Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Bea’s Smile



“…….Bea, it’s the first time I see your smiling face. It’s more lovely than usual.”

“….You’re embarrassing me.”

“Haha, your shyness makes my heart beat faster.”

“Stop it already!”

With a flushed face, Bea started to beat me repeatedly with her small fists.
….I can’t get enough of this.


I don’t really understand the reason behind this, but Bea’s expressions got considerably softer.

Moreover, she smiled.
Then her face got bright red with embarrassment.

That Bea, who always had a frown on her face and always looked angry, she…

She makes me want to tease her more by flirting with her.



But, because I was in a trance while flirting with Bea, the fact that I didn’t notice his presence made me regret my actions immediately.


“Urm, you two, are you done yet?”

Master has such a brilliant face, like he ate some sugar.
Ah! This is bad.

“Master, I didn’t notice you. I am very sorry.”

“….Father, did you see?”

Bea was trembling, casting her eyes down.


Master cleared his throat, then opened his mouth.

“…Bea, sometimes not knowing makes you happier. W…well, come with me.”

We followed my master, whose eyes were spinning, to the waiting room.

My mother-in-law, Lamia, who wearing a dress this time, was already there waiting for us.


“Bea, it’s been a long time.”

The servants were dismissed, so the conversation was done in a comfortable tone.

“Yes, mother. It’s been a long time.”

Bea was sitting next to me. Maybe because she felt embarrassed, she folded her arms around mine and buried her face in it.

Mother-in-law was speechless.
Master had an expression saying ‘not again’ on his face…


“Well now, Bea….You’ve become quite the spoiled child.”

When she heard that, Bea increased the pressure of her grip on my arm.
I thought she was going a bit too far, but since Bea wanted to do this, it couldn’t be helped.

I brushed her hair gently with my free hand.

Then I felt this huge wave of killing intent coming from my master’s direction.

……Very good. I can play this game too.

I fully employed the use of my magical power.



“Stop it already, you idiots! Can’t you see that Bea is crying?”


My mother-in-law said, and I looked at Bea. She was trembling lightly, her tears floating in the air.


“Bea, I’m sorry.”

“Bea, I was in the wrong.”


“Really now…..That’s why men are stupid……”

Both my master and I were prostrating ourselves in front of her.
Bea raised her face slowly.

“It’s natural for a wife to want to be spoiled by her husband. Sonia, it was your fault, you know that?”

“Yes. I’m sorry, Lamia.”

I was internally laughing at his misery, when the chance blow came my way.

“Zest, you too. Don’t release such stupid amounts of magical power! You could kill a normal people with that, you know? Think about measure, you fool!”

“I am very sorry, mother.”

Behind my mother-in-law’s back, my master was laughing at me.
……..Damn you.


As punishment, Lamia ordered us to stay in that kneeling position for a while longer, and we obediently did as told.
We couldn’t go against her or answer her back.

Because it would’ve worsened the situation.

“So, Zest, did you come up with a better answer? Let us know.”

How? Why did they know that?

“Haha, your face says ‘How did you figure it out?’… Well, you and Bea were pretty much enjoying each other’s company moments ago. Isn’t that obvious enough?”

They laughed at me, implying that I was too easy to read.
As expected of them…


“Yes, I got a better solution. We actually had it wrong from the beginning.”


I explained them the whole story.
The fact that spiritification was not my achievement entirely.

The fact that the spirit was calling both of us her Masters.


They both listened to my explanation then let out long sighs of relief.

“I see. In this case, the circumstances have changed.”

“Yeah, the problems have completely vanished. That’s great, right, Bea?

Mother-in-law stroked Bea’s hair, and she got embarrassed again.
However, as I was watching this genuinely happy Bea, my heart softened.

I lost all sense of my feet.
But since I wasn’t forgiven yet, I had to tolerate it.


“Then, I’ll go report this to his Majesty.”

My mother-in-law left the room at a quick pace.

She wanted to rapidly get rid of her worries, I guess.

“Then, I’ll go help Lamia out for a while.”

Unsteadily, master started to follow after her.
Is Bea all right now? My feet are really starting to hurt, you know?…..

Bea, the spirit and I were the only ones left in this waiting room.
Well, the spirit is in fact trapped by the charms of a cookie.


“…Zest-sama, did you reflect upon your actions?”

I couldn’t answer her instantly.
Because I didn’t repent for what I did!

“…..Yes. I feel bad for what I did. I’m sorry, Bea.”

The pain in my feet made my eyes get a little moisty, but I was nonetheless looking at Bea.


Surprised, her eyes opened widely, and she wondered whether she made me cry.
Flustered, she approached me and wiped my tears.

“You…don’t have to cry….Zest-sama, please don’t cry.”

Bea’s face looked rather disturbed.

Haha, she really is cute.

As an apology, she said she wanted to do something for me, so I asked her to let me sleep in her lap.
Surprisingly, she quickly consented.
Moreover, she even started to clear my ears with an ear pick.
This is wonderful! It’s every man’s dream to sit in a girl’s lap and get your ears cleaned.

Her lap is so soft and she smells really good…..
The pain in my feet is not bothering me at all anymore…..
The ‘ear picking’ feels good too….This is the best!


And so, I was about to fall asleep when….






“Zest-sama, this is Albert. Was that sake popular with the girls, a while back? We were actually thinking to copy your technique and………….Pardon me!”







Albert, you idiot! You damn fool!!
Think about your words first……

It hurts……Bea, you’re ‘stabbing’ me with that ear pick. It hurts…….
That idiot, he actually dared to run away…….Bea, it hurts.

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
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  1. Ah, doom and gloom have returned. And, so richly deserved….

    Somehow, to survive in this world, Zest will find words that the young lady can accept. Right?

  2. “Zest-sama, this is Albert. Was that sake popular with the girls, a while back? We were actually thinking to copy your technique and………….Pardon me!”

    …ALBERT! GET BACK HERE. Holy shit, this dude is… He came and totally ruined their happy scene and made him enter hell mode difficulty from easy mode, from a cozy adventure to a life and death battle. Is he doing it on purpose? He is, isn’t he… 😀

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