Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The Emperor’s Decision



“1st Rank…….Imperial Mage?”

Damn it…..I asked his Majesty in return.

“I am very sorry.”

I panicked and lowered my head.
I can’t possibly question the decision of the Emperor…If I put him in an inferior position I would lose my head.

Not only would I lose my ‘job’…..It basically means I would lose my head physically. (1)

“It’s all right, maybe you didn’t hear me properly the first time. I will make you the 1st Rank Imperial Mage.”

It seems I was saved this time…..God, this was dangerous.

“Thank you, your Majesty, I will do as you wish.”

“Ah! We’re not in the audience hall, you don’t have to be this stiff. Once you become the 1st Rank you’ll be a marquis, you can talk more informally with me.”

His Majesty laughed wildly.
Then…..No, I can’t actually do that. I grasped the situation and decided to keep my distance.

“Thank you, I will do as you please.”

“Good. You’re still stiff but I guess you’ll get used to it soon. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to tell you for now. The banquet starts tonight so be at ease……oh! That might be impossible, right? Just, don’t let the nobles catch you! Hahaha”

We bowed to the Emperor who left the room, laughing heartily.
The 1st Rank Imperial Mage, huh?……It’s too much of a ‘promotion’ all of a sudden…….He actually meant I should be careful for other noble’s envy and flattery.

“Well, that’s it. There’s still a little bit of time until the official announcement, which will take place after the three day long banquet will finish. You’ll have to comply with this.”

The Prime Minister left the room in a hurry as well.

After all, he had to take care of a national level affair all of a sudden, there’s no degree to this man’s engagement with his work…….


Only my master and I were left. We thought about going back to the mansion, but the maid told us to remain in the palace.
I requested for someone to send word to our mansion, and I went to rest for a while in the room prepared for me.


I was worried that the nobles would come to my room while I was resting there, but it seemed it wasn’t really the case.
Because there’s a national event in preparation all of a sudden, it wasn’t really the time for visits.

Thanks to that, I was able to take my time and rest.


“However, master. If I become the 1st Rank Imperial Mage, will I have to work in the imperial capital?”

“It’s all right. Normally, that would be the case, but the Frontier Count’s Household is an exception. It would be troublesome if you can’t be on the front lines in case of a war, you know? Originally, the title of imperial mage was alternately bestowed, and everyone who had it was supposed to work in the Frontier Count’s Fortress.”

“Then, instead of staying at the fortress, I will live inside the Frontier Count’s territories……Will the things be no different from how they’ve been until now?”

“That’s right. It actually works for us too.”


I see. If that’s the case, I’m fine with this as well.
The only thing that’ll change is my title.

(Master, I want some tea too.)

“Ok, but it’s hot. Be careful.”

The spirit started drinking her tea from a small cup.

I decided I’ll call her ‘spirit’ for now.
I’ve never seen another spirit before and if I call her ‘exchange diary’ my head would be in a state of chaos. Once I’m back, I’ll talk to Bea and decide on a proper name.

“Haha, she really looks exactly like Bea. It’s so nostalgic.”

“Bea’s childhood? Tell me more about it, master.”

My master smiled pleasantly and corrected his posture on the chair.


“All right. Well, where should I start? When she was born, she was thiiiiis small, you know, and I really worried she was a fleeting existence that would break at any moment. However, maybe because of her nursing mother she quickly grew bigger, you know, and when she was 2 years and 5 months old she…..”



It seems I stepped on a land mine……I kept on answering him once in a while, but I ended up ignoring him completely…….



“…….she did that and then……”

……Master, there’s still more?
As one would expect, I was already pretty dispirited.

And then, as if the God himself answered my prayers, someone knocked at the door.

“Excuse me.”

I’m saved……Thank you, maid-san, thank you so very much.
Master, don’t look so regretful.
My stomach is already full.

“Everything is set, please follow me.”


We were led to a room inside the palace.
It was a completely crammed dining hall. It had extravagant furnishings and it seemed it was ready for the dinner party.

So for the opening day, we had a banquet only for the Imperial household, for the second day there was a banquet for nobles, and for the third day, an open party on the parade grounds where anyone could attend to.


This was the schedule.
Since I wanted to know about what was going to happen, I asked the maid a little while ago.

Today’s attendees were only his Majesty the Emperor and the Empress.
There are a few princes and princesses, but they could not participate without prior notice.
Was it in sign of concern for us or simply a precaution? I don’t really know, but I’m glad.
Since I was really nervous, I gladly welcomed the small number of people.


Their Majesties were waiting for us.
Because we were guests to their dinner party, it was natural for their Majesties who invited us to be there earlier.

“Thank you very much for inviting us today.”

My master greeted and I lowered my head as well.

“Leave aside the formalities for tonight, come and sit.”

We sat on the indicated seats and my eyes stopped on the Empress.
Was she in her late 20s? She was a kind looking beautiful woman with blond hair and blue eyes.
Standing next to his Majesty, they would make for a wonderful picture, a good looking man and a good looking woman….such a foul play combination.


“She is Empress Natasha. Natasha, you already know Sonia, right? The one next to him is Zest, Sonia’s son-in-law and the next 1st Rank Imperial Mage.”

With a wonderful smile, she opened her mouth to speak.

“I’m Natasha. It’s been a long time, Lord Sonia. I’m happy to meet you, Lord Zest. And this is spirit-sama?”

(Master, do I have to bow?)

“It’s been a long time, your Majesty, I’m really sorry for my long silence.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you, your Majesty. I am Zest. Now, you have to bow.”

The spirit lowered her head obediently.
Yes, she’s very cute.
This little thing, her entire behavior is charming to the extreme.

“Haha, since there’s a small number of people at this dinner party, you can simply call me Natasha. Spirit-sama is so adorable. Can she eat?”

(Master, I want to eat.)

“You want to eat, I see. Then please, Natasha-sama.”


For some reason, next to Natasha-sama, a set of small tableware was prepared.

“Well, spirit-sama, it’s all ready. Come and eat.”

The Empress, her face covered in smiles, was watching the spirit.
The spirit sent me a glace.
I nodded and she smiled broadly then started to eat.

“Well, well, isn’t she lovely?”

Yes, Natasha-sama was already caught in the charms of the spirit.
I’ll leave things at that for now.

“Now, since spirit-dono seems to enjoy herself too, shall we start?”


Thus, the dinner party began.


I’ll be honest.

It was extremely tiring.

I had to pay attention at my eating speed, since making sounds while eating would have been rather nasty.
I couldn’t even feel the taste of my food……

It can’t be helped, I’m a Japanese after all.
I’ve only used a fork and knife when I went to family restaurants.



Midway, his Majesty the Emperor has fallen for the spirit’s charms too, and it was fortunate that he stopped being so vigilant about it.
Even so, it was so tiring…..I so wanted to grab that piece of meat with my bare hands and eat it like that…..


Once the dinner party ended, we were moved to a lounge close to our previous location and we started making conversations while drinking tea.

It was annoying.
It’s not allowed to talk during the meal, I already knew that. Only after changing the room was it allowed to do so.


I already want to forget the conversations we had in that lounge.


“So, what was spirit-dono’s origin?”

“……….An exchange diary.”


Did Natasha-sama just spout?

“An… exchange diary, you say?”

Your Majesty, you can’t withstand this either, huh?

“It’s something you and Bea wrote in everyday, right, Zest?”

Master, please be silent.



After all, I ended up severely teased on the subject of the young lady.
My face was so hot I thought it would burst into flames.



It was already late at night when I was finally able to return to the room that was prepared for me.

They even prepared a bed for the little spirit.
The palace maids sure are serious about their job.

The moment I got into my soft bed I was attacked by drowsiness.
Ah! I wanna go home already.
Oh! When should I go buy the souvenirs?….

I’ll think about it tomorrow…..Good night…







“Lord Zest! Please have a match with me!! Lord Zest ~ !!!”





My waking that morning was the worst…..Who the hell is it?……This early in the morning……

(1) The author makes a word play with the word クビ(首)which basically means neck/head, but it also means to be fired (lose one’s job).

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