtatious glances, we arrived at the office door and when I entered the room I could hear a ‘tsk’……her clicking her tongue, was that my imagination?

The Frontier Count and my master were waiting inside the office.

“I’ve come at your request, your Excellency.”

When I wanted to lower my head he raised his hand and stopped me.

“Very well, grandson-in-law-dono. You’re now officially engaged. I want you to think of us as your family.”

His Excellency smiled at me……If you really think so, then why does your smile look so evil?

“Yes, I understand, grandfather, father.”
“Haha, I want to see my grandchild’s face soon. If it’s a child born to the two of you, I’m sure this child will be an excellent magic user. I’m so looking forward to it!”

I’m really glad my master is in his happy papa mode……He’s the refreshment of the Frontier Count’s Household.

“Please treat me favorably.”

I lowered my head slightly.

“Yea. Well, for now you did very well. We had to make a few revisions, but we got to this point as planned.”

I was encouraged to sit next to my master.

“Now, the reason I called for you is not just to congratulate you. I thought I should let you know about the cleaning up after this incident with that pig of an Imperial Mage.”

He fixed his eyes on me to ascertain the strength of my decision and then continued.

“Since he was a priest noble and an Imperial Mage, after we notified the imperial capital about his death, a person in charge to investigate the incident has been dispatched. He will most likely look into why the duel took place, or whether there was any unfairness or foul play during the duel.”

That’s only natural.
A noble of the country’s upper echelons has died. The cause of death is unknown, but that’s all right.
I’m not an idiot to think that it would simply end like that.

“That’s why, just in case, I wanted to let you know that an investigator is on his way here……Ah, that and I also want you to sign this report explaining the circumstances of this incident.”

He said that and handed over a one sheet parchment that explained in details the incident of the ‘pig that couldn’t fly’.

Though, one passage caught my attention entirely.





‘Even in my dreams, I’ve never imagined an Imperial Mage would have fallen to such a degree, I was really astonished. Furthermore, such a weak magic user dared to propose to the daughter of the Frontier Count’s Household. This is sheer insult. Prepare for battle.’





This report was brimming with desire to quarrel with the imperial capital……..
Can I even survive this? This is……..

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