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Chapter 28: Journey to the Imperial Capital




“Ho ho ho, it’s all right, you don’t have to worry about this, his Majesty just wants to meet you. You can think you’ll just go on this trip to have some fun. You can go completely at ease. I don’t need souvenirs, by the way.”

“Take care of yourself, Zest-sama. If you make sure this pink diamond won’t break, I won’t mind it at all and I’m also fine without souvenirs.”
‘Cheating on me is no good, ok? If you do that I’ll chop you into tiny pieces, ok? Ah! I would so like to eat some sweets from the imperial capital!’

“Gahaha, go defeat those imperial capital weaklings, it’ll be an easy task for you. You can bring me some sake as a souvenir.”

“Well, my dear, since Zest is very kind he won’t do such a thing. Ah! Recently, my cosmetics don’t suit my skin anymore…….I’m just speaking to myself, you know?”


“E…everyone, I’m going now. I’ll make sure to bring you souvenirs…….”

On the day I was setting off for my trip to the imperial capital, I was feeling very nervous, but all they said to me were requests for souvenirs…….


The ones accompanying me were master and Albert. My master and I were enjoying each other’s company inside the shaking carriage, while Albert was riding on a horse.

Of course, it was not only the three of us, our convoy numbered 10 more knights and 2 maids, it was like a large family.
When nobles take a trip, it cannot be done too casually.
For us to take maids in order to assist us was more like a means to show off, however there are many nobles who can’t take care of their everyday necessities.
As for the guards, we didn’t really need them either.
Well, for the relatives of the Frontier Count to just casually go on a trip like that without escorts and everything would be a drop in prestige, therefore we took along a convoy only for a stupid reason like that.

“Lord Sonia, we’ll be soon arriving at the village.”

Albert called out from outside.
Since there are a few villages and towns until the imperial capital, we’ve decided to stop there to stay for the night.

There are no suitable inns for nobles to stay at in these villages, so we made some announcements and we would stay at the village headman’s house.

This village was surrounded by a fence made of wood and the village entrance was currently restricted.
It wasn’t really such an imposing fence, but it was a good enough measure for keeping away bandits and monsters.

“Please wait! We have indeed received a notice, but we still have to know your names.”

The soldier gatekeeper called out to us.
Every town and village we came by had stationing troops, however soldiers were especially dispatched only in the territories managed by the Frontier Count.
After all, money and time were needed for that.

“I am Albert, a knight of the Frontier Count’s Household. The ones riding the carriage are the Magic Division Commander Sonia and Viscount Gaiyus’ heir, Zest-sama. You’ve done your duty well.”

Albert, standing on his horse, answered.
This guy in incredibly serious when working.

“Yes sir! You’ve come a long way. This man will guide you to the village chief’s house.”

Following our guide, we entered the village.

At which point, we heard the children in the distance making a racket…..Actually, adults were joining them as well.

“So awesome! It’s the black knights!”     “So it’s the regular army, I haven’t seen them in a long time.”      “Look! That kemonobito knight is so cool!”

Normally, when the army comes people become frightened, however inside the territories of the Frontier Count things like that won’t happen.
The regular soldiers wearing black military equipment are a subject of aspiration, so they are quite popular.
That’s what the soldiers told me when we went drinking together.

I was a little envious of Albert who had all the attention of women and girls constantly crying ‘kya kya’, but I waited quietly inside the carriage.
Rewards are needed once in a while, and recently Albert’s ‘training’ got really intense.


And so, we arrived at the village chief’s house and it was time for a banquet.
We brought presents like money and meat for the village, and since we also brought some sake we treated them to a drink.
I don’t really want to make an enemy out of the commoners and well, it’s also part of the etiquette.

Once the enjoyable banquet was over, the maids wiped my body dry and I went to bed.
This is not cheating, right? They only wiped my body dry, that’s all.

Like that, the first day of our trip ended without any particular problems.


After that, our journey progressed smoothly as well.

We encountered some dog-like monsters, but the knights defeated them easily.
And so, our journey continued peacefully to the point it became rather disappointing.
That’s to be expected of the black soldiers that are said to be the most elites; they are really reassuring.

However, when we only had one day left until we got to the imperial capital a problem sprang forth.


“Lord Sonia, Lord Zest, there’s some sort of trouble up ahead. Just to be sure, please be cautious.”

When Albert’s words came out, it made me want to check the situation outside. And then, I’ve seen it.

Some people wearing armors were surrounding a group of young men and women.
There were also some armor wearing persons who were riding on horses……Are they knights? Besides, their equipment seems rather light.

It appeared that the other party had noticed our presence as well.
One of the cavalrymen started running away……What? Are you retreating midway?

The knight who ran back a little while ago accompanied the group’s leader now, a man wearing a full-plate armor, and they were rushing towards us.

“Excuse me for not dismounting. I am Kenes, one of the squad leaders of the imperial capital’s patrol corps. When I’ve seen your black military equipment, I realized you’re the Frontier Count’s regular army, however, may I ask who is riding inside the carriage?”

The full-plate took off his face guard and called out to us.

My master stopped the carriage and showed his face.

“I am Sonia Varnam, the Magic Division Commander of the Varnam Frontier Count’s army. What happened here?”

Oh, he’s in the Frontier Count’s Household mode now.
Master, I can’t believe you were cheerfully talking about the imperial capital’s bars until a while ago. You look so dignified now.

“Greetings, Lord Sonia. Forgive my rudeness. We are currently arresting some adventurers…….”

According to his story…

The adventurers were on a harvesting quest inside the forest close to the main road when some thieves attacked them.
They counterattacked and started fighting, but a stray arrow released by an adventurer hit a patrolling knight.
Since it was clearly an accident, the patrol squad didn’t want to make a huge fuss over it, however because there was an adventurer who showed a bad attitude towards them, they started to quarrel and ended up arresting the entire group.


Hey! Really now, don’t start a fight with the army!
Well, the soldiers were commoners, so the adventurers’ lives were out of mortal danger. If they would have offended a noble instead, it would have been an imminent ‘goodbye’ for their group.

“I see. Well then, we have nothing to do with this, so we’ll be on our way.”

“Yes sir! I’m sorry for making trouble for you!”

It seemed that my master didn’t want to get involved, and I’m sure the adventurers would be released after spending a few days in jail.

I don’t really know to what extent their attitude was bad, however if it was excessively awful, then they might also end up getting killed.
Nevertheless, they picked a fight with the wrong group and they must suffer the consequences now.

We approached the side of this group and continued on our way.
We would just pass them and go ahead on our way……or that’s what it was supposed to happen.




“I beg of you! Please save us, Frontier Count, Varnam-sama!”




That was the desperate shout of a tied up woman adventurer, who jumped in front of our carriage.

It was the moment we realized we could not simply advance and ignore her cry…….I’m beaten.

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
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  1. the author stopped ending the chapters with “I’m going to die”. Now it’s some serious chiffhangers everytime. Thanks for the chapter

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  2. “Take care of yourself, Zest-sama. If you make sure this pink diamond won’t break, I won’t mind it at all and I’m also fine without souvenirs.”
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