Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Celebration Banquet



“I certainly am Zest, but who are you?”

This really shocked me…..Spare me the sudden intrusions, I also have moments I can’t keep my calm, you know.

I controlled my trembling hands and drank some more tea while trying to escape reality.

“Forgive my intrusion. I am Viscount Bicks, the empire’s head of internal affairs.”

Is he in his 40s? He looks like a rather tired middle aged man…..Who is he?
The head of internal affairs…..viscount…….? Ah! He’s the father of that noble pig!

“So, you’re Lord Alf’s father then?”

“Indeed. Lord Zest, this time we caused you some big trouble. I am really sorry.”

Huh? He’s apologizing all of a sudden?

“Not even in my wildest dreams I could’ve imagined that my idiot son would do such a rude thing to the young lady of the Frontier Count’s Household of all people……”

It’s not really common for a noble to bow his head.
What’s wrong? When he entered the room I thought he looked pretty angry.

“When I heard that my son was in the Frontier Count’s territory I wanted to do something to stop him so I rushed here, but…..”

However, you weren’t fast enough.
By riding a carriage it would take at least one week to get to the imperial capital, but if you ride a horse and you’re in a hurry you might get there in 5 days, maybe? If it’s a fast horse it might take about 2 days or so?
Considering that this was taken into consideration and today was the set day for the framing of the noble pig, he couldn’t have possibly arrived in time.

“If that’s the case then you are already aware of the circumstances, or?”

He seemed to have calmed down considerably and his expression was serene.
So this is how nobles are supposed to act, huh?

“Yes, a few moments ago I asked the Magic Division Commander Sonia, and he explained me. Therefore, I rushed over to express my apologies to the fiancé, Lord Zest……”

I see. The Frontier Count said that the people from the imperial capital are making light of him, but I wonder if he was wrong about it.
Was that noble pig the only one who ‘tried to fly’?

“I…I beg of you, please spare my family!!”

Correction… To just what extent are you being feared, Frontier Count…….
Still, I can’t answer his request non-seriously.

“I’m sorry, but I achieved what I needed to during our duel. The rest is being handled by my grandfather-in-law, the Frontier Count Razatonia. Therefore, I recommend you to ask him about this.”

The viscount lowered his head, and even though he seemed to want to say something more the words didn’t come out.

“Excuse me, Lord Zest. Viscount Bicks, the Frontier Count is calling for you. Follow me.”

Oh, isn’t he Albert, the dog knight?
He greeted me and his subordinates grabbed the viscount from under his both arms and left. However, I might have heard the man say something like ‘Lord….Lord Zest! Please put a good word for me!’……


……………..I’ll pretend I haven’t heard anything! The Frontier Count’s Household sure is scary!



There was a splendid chandelier hanging down from the ceiling.
Its light illuminated the hall in which the dressed up nobles have gathered.
Some great paintings were decorating the walls, and they were only comparable to the various extravagant meals lined up on the beautifully arranged tables.

The maids serving there were also top-notch.
For a party organized by the Frontier Count, the empire’s shield, the women that were chosen to serve the guests tonight were the best among the best.

The guards can’t be omitted either.
The Grun Empire’s trump card, the only ones allowed to wear black equipment…They were also the most elites among elites.
They are the spear of the Frontier Count’s Household’s territory, and it is said that they even exceed the imperial guards of his Majesty, the Emperor.

The one who commands them is none other than the Frontier Count Razatonia.

In this spot in front of the doors that was a few levels higher than all the other seats, some very tall chairs were prepared for the guests of honor.


“Everyone, thank you for coming. As you already know, my niece Beatrice is now engaged. Her partner is none other than Zest, the son of the Knights Commander Galef.”


These words were the signal for the doors to open.

Wow, everyone is looking at us……
The looks were varying from curiosity to jealousy and even worship.

I moved forward while escorting the young lady, who wasn’t wearing her witch dress tonight.
She looks like a witch (villain) from the legends…..No, there’s actually no explanation for the way she looked now.

I’m also wearing a black military uniform though……

We look completely like the devil queen and her subordinate.
The Frontier Count’s Household…..really is frightening.


And yet, for the nobles it was an ordinary appearance and no one seemed to be bothered.
It does not mean that they were silent because they were afraid. That’s what I’d like to think.

Yeah, since all the men are wearing black military uniforms, I’m all right! ……….However, there are no other witches.

For a while now, the young lady was only saying things like ‘Thank you!’   ‘I’m very happy’     ‘That is indeed so’…
Since she was a little too obedient I tried reading her mind and got a warm feeling.
‘I’m engaged to Zest-sama; I’m engaged to Zest-sama; I’m engaged to…….’


Anyway, it started with the curtain raising dance and then we had to handle the procession of nobles standing in a long line that we had to greet.
As one would expect, it was really tiring, so I asked a maid to take the young lady to a place where she could rest for a while.
The me who is very considerate of his fiancée is really kind, right?….


I was smirking alone, being intoxicated with myself, when someone suddenly talked to me.


“Lord Zest, congratulations for your engagement. Beatrice-sama is really enviable.”

Ooh! Albert?

“Thanks, Albert. I left Bea’s side for the time being. She seemed a little tired.”

We exchanged greeting while smiling.

“I have something to talk to you about….Can we go to the terrace?”

Hmm, since I figured it would be about the viscount from earlier I nodded and followed after Albert.


The terrace was very quiet.
A pleasant wind for my hot feeling body was blowing and it was a bit chilly, but I enjoyed that.

“About the viscount from earlier, his Excellency the Frontier Count will personally inform you on what happened. If anyone asks you about it, his Excellency wants you to answer with ‘I don’t know’.”
“I understand. I’ll do just that. It’s all right not to inform Bea, isn’t it?”

“Yes, the young lady knows nothing about it, so it’s all right as it is.”


I wonder if they made some sort of a deal? I was told I don’t need to know about it so I’ll just obediently abide.

In any case, the old man most likely did something not really that good, so not knowing would be better for my stomach.


After that, we started having some foolish talks.
We are comrades having the same master, and since Albert is a knight who swore loyalty to the Frontier Count’s Household, it would be better to make friends with him.
It’s not only that though, but also the fact that we both had a very hard time during our training with our master, so naturally we had a lot to talk about. He soon became my conversation buddy.

For me it was a very nostalgic men talk.
We talked about going drinking again, or who among the soldiers got a girlfriend and the sorts; this really reminded me of my time in Japan.


It’s so nostalgic…. And I can no longer go back.


When I thought about that, my eyes got a little teary.
Shameful….to cry at such an age……
Haven’t I already decided!? To survive in this world and to rise to a high position…….
Finding a way to go back comes after that.
No…..It’s all right even if I don’t go back…..Living together with the young lady and my comrades is not really that bad either.


“Hm? Lord Zest, are you okay?”

“Yes, I just got something in my eye…..”

I deceived him with this clichéd excuse.

“That’s not good. It’ll get worst if you rub it! Please let me see!”

“N…no, it’s all   “Please let me see!”    right…….”

Albert, like all kemonobito, is a very serious individual.
I’ll just quietly obey for now.

Albert started to slowly confirm that there was nothing wrong with my eye.
Now that I am already a member of the Frontier Count’s Household, I’ve become a subject that he must protect, it seems.
That’s to be expected of the dog knight.


An outstanding noise could be heard.

I turned around in shock only to find the young lady standing there.




“Zest-sama? What are you doing alone with a man on the terrace so close to each other’s faces?”
‘Infidelity? You’re having an affair with a man? I won’t forgive you Albert, I’ll never forgive you!’




Under the moonlight, I was suspected of having an affair with a man.
It was the origin of an incident that made me want to die in so many different ways……


Albert, go the hell away already!

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
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  1. And so the story ends here kids…
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  3. Albert, like all kemonobito, is a very serious individual.
    I’ll just quietly obey for now.

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