Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: The Exchange Diary Arrived




The exchange diary locked with a mithril chain was floating in front of me.

I really thought that this was no longer a grimoire, but rather a living being.
Anyway, I will read it after dinner…..

When I was on my way to exit the room, the exchange diary followed me and prevented that from happening.

“Do I really have to read now?”

I started to talk to the exchange diary without thinking.
What the hell is this? I look like a person who’s gone mad, don’t I?……There’s no way a book would understand and formulate an answer…..

(Yes, Master. Please read.)

It talked! It answered me in a voice that seemed to be young lady’s? when she was a child.
Did she improve her dark magic? Young lady, I am so happy…….
Ah, tears appeared at the corner of my eyes.
These are tears of joy, I’m sure of it…..They’re by no means tears of despair, they’re by no means tears of hopelessness.

I persuaded myself to believe that.

“You….Can you talk……?”
(It is possible. To be accurate, this is telepathic communication, Master.)

“I…I see.”


In this world even books can talk.
I tried to convince myself that this was normal.
Since there is magic in this world, it should be possible for books to talk at least. No problems here.

I desperately tried to calm myself down and clear my chaotic thoughts.
Well then, what to do now?


“For the time being, is it all right to read it after dinner? If I don’t eat, my mind won’t work properly. It is also necessary in order to be composed and read Bea’s notes in the diary. You might be safe without eating food, but living beings are different.”


These were the words that came out after I considered the situation a bit.
This is really terrible news for me. For now, I will just postpone the trouble and go get some food.
Putting it simply, this was it.

However, the exchange diary seemed to consent.

(I see. I do not wish for Master to collapse due to malnutrition.)

“You understand then. Well, I’ll get going now. It’s too bad you can’t eat, otherwise we could’ve went together to have dinner. Wait for me here.”

I felt relieved. Yet, when I tried to leave the room, the exchange diary started to shake heavily and the sound of chains reverberated throughout the room.

 Oi oi, you also want to eat dinner?……Or you hate being left behind?

(I am coming too, Master.)

“Is it typical in this world for books to accompany people when eating, and float around the dining table?”


What ‘hmmm’! As I thought, this is definitely not normal.

“I didn’t say that just to be mean to you….There’s nothing to be done since you’re a book, right?”

(I understand. If that’s the case…..)

It started to shake again and a bright light emanated out of the exchange diary.

Eh! What is it doing? Is it gonna detonate itself?
So, the exchange diary explodes when you refuse something it wants? This world is more than scary.

While I was consumed by confusion and irrational panic, the exchange diary’s light emission was fading away.

That’s good, it seems it won’t explode.


(I came to the conclusion that a human model won’t be a problem. I am coming too, Master.)


What was unfolding in front of my eyes was a 30 cm tall, extremely adorable distortion of the young lady.




“Zest, you’re so late. Besides, for an afternoon nap you’ve slept too……”

The smile on my master’s face froze.

That’s obvious. A middle-aged guy showed up carrying on his shoulder a puppet looking exactly like his daughter.
If I would’ve been in his place, I would’ve punched the guy…… If he only stays frozen, it’ll be easier for me too.

“I’ve made you wait, father-in-law.”

I greeted nimbly and took a sit.


Hm? They aren’t preparing any food for me…..What wrong? What are they doing?

The maids were frozen in place, staring at my shoulder.
I honestly understand you.

However, I don’t want to admit it. I will persistently keep my calm until I know I’ve passed the crisis.


“Zest, what is that?”

My master asked with a smile, which made him look rather scary on the contrary.

There’s no way I can go through this safely.
I already knew that! But I didn’t want to admit it!

“The exchange diary…….”

For me, it looked like a stupid answer. There should’ve been another way to explain this properly.
I started explaining that the doll figure on my shoulder was in fact the transformed exchange diary.
If I were in Japan, I would’ve been hospitalized for sure.


Master was looking blankly, but gradually a smile appeared on his face.

“I see, this is spiritification! Zest, this is amazing! There was no case of successful spiritification in this world for 300 years, you know? This calls for a grand celebration!”

“This is wonderful!”      “It wasn’t just a fairy-tale!”      “Everyone, this is spiritification! It’s spiritification!!”


Spiritification? What the hell is that……

The maids who were looking with a discerning eye at the poor living thing on my shoulder changed their expressions completely. They were looking at us with glittering eyes now.

My master started to explain, his face fully covered in smiles.

“There is a legend saying that a powerful mage’s personal belongings can gain consciousness and change into spirits. This is a fairy-tale often told to children. ‘If you treat your belongings with great care, they could turn into spirits and come to your aid, so you must not handle them roughly’ it’s said.”

I see. They used to have cases of spiritification in the past.
It’s all right, it seems I’m not the first one who’s done it.

The maids held the exchange diary in their arms, continuously making cheerful noises.
Ah! A tiny plate was prepared for the little young lady.
They watched the mini young lady contently eat her meal and started to make merry noises again.

Indeed, this thing sure is cute.

“It reminds me of her childhood.”     “She really looks exactly like the young lady.”   “Spirit-sama, please try this as well.”

She’s been thoroughly turned into a mascot.

“I never thought I would be able to see a case of spiritification with my own eyes. Zest, you truly are incomparably exceptional.”

Master was in a great mood.
Today was the celebration of my spiritification and it rapidly turned into a huge feast worthy of opening the mansion’s wine cellar.
It was such an accomplishment, an auspicious event that must be celebrated.

The last recorded spiritification was 300 years ago, accomplished by a healer mage who assisted the plague countering measures.
He had a spirit companion and saved countless people, but after that no other case of spiritification took place.

When a spiritification occurs, it signifies the birth of a great mage, the rebirth of a legend, and it would cause a huge commotion.

This was what master enthusiastically explained.

Somehow, it was different than I expected and even I started to feel delighted. I felt so relieved to see that they didn’t treat me like a pervert who fell in love with a doll……

My whole body started to completely relax and I enjoyed the banquet.
I incidentally looked at the exchange diary which was contently eating some cake now. The maids surrounding her were totally enchanted with the mini young lady and were full of smiles.
She really is charming; I should give her a name.

I thought about it a bit while drinking some wine.
Maybe the young lady wants to decide on a name too. I’ll just wait until I’m back and discuss the matter together……
I took a bite of the cheesy side-dish.
At which point, my slightly drunk master said:




“Zest, make sure to bring this child too for the audience!”




Right……I completely forgot I have an audience with the Emperor.
Do I really have to enter the palace looking like a pervert in love with dolls?……..This will be exactly what those people will think of me…….

The cheese seemed saltier than ever.
I can taste my tears…….

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii

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    1. She will definitely think of that one as their love child.

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  1. This is a comedic literary masterpiece. I guess it sounds sadistic considering that I’m laughing at his fortunes/misfortunes. Overall every character has a heart of gold. Thank you very much for translating this fine piece of work.

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  3. What was unfolding in front of my eyes was a 30 cm tall, extremely adorable distortion of the young lady.

    Man, that’s so freaking awesome! So that’s the cute little version of that girl I saw on all three volume covers. I totally thought it was her familiar or something. So it was actually a transformed exchange diary, what the hell 😀 Lovely. I approve.

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