Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 50

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It seems that with the last chapter you got worried that this novel will turn into a harem.
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Chapter 50: Who Did It?



When I woke up, the maid told me ‘I did it this time’.
I could definitely not cope with that….


“M…morning. What did you do?”


Without moving even an inch, that question was all I could muster.

“Good morning, Zest-sama. Urm, well……I am expecting a child. And then……”

With a face like a tomato, she hesitantly explained me the circumstances.


According to the maid’s story, she was Meril, a daughter from a baron’s household……and was working in the imperial palace as a maid, in order to learn the good manners.
One of the black knights seduced her and forcefully brought her to his room to do naughty stuff.
With a basic light magic, I checked her body and it seemed she was indeed pregnant.
She didn’t know what to do, so she came to me, since I was in charge of the black knights.

It was like that.

……………..Who was it? Who’s the idiot guilty of something like this?


“That’s…….I’ll immediately search for the perpetrator and I’ll take the proper measures. Are you engaged or anything?”

“No, before I finish my training here, I can’t…….”

It was pretty normal for nobles’ children to go work as maids in the imperial palace in order to learn the good manners.
Once they become palace maids, they’ll never have to worry about finding a good wedding partner.

“I see. Then, what do you want to do about that guy?”

“If he marries me and takes responsibility, then…..”

She doesn’t want this to become a too serious matter.
Hmm, it can’t be helped then.

“Understood. I’ll make the preparations right away, so you can just relax and wait here.”


However, was it really against her will? I actually do trust the black knights, so I wonder……

At a quick pace, I went towards the room where the black knights were in attendance.
I asked for another room to be prepared next to theirs.


“Oi! Who’s the idiot who raped the maid called Meril!?”


The door opened and Albert let himself sit in a seiza position.


………………..It was you?…………….


I sat down on a chair.

“So? What actually happened?”

The other black knights turned away their heads.
Well, they didn’t want to see how their colleague was about to get scolded for causing a scandal.


“Yes. I have no recollection of what happened yesterday, after we returned to the palace…….When I came to my senses, I was sleeping next to the maid……I am truly sorry…..”




…………..You idiot! Someone set you up!


When I glanced at the other black knights, their shoulders were trembling lightly.
You were accomplices to this!

I let Albert step back for a moment.
He looked too pitiful, with his tail and ears limp.


“You lot, you set him up, didn’t you?


According to the grinning black knights’ explanation, it was something like this…

That maid was the daughter of a baron’s household from the Frontier Count’s domain, and she was in love with Albert for a long time.
However, the baron didn’t approve of his daughter marrying a simple knight, so he sent her to the imperial capital’s palace to serve as a maid.
They finally met again, and the black knights decided to work together with the maid.
They devised a plan in order to ‘attach’ Albert to her.


“You lot……Then, what about Albert?”

“Yes, he’s actually in love with Miss Meril too, so there’s no problem there. We’re in your care now.”

They all together bowed their heads.

Oh dear!


“Understood. I’ll turn this into a happy story. Tell this to Albert too.”

“ “ “ “Thank you!” “ “ “



Really now, you sure know how to cause a lot of trouble…..However, that maid was really cute.
Damn you Albert…..and that handsome face of yours.


With my flames of jealousy fully burning, I returned to my room.


Meril and Bea were there.

“Bea, you came? Meril, I heard about your story. Leave it to me.”

“Zest-sama, I also heard about it from Meril. However, deceiving Zest-sama is a bit……”
“Zest-sama, I am truly sorry.”

Ah, that?


I laughed and brushed Bea’s hair.
Yes, it feels as good as ever.

“It doesn’t matter. Besides, I’ve already decided on the punishment.”

Really now, I had to do meticulous arrangements.


“Anyway, the suggestion came from my master or mother-in-law, am I correct?”

Startled, Meril jumped up.


“As for the punishment this time, I’m planning to assign Albert as those guys’ leader and make them all work directly under me.”


This was indeed their punishment, making them work directly under me.
In reality, I’ll be something like their overseer.

“Therefore, there’s no need to be worried, Meril, I won’t scold you. You can relax.”


She constantly apologized to me; as for her pregnancy, it was actually real.
I confirmed it with my observation magic……That rascal was damn fast…….
For the time being, I gave some orders to make Meril Bea’s exclusive maid.
They both know each other, and Albert would feel at ease knowing that she’d work under Bea.


After I finished with these preparations, it was already the time for the big announcement on the palace’s terrace.
A maid came to guide me to the waiting room.



Bea and I were drinking some tea, while waiting for our turn.
Toto, you really like cookies, don’t you……? How many did you eat already? You’ll get fat, you know?


Once Toto finished her 4th cookie, the maid called us out.
Well, shall we go?





We arrived in front of the terrace’s opened door and heard that the Emperor’s speech has already begun.

The maid knelt down and approached his Majesty, who was giving his speech in front of the population, and touched his leg a few times.
I see, that was the signal.



“………………… be. Well, as everyone already knows, a hero who managed to achieve spiritification appeared in our empire. It is a brilliant achievement we haven’t seen in 300 years!”




I surveyed the crowd, breaking out in shouts of joy.
His Majesty did the same, then raised his right hand, at which point the crowd started to slowly settle down; the Emperor continued.



“For this joyous achievement, I prepared two rewards. First, I will bestow them with the duke rank, and second, I will offer Princess Tsubaki in marriage! Everyone, offer your blessings and shouts of joy to our heroes, Duke Zest and Duchess Beatrice!!”






The cheers this time were even greater than before.
The maid gestured us to hurry on the terrace.


Bea and I looked at each other and nodded, then started walking slowly.







(Dad, Mom, I need to pee. It’ll come out.)







At this excessively clear telepathic message, we both turned around in shock……..
Toto, try to endure it……Ha? It seems she won’t be able to……..

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii

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  1. I wonder how this won’t become a harem? The royal familly can’t take back Princess Tsubaki cause this will be like a slap to the face for Frontier Count. She either has to die/elope/lose chastity, they have leave the empire making them traitors or novel will end before he marries her…

  2. He’s taking in a concubine for political reasons and people start yelling harem? Have you been reading this story properly? I guess not since the author has made some things very clear.
    Tsubaki is still a minor, thus she won’t leave the palace for the time being. Plus she hasn’t any romantic feelings for our dear Zest and neither does he intend to take things further that way. There isn’t even any obligation for a child. It’s a marriage in name only.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. The moment he f**ks her, and he will, this will actually be worse than a harem. Because he is a cheating bastard piece of shit, in a series where the romance is completely shit at that point.
      I mean Bea is fine with it? That just shows you how much her love is shallow. No one who really loves someone would be fine with letting their lover f**k and marry someone else without getting hurt. That is literally one of the most misogynistic retarded things that asian writers (and particularly japanese web novelist and harem writers), write.
      Literally, no one in the world who really loves someone in a non-platonic way, would do that. It just doesn’t happen, and doesn’t exist. It basically means that the love the felt wasn’t romantic love, but platonic.
      And that is what pisses me off about the harem… that everyone is FINE WITH IT.
      That is bullshit, and the sign of a third rate romance writer that doesn’t know about how romance really works and only wants to right their harem fantasy.
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  3. Well, I’m happy for Albert. He’s had some misfortune lately (can I call it that if it’s self-inflicted?), so I’m glad he’s had a little good fortune in romance.

  4. Except for my hating of how fine with a harem everyone is, and how shallow Bea and Zest’s love for each other is, this was pretty great. Albert, that dog.
    And you can’t say Bea and Zest’s love is not shallow. Its shallow as fuck. How else are they completely fine with entering the princess into the harem? That ain’t real love. They would object, be hurt as fuck, or angry if it had any semblance of the real romantic love that people feel.
    Skip beat shows us a fine example of how love works in real life.

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        It was even so freaking obvious that there’d be no real romance between the princess and him, that it was just a political bullshit arrangement, the princess was even ordered to not disturb them more than necessary, and she’s extremely young. The author never even once hinted at him being even remotely interested in her, and she never acted as if she was interested in him either, except for political reasons. Bea is also a yandere, do they seriously believe that she would let him cuddle up to another woman when she proclaimed she’d cut him to pieces if he cheats on her? She just agreed because she’s a noble, knows stuff like this and it’s convenient, that doesn’t mean she accepted that they’d have a romantic relationship that will never even happen… Sigh.. I come to the comment section to read about peoples thoughts on the chapters and how this or that was funny or good, not to read about people insulting other novels and their authors while being pretentious and saying how much they hate the mc and the author yet they still keep on reading but they must mention that they will drop it if it doesn’t get better… I mean, fck. Do they enjoy ruining other peoples fun that much? Do they think that their retarded opinions are creative and contributing to the chapter and comments?

  5. Thanks for the Chapter!!!
    i dont care about one add on (as in the princess being his concubine) because of political reasons as long as he doesn’t get a harem, and if he does then the story better gets funnier with more death flags for our favorite MC

  6. I love how every harem hater is doing apeshit. They didn’t have any problems when MC was flirting with those female knights while making them drink his special sake. He obviously was gonna take it to other level but got interrupted, but now suddenly he is gonna have concubine who is probably gonna have a Minor role into and everyone lose their shit. It is gonna make the story much funnier with lots of death flags!

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      I’m so damn sick of people going apeshit over this, saying they’ll drop it if it doesn’t change(that’s one of the most annoying things people can say in the comment section) and dissing all harem novels and their creators, along with the fans. I love harem novels. I also love novels with monogamous romance. It’s two different things and shouldn’t be compared like these fools are doing. Two different flavors for different reasons. Harems tend to be comedy oriented and creates nice situations where we’ll see the interactions between several girls, how they keep the peace and then their relationship with the mc, it creates a lively atmosphere that can be far more colorful/spirited than novels where there’s only two people, the mc and his beloved, deep romance was never the point. On the other hand, novels with monogamous relationships tend to focus a lot on romance and developing the relationship and less on other stuff that might be interesting, tends to also be of a slower pace. Fools that doesn’t even understand something as basic as this doesn’t deserve to comment about whether it is good or not, because they will all do and say the same things in their ignorance, that it’s not true love(based on preconceived notions and biased opinions due to growing up in a society where only monogamous relationships are acceptable), that it sucks, that the characters and romance are shallow, that the writing is bad/unrealistic, etc, because they just can’t understand any better.

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