Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: It Looked like Bed-Wetting, but it Wasn’t



For a 30+ years old guy like me, something like this to happen was……

With trembling feet, I got off of my bed and confirmed the disastrous scene.


A ‘world map’ was spreading out on my bed.
Is this really bed-wetting?….It’s strange….The position is a little too high, isn’t it?

The spots on the sheets were at the level of my chest, and, frankly, I can’t really pee from there.


I incidentally looked at the area where the pillows were, only to see a trembling Toto, down on her knees.

“Morning Toto. What’s wrong?”

(Good morning, Dad. I’m really sorry.)


…….Now I get it.

“Is it that you wet the bed?”

I approached her and asked as gently as possible.

(Yes….I’m very sorry, Dad.)

“I understand. Be careful next time, okay? Good, let’s go take a bath.”


Once I brushed her hair lightly, her smile returned at once…..This absolute simplicity was Toto’s best trait.

Cheerfully, we entered the bathroom and I washed her clean.
Lately, it became normal for us to take a bath together, and she seems to enjoy the bathing.


We left the bathtub, and as I was drying her hair, a maid came to summon me.
It was a call from the Emperor, so I couldn’t make him wait.
Hurriedly, I made the preparations and followed after the maid.

I was led to the same conference room as before; it seemed I wasn’t the only one who got summoned though.
Bea and her parents were already there.

With the four of us present, his Majesty made an appearance too; we stood up and bowed deeply, then we took a seat again.

“Well, we should start without delay. I heard that the situation has changed, but what did change exactly?”

His Majesty was showing a hearty smile.
My master was winking at me……So, I am the one who should do the talk, huh…..?

“About the spiritification, it seems that Bea and I did it together. The spirit itself has confirmed this.”

Toto was nodding in agreement.

“And in this case, Bea and I, we both should go independent and form a new household……As for her Majesty, the princess, I fear that…….”

“Presumably, after I confer you the duke title, I make her marry you?…..So, it’s up to me to agree to an imperial marriage……..”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

The Emperor nodded in understanding.

In short, with the marriage of an imperial princess comes the right to the throne succession as well.
The relationship between us would surely strengthen, but at the same time the battle for succession would be pretty steamy as well.

After I get invested with a new title, I should consider giving up the rights for the succession.
It’s rather complicated, choosing the best solution.


“I understand. First, Zest and Beatrice, you two are going to form a new Duke Household.”




“A Duke Household?”

The duke title is only given to members of the Imperial Household or their relatives.
It’s not like the duke title was never given to a vassal household, but it was never done so in the Grun Empire.


“Our Grun Empire was revived by the hero from those ancient times. Naturally, the Imperial Household has Japanese roots as well. Therefore, since you’re Japanese too, there’s no trouble in making you a duke.”


……….And that’s what he answered.


“The descendant of the long gone ancestor and the daughter of an empire’s retainer have achieved spiritification. It’s a just cause for the empire to accept our titles of duke and duchess…….Is it so?”

“Right. I would have been a bit worried if you were alone in this, but since Lady Beatrice from the Frontier Count’s Household is part of the story now, you won’t run away to another country, and I won’t be concerned about a domestic conflict either. This being the case, I will only take you two in as a relatives.”


Your Majesty, you are too frank.
Yes, it is indeed essential that Beatrice is part of the story now.

The spiritification is also the Frontier Count’s Household’s feat.
If it were my achievement alone, a revolt or rebellion might have occurred.
Now, with the Frontier Count’s Household present in this matter, worrying about revolts is futile.

The reason is rather simple.
It’s because, even using the spiritification as a pretext for causing a rebellion, the chances of success are nonexistent.
To begin with, if the Frontier Count’s Household betrays the empire, it would actually mean the end of it.
And now, they even got a spirit to their side.

They are indeed trustworthy, but his Majesty can only do one thing to solve the problem.



“I’ll say it clearly. I’m not pleased with this decision, but I’ll have to ask you to take Tsubaki as your concubine.”



His Majesty lowered his head.


“Ple….please stop, your Majesty!”

We all stood up in hot haste to make him stop, but the Emperor wouldn’t raise his head.

“I won’t say you have to do it right away. I’ll also give Tsubaki detailed instructions as to not bother the two of you too much. As for the next emperor, it’ll most likely be my son, with your and Tsubaki’s child being next in the line of succession. If we don’t do this, the empire will surely fall into pieces.”


His words were heroic, but tragic.

From the start, the Frontier Count’s power was too immense, therefore the empire was barely keeping its balance until now.
And with this turmoil lately, the Emperor got a little too much to handle; did he reach his limit?


“Urm…..Does her Highness, Princess Tsubaki, want to become Zest-sama’s concubine?”

After being silent for a long time, Bea asked.
The Emperor’s body swayed a little.
Yes, her voice just now was indeed frightening.

“Beatrice, I understand that you don’t agree to all this, but will you please try to endure it?”

Master said, with a slightly trembling voice.

“Eh? Try to endure it? I actually think that it’s pretty normal for nobles to take concubines, and if Zest-sama could marry Princess Tsubaki, it will also give him great honor and prestige. What are you asking me to put up with?”

(Dad, Mom really thinks this way.)


…………….So that’s her answer?

The conference room fell silent.

The Emperor raised his head slowly.
Your sweat, you’d better wipe it away, your Majesty.

“Beatrice, do you really approve of this marriage? Isn’t it unpleasant for you?”

My mother-in-law asked gently.

“Yes. It is not decided that I will be able to give birth to a son, so it’s only natural, isn’t it?”

Bea was in fact stunned that we kept on asking her about this.
…….She’s a noble, without any doubt.



I let out a long sigh.

I wasn’t the only one though.
Apart from Bea, everyone let out a sigh.


Hey you, don’t you dare to say no now, all right? Look at the situation, okay?

Everyone, but Bea, was looking at me insistently, saying that with their eyes.

“Your Majesty, I thankfully accept the terms of this discussion.”

I didn’t know what else to say except for this…….



Since we were about to become his relatives, the Emperor asked us to follow him.


Bea and I followed after the light steps of the Emperor until we entered the imperial family’s residential area.

For everything to become official, his Majesty must announce it to the world first.
But inside the residential area there were no wondering eyes, so we were told to feel at ease.

The Emperor seemed to feel released as well.
He was all smiles.



“I’m very happy to meet you, Beatrice ane-sama (1). I am Tsubaki.”

Beatrice ane-sama…….
Since Bea was an only child in her family, she surrendered in an instant.

If we do get married, Bea will indeed become Tsubaki’s older sister.
There’s no mistaking it.

But to say it with this precise timing, Princess Tsubaki sure is extremely determined.
Just to be sure, I’ll have to be more careful around her……



Princess Tsubaki was drinking some black tea, while looking at Bea and Toto playing together.

The ones ‘interviewing’ me were the Emperor and the Empress.

“I was so worried. She seems all right with everything, doesn’t she?”

“I couldn’t even sleep, thinking that Beatrice will turn us down…”

You two, you really didn’t need MY opinion on this matter, did you?

“As for you, as long as you didn’t hate Beatrice, you wouldn’t have opposed it, am I right?”

………..Was it that obvious?



Tomorrow, an announcement about the spiritification will be made from the palace’s terrace.
Princess Tsubaki’s marriage and our conferring of the duke and duchess titles will be also revealed.

After all, it was about an imperial princess’ marriage.
Normally, in case the princess was not to become the official wife, such a thing would have been impossible.
However, since the official wife is a heroine who managed to achieve spiritification, becoming a concubine is inevitable, so everything should be all right.
It can also indicate that the empire is supporting the ones who gave birth to the spirit.




We spent some more time chatting and then ate dinner together, before we returned to our rooms.

I decided I had to go rest earlier than usual, since tomorrow was bound to be a busy day from the start.

And so, it was settled that I would become a duke and I’ll marry Princess Tsubaki; finally, this day full of shocks will come to an end………








“Zest-sama, I made a big mistake this time………….”






In the morning, I the words of a maid woke me up.
I was dumbfounded for a moment……..I didn’t do anything, really!



(1) Now, I had to choose between the English version ‘older sister-sama’ and the Japanese version ‘ane-sama’, so I chose the Japanese one (similarly to ‘aniki’/older brother in one of the beginning chapters). If you think the English version is actually better, tell me and I’ll change it ^^

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii

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