Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Audience with His Majesty, the Emperor




(Master, the palace is so big!)
“That’s right.”

(Master, it’s so shiny!)


We were currently walking inside the palace, on our way to have the audience with the Emperor.

The soldier who was guiding us kept on looking over his shoulder sending flickering glances.
That’s to be expected considering it was probably his first time seeing a middle-aged guy talking with a doll sitting on his shoulder.

“Zest, I know you’re having fun, but don’t be in too high spirits.”
“Yes, father. I apologize.”

He was talking like that because there were other people watching.
As a free translation, it would be something like this:
‘Is spirit-san having fun? However, we must not expose it just yet!’
‘I know that already.’

Since it’s about a very rare happening, a legendary spiritification, the first one we must inform of this is his Majesty.
Because of that, I had to suffer a bit longer.

The exchange diary spirit kept on talking to me.
She was clearly excited and very curious and was constantly crying out.

Hey, don’t move too much! Your skirt is lifting……

She was wearing the same clothes she had when she first took form.
A black dress made from the same fine leather of the diary’s front cover with beautiful golden decorations here and there and a belt made of the mithril chain coiling around her waist.

I was excitedly fixing this cute doll’s skirt.

……..The soldier was looking at me with such an obvious face, I was unquestionably a pervert in his eyes.

My master, who was walking beside me, turned his face away, shaking lightly.
He’s definitely laughing.

The soldier was looking at me like I was an ominous ‘thing’…..a middle-aged guy groping about a little doll figure. And another weird guy looking in the opposite direction and trembling.

The maids we’ve encountered along the way were screaming whenever they saw us. And in this manner, we’ve finally arrived in front of the audience room.

The soldiers in charge of protecting the gates readied their hands on the swords at their waists for a short moment, but I pretended I haven’t seen that.
When the soldier who guided us started to announce our arrival, the gates opened slowly.


“Sonia Varnam, the Magic Division Commander of the Varnam Frontier Count’s Household and Lord Zest Varnam.”

The soldier at the entrance called out.

The audience hall seemed full of nobles.

We advanced on the extravagant, blue carpet spreading in front of us and when we got to the boundary line that separated the blue colored carpet from the red colored one, we dropped to one knee on the floor and lowered our heads.
By the way, if you step on the red carpet, it means a physical ‘sayonara’.


“Raise your heads.”

I raised my head and looked at the person sitting on the highly elevated throne.

He was a strongly built man with short blond hair and blue eyes.
This person… the Emperor?

“Long time no see Sonia, how many years has it been?”

“Yes, it’s been 5 years. I’m really happy to see you’re doing well, your Majesty.”

He nodded and turned to look at me.
Such incredible pressure…Is this the aura of the person who has reached the top?

“So you are Zest?……I see. Now I understand why the Frontier Count’s Household appreciates you so. You have a good expression and great magical power.”

“Thank you very much for your kind words.”

“I’ve heard about the matter with the Imperial Mage and I’ll recognize your duel officially. However, to duel for marriage……It really was like a fairy tale.”

His Majesty was grinning broadly.
It seems I won’t be blamed now, nothing can topple over the decision of his Majesty, the Emperor.

“I am very grateful. I received guidance from my foster father, so…..”

“Ha ha ha, that’s right. Your foster father is that Galef! If that’s the case, it really can’t be helped.”


Foster father, what did you do?……
When I mentioned my foster father who married his childhood friend, the Emperor had a burst of laughter.

You did something, right? I’ll have ask him when I go back.


His Majesty’s laughter reached a point where he could pause and one of the nobles took the chance to clear his throat loudly.

“I have something to ask, your Majesty.”
“Prime Minister, talk.”

It was a middle-aged man with a good physique.
So that’s the Prime Minister?


“Yes, your Honor! Urm, Lord Zest……Just what is that doll figure sitting on your shoulder? Did you believe that such a joke during your audience with his Majesty will be forgiven?”


The entire audience hall fell silent.


Whispering voices could be heard.

“So it wasn’t an optical illusion after all!”     “Can you see it too?”     “I thought I drank too much last night……”

It became rather noisy.

However, his Majesty raised his hand and the hall quieted down again.


“Zest, I suppose it has some meaning, right? Tell us.”

That is actually true.
Only a lunatic would so such a thing on a whim.

So there was in fact a possibility to be accused of rudeness all of a sudden…..
No, since my master took care of this matter, he probably made some arrangements.

I gently put the exchange diary down on the floor.

“This is in fact our book that went through spiritification. Hey, greet his Majesty, the Emperor.”

The exchange diary walked with tottering steps, raised her little head to look at his Majesty and waved her hand while smiling sweetly.

“Given that it’s been only one day since the spiritification took place, I humbly ask to forgive her rudeness, your Majesty.”

I quickly bowed my head.
Exchange diary! Bow, you have to bow!

My wish didn’t reach her…The exchange diary kept on waving her hand towards the Emperor.
Yes, she looks very cute, but that’s not the problem here.



The audience hall was ruled by deathly silence.

The one who broke that silence was the Emperor, who stood up and said:






“Send emissaries to every nation! A great hero who accomplished spiritification was born in our empire! ! Furthermore, open the national treasury and announce all the people in the imperial capital! We are to prepare for a grand feast!”


“It’s the return of a hero!”     “Quick, prepare the fastest horses!”      “You can use as much money as necessary, we’ll party in grand style!”     “Tell everyone to start the preparations. Holidays are to be postponed.”





The audience hall completely transformed into a beehive.
I gently brushed the head of the exchange diary, who got scared because of all this unfolding uproar. At this late hour I came to realize once again what an amazing feat spiritification was.


“Zest, be prepared. The banquet is going to last three days straight!”

I didn’t have the necessary energy to answer my smiling master…….

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