Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Why Did It Turn Out Like This?



“Your Excellency, we discovered the bandits’ secret base!”

“Everyone, prepare for battle.”
“Yes sir!”





Why am I doing such a thing, you ask?…….The story goes back to the sham battle and the stupid noble.



300 people gathered to participate in the battle against the stupid noble.
150 adventurers, 50 maids and 100 commoners.


However, that stupid noble tried to escape after the battle with a commoner, but the guarding soldiers caught him and killed him.

In such circumstances, the battle participants have lost their venting object, so they were all dumbfounded and about to burst out with anger……..



Frenzied, the adventurers started whispering.

“In this case, it’d be great if we could go hunt some bandits or something…….”

“ “ “ “That’s it!!!” “ “ “




And so, the suppression troops have formed.


The bandits’ treasures would be equally split among everyone present.
Awards were prepared as well, so all the ‘fighters’ departed in high spirits.

A few maids and women were joining us too……
I was all right with women adventurers to come along. As for the maids, I told them to go back, but…

“The suppression of bandits is in a lady’s interest too.”

I could only nod and agree silently.


It’s too risky to be accused of sexual harassment, so I gave up……..
This world sure is scary.



And so, we arrived at the hideout.


“The maids unit has finished the battle preparations, your Excellency.”

A maid, carrying a spear on her shoulder, saluted me.

“There’s a possibility they have prisoners inside, so the maids unit is to standby. However, you’ll be participating in the encirclement operation. Show no mercy to the enemies who try to escape.”

“Yes sir! The maids unit is to standby, we are to devote ourselves to the encirclement operation.”

She saluted me again then left.

“………These maids are amazing.”
“The maids are kinda scary.”

I could hear the quiet whispers of the adventurers.
In fact, I agree with them. I’ll make sure not to forget to give these maids some of the souvenirs I bought.


“Your Excellency, the black knights unit is ready for the assault.”

Albert came to tell me.
Good. You endured a lot, huh?……..I get it though……Since I endured it too.


“Good. The black knights unit, come after me. The adventurers will join the enemy encirclement operation. Those who have scouting abilities are left in charge of a raid, in case it’s necessary. Don’t let any of them run away!”

“Yes sir!”
“Y…your Excellency, are you really going to lead the attack?”


“……If word of this comes out, I’ll be scolded, so keep this a secret, all right?”

“Your Excellency, let’s go!”

Good, let’s go Albert!
With a faint smile on my face, I led the black knights inside the secret base.




“……Nobles are amazing.”
“Only those who are on our side.”
“Hey, which unit is breaking in? The knights?”

“Not to speak of the knights, his Excellency, the Duke himself is leading them inside, you know?”
“What? Is he gonna be all right…….?”
“I think he will. He was smiling after all.”

“……..I don’t really understand the nobles.”
“Yeah, me too.”




“We finished, so we’re going back…….What’s wrong with you? Did you injure yourselves or something? Come on, hurry up with the preparations!”

“Y…your Excellency…….Did you finish already?”

When I called out to them, everyone outside grew shocked.

Haha, did they think they were many bandits inside or something?
They really jump to conclusions, these guys.

“Haha, they were about 100 bandits. Since each of us had to take 10 enemies out, I finished first, so I came back.”


I explained to them, and returned to my tent in order to prepare for our leave.
This place was kind of far away from the capital, much more than I expected…..It took us two days to finish this business here.



“Ah, the Frontier Count’s Army is really something else.”
“The black knights are the only ones I don’t wanna fight against……”




I didn’t know that the adventurers were talking about such things.
I was only focused on storing the bandits’ sake inside my item box.



“Good. You did great, everyone! There’s a person in charge of giving the rewards over there, so go back home after you received your prize. You’re free to go!”


After we arrived at the imperial capital’s training grounds, the party was disbanded.
Since the bandits’ treasure was not really that massive, I decided to distribute it among the adventurers.
I gave the maids some cosmetics and clothes materials that I previously bought as souvenirs.

Since they didn’t earn too much from this ‘job’.
well, it couldn’t be helped.

Still, because they could hunt the bears and wild boars that came out along the way back to the imperial capital, they seemed not as stressed anymore.
I could rest assured too……
I therefore returned to my room inside the palace.






“Oi oi, how did you defeat this red bear?”
“This wild boar, it’s a mutated specimen!”
“……..His Excellency and the maids defeated them, you know?”

“………The maids are amazing.”
“I’ll ask them to train me.”
“To kill a red bear with one sword slash….What the hell are these maids?…….”

“Eh? They’re giving the bandits’ treasure to us!?”
“Each of us gets 28 gold coins!”
“Wha? My annual income is only 10 gold coins, you know!!”


“Hey, this material…..”
“Eh? It’s s….silk……”
“……..Does this mean that we’re lovers now?”

“!? Cos….cosmetics?”
“Ah! These are really expensive!”
“…….They’re too wonderful to give them to a …….lover.”

“Even though we camped for one night, my skin feels smooth and sparkling……”
“His Excellency’s magic is foul play, you know?”
“Right? When his Excellency receives his own domain, he’ll need some maids too, won’t he?”

“ “ “!!!!?” “ “




Before one knew, they were a lot of people who started to think they wanted to work for me once I got my domain and moved there.
However, I only found out about this at a later point in time.

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii

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    1. The tension of the black knights and over-enthused Grandpa etc has all been released in a way that feels somewhat natural, making it a non-entity. There was nothing to replace that hook and tension, so yes. It is boring. Still going to read it though.

      TL;DR: Yes.

    2. The pace and tone of the story does seem to have changed a lot from the early chapters. At first there was a lot of tension, fear of being killed and used by a ruthless noble to carry out his ambitions, political intrigue, etc etc.

      Then all of the sudden he gets engaged, becomes an OP cheat and they all start getting along. The moment Toto came it was the final blow, since now it all “Toto is so cute” moments and being lovey dovey with Bea and rather than danger waiting in the capital as we anticipated, the emperor is totally friendly, nobody dares to mess with the black knights but complete idiots who get swatted for quick satisfaction and now he’s a duke.
      What happened to all the tension and danger we had going on? He seems to have zero interest in what even happened to the fellow japanese who came with him, not even asking if they’re still alive even with his now rock solid position.
      If there isn’t a big twist and they plan to keep going on like this for the rest of the story I’m going to be very disappointed.

    3. Hmm… Well, I still feel it’s a nice story and it keeps me reading, it’s fairly funny too, but yeah… In some ways, it did turn a bit boring. Everything changed too much all of a sudden. Bea’s special character quirk with the dark magic just disappeared into oblivion, the mc isn’t tense anymore at all… All characters turned a bit too tame. There’s no fear of death either. The story completely changed, especially Bea who can hardly be called the same person anymore which is a crying shame.

      I wonder why the author just went and changed/abandoned all of these great settings that made the characters interesting and funny? It’s quite sad, I just have to tell myself that it’s another story or something and it’s still pretty good though.

      1. To become a maid they need to bathe in the blood of a thousand competitors and a lesser drake. Then they’re ready to start elementary maid school.

    1. What do you mean faster? Updates are on time, thank the translator for sticking to the schedule he set for himself. No need to be greedy bud.

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