Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: The Frontier Count’s Household’s Secret




The Frontier Count showed me his report full of determination, which made me want to pull back a little.

How comes these people can laugh after reading this report……

“Err, are you…..all right with this?”

I asked timidly.

“Hehe, it’s all right. I think, grandson-in-law-dono, that you’re misunderstanding the Frontier Count’s Household a little bit.”

The Frontier Count adjusted his posture and started explaining me, while deepening his smile.

“Our Grun Empire, as you already know, is located at the tip of the continent, therefore we are surrounded by sea, but our Varnam Frontier Count’s land is the only territory that has a border with other foreign countries……You’ve already studied this, right?”

He paused a little to sip some black tea.

“And so we, the people from the Varnam Frontier Count’s Household, have a few privileges. The first is that we are allowed to use black for our army’s equipment. But it’s not simply about the black color, you know? We are the only ones allowed to use for our equipment the specialty product of our territory, the mineral so-called black iron.”

The Frontier Count grinned broadly.
I see, so the armor my foster father made me wear was made from this very precious metal, black iron.
The fact that they’re allowed to monopolize this metal is not something of small significance.
Its value is rather moderate, but as a raw material it has some very splendid abilities.
From all the metals used in this world, black metal is the hardest and strongest metal against magic, so it’s used for armors and weapons, while mythril is used for ornaments. Their equipment sure uses the most supreme materials.

“The empire’s support sure is extraordinary.”

I muttered without even realizing.
Still, this is amazing, right? They’re monopolizing such a valuable metal. Normally the empire would directly control the manufacture, being afraid of other clans and nobles rebelling against them.

“It’s because of his Majesty, the First Emperor’s imperial command. ‘We’ll make the Varman Household the empire’s shield. The Varnam Household is the only one who’s allowed to handle black iron with no exceptions’ he decided.”

Oh! I somehow feel that there’s some back-story here.
Otherwise, the country would be in a complete state of chaos.

“And then, there’s another thing…… It’s about the Varnam Frontier Count’s Household’s affairs. This was also decided by his Majesty, the First Emperor through imperial command.”

………The First Emperor sure cared a lot about the Varnam Household. This is more than favorable treatment.

‘The Varnam Household will administrate the Frontier territory for eternity. In exchange, I appoint the Varnam Household to be the empire’s strongest weapon and shield’ he decided.”

I stared at him involuntarily.
In….in short ‘If you’re strong, I can ignore the trivial things’ or something like this.

The Frontier Count, seemingly delighted, continued.

“That’s why, once they dare to defy our military might, they must reap what they sowed.”
“Ha, hahaha, I see.”

“However, since those idiots in the imperial capital keep taking us lightly, this is good medicine for them.”

Haha, I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself…….The Varnam Household sure is scary.

“Well, there are other things as well, but as long as you remember this it’s enough for now. You should just wait calmly, grandson-in-law-dono.”

“That’s right. Very soon you’ll be enjoying the party together with Bea. Zest, you’ll be very busy from now on.”

Master… I thought, you really are the refreshment in this family.
I’m so happy you’re a gentle ‘papa’…….even though you sometimes switch to the Frontier Count mode.

“This is all I wanted to tell you. You should go change your clothes now and then go see Bea. Because of that pig of a noble, she really is in a bad mood lately.”

I was told that and made to leave the room.
The maids took me captive and started changing my clothes.

Was there really a need to leave me only in my underpants? Chief maid, look at them.

It seems that this very eye-catching, first-class, black military uniform that they made me wear is the Frontier Count’s Household’s formal clothing.
This black uniform is only worn by the regular soldiers of the Frontier Count’s territory, and the one I’m currently wearing, with these extravagant decorations, is only worn by the Frontier Count’s Household members.
I’m completely treated as a family member now.

Well, this way they won’t easily get rid of me, right?
No, I still have to be careful, otherwise the situation might turn dangerous. I must not act rashly.


I finally arrived at the room the young lady was waiting in, with the maids’ guidance.
The young lady was not the only one waiting in this room, there were a few other ladies wearing formal dresses, accompanying her.

Aaargh!…..This will be bothersome……I greeted them without letting these thoughts show on my face.

“I’m sorry to disturb you. Bea, have I made you wait?”

First, I talked to the young lady.
To suddenly ignore the main person in this room and go greet the other ladies that I’ve only met for the first time, might turn into something ugly, so it was out of the question.

“Hello, Zest-sama. It’s not like I’ve really waited for you, we’ll have to stay together at tonight’s party after all.”
‘Zest-sama! I wanted to see you so badly that I got impatient. However, since tonight we’ll be able to be together all the time, I somehow managed to endure.’

As always, the young lady’s face was showing an array of unpleasant feelings, but lately I’ve started to smile at this huge gap.
She really is cute…..Huh? Am I being strange?

“Bea? I’m sorry I had to show you such an unpleasant sight early today. Are you in a bad mood?”

I kindly inquired while seizing her hand.

“It’s all right. For a daughter of a military family such an incident as this one is something very common.”
‘Are you worried about me, I wonder? Haha, Zest-sama is so kind.’

The young lady answered while staring at me like I was her greatest enemy. However, she didn’t retreat her hand.
Even so, it really is not unpleasant, she’s so cute.

Watching this exchange, the other ladies started squealing.
Bea hid her blushing face behind her fan, but kept on vigilantly watching us through a gap.

Oh right, these women were here too…..I completely forgot.


After that, a seat next to the young lady was prepared for me and the women introduced themselves.
However, the information didn’t really enter my head……The young lady sitting next to me kept on holding my hand without wanting them to part for this whole time.

Really now, this girl is way too cute……I fixed my eyes on her without realizing.

Seeing how we were acting, the other women were screaming ‘kyaa kyaa’ while jeering at us “When did you start dating?”    “How long have you been so charmed by each other?” etc. etc.
It seems that be it on Earth, be it in another world, the ways of teasing others are basically the same.

These girls are all unmarried noble daughters, therefore they got motivated in order to find a suitable partner for themselves at tonight’s party. They really made a huge fuss about it.

Oh, it seems their aim of attack went astray. I looked at the young lady next to me.
Seemingly, she felt my eyes on her and she turned to look at me too.

“What’s the matter?”
‘What is it? Is there something wrong, Zest-sama?’

This ‘What is it?’ of hers was so damn cute, so I decided to tease her a bit.
I gently lowered my face to her ear.

“I was thinking that you are very cute. I love you.”

I whispered close to her ear.
The young lady’s face was completely flushed…….A very grim facial expression was a sure promise though.

“……….Me too.”
‘I’ll never let you go; I’ll never let you go; I’ll never let you go; I’ll never let you go……’


Hiii! Her mind is sooo scary!!
So she is a yandere? Or is she a tsundere? In any case, there’s no problem. I can manage.


Ever though we were having such a good time, the party was to start soon.
Since this time the young lady and I were the main figures of the evening, we’ll arrive after all the guests have gathered.
Hence, the other ladies who were our guests had to leave the room early and go to the assembly hall. The young lady had to finish her dressing up, so I moved to another room and waited alone.


A lot of things happened after I came to this world, but it wasn’t that bad after all.
I’ve already got a very cute fiancée, some status and power and if I don’t make a huge mistake from now on, my life should be rather peaceful.

I really did my best though. My master’s training was an utter nightmare. It was hell.
I felt my eyes grow moist so I sipped some black tea, when I realized someone came for me.





“Are you Lord Zest?…….. The man who dueled my son…….”





This wise looking old man vigorously jumped into the room I was waiting in, and his action made me yelp a little…….

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