Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Ears Covered in Blood



“So that’s how it was?…..Zest-sama, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. The jealous you was rather adorable too, so I am fine.”

“Zest-sama…..stop it.”

Bea was ‘hitting’ my arm repeatedly.
‘Poko-poko, poko-poko’
Yes, we’ve reconciled.

I explained her that I was in charge with serving refreshments to the guests, during the army’s party.
That Albert, I’ll make sure to carefully ‘train’ him some more later.


Still, when looking at Bea and the spirit playing with each other, they really seem like they’re sisters…..or, mother and daughter.
Children, huh?

While in Japan, I never got married, I was always single, but now, I’ll get married soon for the first time in my life and I’ll also have children.
I must protect them no matter what.

I gazed at the two girls cheerfully playing with each other, when our eyes met.

“Zest-sama, won’t you choose a name for this child already?”


…….I completely forgot.

“I wanted to decide on it together with you. Did you think of a good name?”

Good, I managed to successfully deceive her.


She smiled with her whole face.
Lately, she started to laugh and smile a lot.
With an adorable smile, she started to talk.

“Actually, I have one in mind…….Will it be all right to call her Toto?”

Toto?….I wonder why she choose this name.

“Toto?….Does it have a meaning?”

My question made her blush excessively, but she answered nonetheless.

“It comes from both our names…..” (1)

Damn it, this girl is way too cute.
She made it up from both our names…

(Master, is Toto my name?)

The spirit asked, her eyes glittering; I grinned at her and answered.

“That’s right. From now on your name is Toto. Do you like it?”


She looked down for a while, her little body trembling slightly, then raised her head energetically.

(I am Toto! I like it very much. Thank you Master and Master.)

And then, she hugged Bea and started to rub her little face against hers.
I’m glad she liked it.
However, calling us Master and Master is a little too confusing.

“Toto, calling us Master and Master is too confusing. Can you think of some other way to call us?”

Toto seemed to be troubled.



(I know! Can I call you then Dad and Mom then?)




As expected, I didn’t see this coming…..
At such a surprise attack, both Bea and I started to blush excessively.

But we both created this spirit, there shouldn’t be any problem for her to call us that.

“I…I don’t mind…..What about you, Bea?”
“Me too. I don’t dislike it…..”

(Theeeen, Dad and Mom! That’s what I’ll call you.)

Toto concluded, her face covered in smiles.
We too got influenced by her radiance, and started to smile as well.

Is this what family feels like….?
Thinking about that, we’ve spent some really happy moments together.




However, at that point, the unexpected hit me.

“Zest-sama! What is the meaning of this? Why doesn’t Toto have any other clothes?”

Yes, Toto has no other closes, except for her ‘original’ attire.
She’s still wearing that black leather dress, made from the exchange diary’s cover, with golden embroidery and the mithril chain around her waist.
She only had that.

Incidentally, she doesn’t wear panties either.
……You’re wrong! I only saw that when she was sleeping, it’s not like I’ve deliberately checked.

Nonetheless, she seems fine without having another change of clothes, but from a girl’s perspective, this is unacceptable.

“We must go to the tailor right away. Well, Zest-sama?”

If I were to say no at that point, it would’ve only meant hell for me.

“Yea, let’s go right away.”

I offered an immediate reply, not wasting time on thinking.
The maids prepared a carriage for us and we departed towards the castle town.



The castle town’s clothing shops…..well, they’re all tailors’ shops.
Everything is custom-made.
We’re going to a shop that my mother-in-law uses frequently.
She recommended it when we told her we were about to head out to buy some clothes for little Toto.
This shop works for the Frontier Count’s Household, so it should be safe.

When the carriage stopped in front on the shop, I saw the employees standing in a line outside, waiting for us.

“Welcome, Beatrice-sama. It’s been a very long time.”

An old woman with strains of white hair saluted.

“Yes, it’s been a long time. I came today together with my fiancé.”

“Oh! The much rumored next 1st Rank? It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m the shopkeeper, Tania.”

She held her dress and bend one of her knees in a formal bow.

The next 1st Rank, you say?
You sure know a lot…..Well, for a merchant to be slow in hearing the news would mean a great disqualification.

“I’m Zest. We want to make some clothes for this child today.”

Sitting on my shoulder, Toto smiled and waved her little hand vigorously.

“Well, well, it’s a great pleasure to meet you, lovely spirit-sama. I’ll prepare the best materials for you. Please, come inside.”


We followed Tania inside the shop.

I entered first and Bea was supposed to be right behind me………..But she wasn’t.


What’s wrong? Did she find something delicious-looking and went to try it out?
She’s such a glutton.

I turned around only to see someone taking Bea’s hand.
An unknown man was making a ruckus about who knows what.


Huh? Who the hell is that?







“….Won’t you let go of me already?”

“Don’t be so cold, lovely young lady. Oh! Your skin is so silky. Won’t you give me the pleasure of telling me your name?”







An unknown man was grasping Bea’s hand, grinning broadly.

……Good! I’ll take it as a declaration of war.
I slowly approached the guy.



(1) Toto = how can it come from Zest and Bea, you might wonder? Well, in Japanese, Zest would be ‘Zesto’ and Bea would be ‘Beato’, therefore “Toto”…

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii

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    1. Ha! Poor random guy? I bet we will hear all about his title and rank as a noble. I hope he will at least lose his hands… and teeth… and various other parts of his body.

    1. Obviously a prince. And he’s going to be castrated. Thus, Zest is still forced to marry the princess and make heir in place of the prince.

      1. Well, I dunno about that, but I was also thinking that the only ones who would be as brazen like this and just grab some girl like that is either a super high up noble or a prince… Trash young masters, we see them a lot in chinese novels, it never ends well for them.

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  2. last time someone else touched her… the head was nicely placed on the ground, without the body.
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  3. Well, the guy is pretty bold for approaching a woman he does not know like that (given that world’s setting).

    Never mind he’s messing with a Frontier Count’s house, any other noble family would be pretty upset with him for doing something that could start unfavorable rumors.

    My guess is he’s from an important noble house and uses this status to do exactly what he just did, without fearing repercussions.

    He probably doesn’t really care about his responsibilities as a member of his noble house and just fools around. He would be familiar with noble women he shouldn’t mess with, but at the same time he doesn’t know Bea’s affiliation, so he feels confident he can do whatever he wants.

    Will be fun to watch the Frontier Count’s house completely destroy this guys noble house, after they try picking a fight because Zest killed the guy (his fate is a foregone conclusion at this point, I guess?).

  4. Zest would be ‘Zesto’ and Bea would be ‘Beato’, therefore “Toto”

    Wait... I understand that Zest name would be Zesto but how can Bea name become Beato...
    Is it from Beatrice?

    1. Beatrice
      if we said per syllable in jap
      it would be be a to ri che
      thus beato
      if we use beat it not too suitable for woman nickname
      thus bea

  5. I apologize beforehand but Toto is kinda stupid name for a girl in English language, (much more in our country; it’s a dog’s name). This is why 100% transliterating novels is pure stupidity. You also have to consider the culture of the language you are translating to. I suggest change the name to Zea or something girly because Toto doesn’t make sense in English at all, plus you omitted the “o” in which you should have left in their names. Aiming 100% accuracy is pure idiocy and is never going to be achieved because of language barriers and culture dfferences. You have to transcreate to make the translation is smooth and comprehensible. Plus it adds more professionalism to your work.

    1. Well, I also wanted to say that toto sounds quite retarded in english. It totally sounds like a pet name or a name that a child came up with.

      I don’t think that changing the text to such extents that you’re suggesting is considered as professional though. Her name IS toto, the author decided it is, a translator is not allowed to change such things, they can modify some text and turn it into something with the same meaning and it would be considered professional, but this is not one of the allowed modifications. They can modify the names a little, but “toto” is extremely hard to modify into something else that sounds better without completely changing it. Zesto or zesuto can be changed into Zest, but toto, what does it matter if you change it into tot or totto? It doesn’t sound better that way anyway.

      I do wish that the author didn’t use that part of their names though. Using the first part would’ve been way better, as you did. But we can’t change the name of the character freely. I would hate it if the translator completely changed important things like that into something else.

      1. I think you are mixing “professional” with “ideal” here, my good sir/ma’am. professional doesn’t always mean best but “more comprehensive/compatible”. Like those old cartoons/anime we used to watch for example. Just how many of them changed the character’s names to be more suited to the young audiences of their respective languages? Best example of it is Mr. Satan from DBZ. Due to religious reasons this character changed his name and got different names on different parts of the world, especially those Christianity-influenced countries (Hercule in US, Master Pogi in PH). In summary, Yes, you can change the character freely for the better appreciation of the novel in itself.

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