Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Secret Meeting with the Emperor




“Well done, Zest. I will also reward your achievements.”


The audience hall has already lost half its people.
And when the noise has finally settled down, that’s what his Majesty said to me.

A great achievement not seen for 300 years.
Because I accomplished this spiritificitation, the plans for a grand banquet are already in motion, but before that, for the situation to conclude properly, I must be rewarded too, it seems.

“Thank you, your Honor. I am really grateful for your kind words.”

The Emperor nodded in satisfaction.

“Look forward to it. Later, I will announce it during the state ceremony, when I will show your face to our people, on the palace’s terrace.”

Ah! I have to think about it for now, so wait a little……Is that what he meant? This achievement is rather big so he might have to consult his people first, before deciding on a proper reward, or so I figured.

“Your wish, your Majesty.”

After the Emperor took his leave, the Prime Minister approached us.

“Both of you, his Majesty wishes to meet with you in private. Please follow me.”

So he has something to say that couldn’t have been said in the audience hall, therefore he requested a secret meeting, huh?

“Understood. Let’s go, Zest.”
“Yes, father.”


Anyway, there was no other option but accepting.
I made the exchange diary sit on my shoulder again and followed after the Prime Minister.


The palace’s corridors were like a battlefield.
With the Prime Minister in the lead, we had preferential access, however the maids and the soldiers were busily coming and going, an absurd uproar was reverberating inside this otherwise refined palace.

“We’re short of hands in the assembly hall. You five, come with me.”     “I called the maids who were taking the day off!”     “Go in the town and buy up some sake. Hurry!”


Yeah, this is a battlefield…..I’m really sorry I’ve caused this.


The exchange diary was grabbing and pulling my hair when we arrived in front of the room in question.
The Prime Minister opened the door and entered.

It looked like a council room.
It only had a huge desk and a few chairs, and we sat down where the Prime Minister indicated.

Waiting in a corner of the room was an old…..wrong, young-ish maid, who started preparing the tea.
She glared at me shortly and I felt like she could read my mind. It felt awful….

The Prime Minister waited for her to finish the preparations then opened his mouth to talk.

“Well, long time no see, Lord Sonia. I figure that Lord Zest doesn’t even know my name yet, so let me introduce myself…..My name is Ark and I am serving as the Prime Minister. You can call me Prime Minister or Prime Minister Ark.”

“I am Zest. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

I stood up and bowed.

“Ah, you can sit. And you know……”



The door was heroically opened and the Emperor entered.

“I’ve made you wait. You’re all here.”

We stood up once again and bowed.

“It’s all right. Sit comfortably. For this precise reason I wanted a private meeting.”

He hurried to the seat of honor, sat on the chair and waved his hand.
We took a seat as well. He drank some black tea and turned his head to look at us.

“Oh! Does spirit-dono want to drink something too? Zest, what is it that she prefers?”

(Master, I want to drink that.)

“Yes, it seems she was interested for a while now in that fruit water.”


I felt embarrassed, but I answered nonetheless.
Spirit-dono?……Only the Emperor could have address her like that.

The maid prepared a small cup and the exchange diary started gulping repetitively.

The exchange diary is drinking juice.
Even if I say so myself, it only sounds like the utterance of an insane man.


“Good. Now that I look at her closely, she’s undoubtedly a spirit. Really now Sonia, you’ve brought me an utterly shocking souvenir.”

His Majesty was staring at the exchange diary, smiling bitterly.

“That’s right, your Majesty. However, she only got born last night, we didn’t really intend to….”

“I know, this is not something that you can actually plan for. On the contrary, it’s just the right development, since this will be settled with Zest’s reward and debut.”

Oh, right. Indeed, as the wall that’s protecting the empire, the Frontier Count’s Household is indispensable.
Compared to the likes of that noble pig that caused unnecessary trouble, I, who am already accepted into the family of the Frontier Count, am more worthy of deepening our relationships. So this is your ulterior motive, huh?

“I understand. I am a son of the Gaiyus’ Household and a future husband in the Frontier Count’s Household. And ultimately, the shield of the empire.”
‘In any case, you’ve already investigated my background, right? Still, now that I’m a noble too, I don’t intend to oppose the empire, you know.’

That would be a free translation of my spoken words.

The Emperor and the Prime Minister were grinning broadly and nodded.

“That’s to be expected of the husband the Frontier Count acknowledged.”

“If he’s like this, then everything’s good. He seems to understand the inner workings of the nobility as well.”


All I could sense was a bad premonition, but I didn’t dare to ask further.
You’re happier in this world when you don’t know too many things. That’s a fact.

I gently brushed the exchange diary’s hair and feigned ignorance.
Haha, this thing sure is cute……She’s so docile, even though she looks exactly like the young lady.
I freely admired the exchange diary.

However, I was only trying to escape reality in the end.

My master, who was watching the scene, had his face covered in smiles as well. Did he remember the young lady in her childhood or something?


“Haha, you, Zest, are really something else. So, you bring up the spirit at this point?”


“You sure play your cards in a bold manner, maybe due to your youthfulness. But you are daring. Your Majesty, I think everything will be all right.”

……..What are you talking about?


“Ah! You calm yourself down and bring up the spirit to threaten us slightly. You are quite the schemer.”


………Everyone, what exactly are you talking about, wearing those eerie smiles?





“I’ve decided! Zest, I will give you the title of the 1st Rank Imperial Mage.”





I don’t understand what you’re saying.

It probably would have been better to say these words out loud, but I swallowed deeply and continued to brush the exchange diary’s hair.

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