Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Return to the Frontier Count’s Domain



“We’re finally back. It feels like it took us forever to return, right Bea?”
“Yes, Zest-sama. I wonder if this is Toto-chan’s first time here.”

(Hmm. I kind of remember and don’t remember this place.)


After quite a long time, we were back on the Frontier Count’s domain.
I somehow missed the view of the castle town.

After all, an entire month passed until we could finally return. It was an unnecessarily long trip.
The Adventurers Guild and the soldiers asked me to train them, while the maids kept on ambushing me, saying they wanted to work on my duke’s domain.

……..I kind of enjoyed the maids ambushing me though.

(Mom, this face Dad is making now, it means he is thinking of other women.)

Stop it Toto. Bea don’t look at me like that.
……..But, I really missed your angry face.
You always had this kind of expression on your face before.

“Bea, I was only thinking about what to do with those maids. This grimace is a waste for your beautiful features.”

I embraced her and brushed her hair lightly.
In the beginning, she was indeed looking pretty much angry, but little by little her expression changed into a soft, tender smile.

“Well, I know this is how you always manage to deceive me, Zest-sama.”

She returned my embrace, while saying those words.
Her soft mass of overgrown goodness was touching my body.
At the same time, the fragrance of flowers reached me, and I felt weightless.

“You always smell so good, Bea.”

I watched her ears gradually getting redder and redder, but I didn’t separate from her.

“I also like……Zest-sama’s scent….”

She looked up at me with cloudy eyes.
I kissed her lightly on her forehead……


“Hmm? Zest, aren’t you forgetting about us?”

“Haha, lately, he’s become more…….challenging, hasn’t he?”


……..Sorry master, I forgot.
Bea seemed she had forgotten about her parents too. She hurriedly repositioned herself on the carriage’s bench.

Right. We were travelling together with my master and my mother-in-law.

That was a bit…….


“Good grief, you’ll be getting married soon. After that, you can enjoy each other as much as you like.”

Bea’s face got even redder.

“Yeah, I want to see my grandson’s face soon.”

Stabbed by master’s finishing blow, Bea seemed to be sinking.

(When will the children making process start? Can I help too?)

Wait Toto, what do you wanna help with anyway??
Moreover, don’t ask about this stuff!…..I have no idea what to answer you.

Both Bea and I got extremely flushed, as the carriage continued to clatter and advance.


I was standing in front of my mansion.

Bea and her parents went to the Frontier Count’s castle, while I was returning to my own mansion…….my foster father’s mansion.
After making a few preparations, in the evening I’ll be participating in a party, held at the Frontier Count’s Household.

We weren’t married yet.
It couldn’t be helped, but I indeed felt a bit lonely.
I started to think it was natural for me and Bea to be together.


With Toto on my shoulder, I brushed her hair and entered the mansion.
I was home again, after such a long time.

“Welcome back, your Excellency, the Duke.”
“Ah, I’m glad everyone is still the same here.”

I gave some souvenirs to the maids who welcomed me.
They were constantly refraining from accepting them, but I still gave them the gifts…forcibly.
They looked after me, so I was grateful to them.

The extremely pleased maids saw me off, and I was walking towards my father’s room now.
First of all, I had to greet the head of the family after all.

“I just returned home, father, mother.”
“Gahahaha. I’m glad you’re looking good.”

My foster father started ‘attacking’ my shoulder.
The stone paving under my feet was starting to break.

(Are these Dad’s Mom and Dad?)

I nodded, and Toto, now sitting on a desk, made a cute little bow.

“My name is Toto. I am a spirit created by him and Bea together.”

The first one who snapped was my foster mother.

“Well, well, such a cute little thing. She looks exactly like Bea when she was little.”

Smiling, she took Toto captive and started offering her all sorts of sweets.
As I thought, all the women who knew Bea had this sort of reaction.

“However, who would have thought you’d become a duke! It seems you’ll be getting married to her Highness, Princess Tsubaki as well.”

They tried their best to look normal, but it was obvious they were worried.

“Don’t worry about it. My official wife will be Bea. I don’t intend to neglect Princess Tsubaki, but, after all, Bea is the one I love.”

It was a love marriage, so obviously they were worried about us.

“….Gahahaha! As expected of our son. If you would’ve made young lady Bea cry, I would’ve chopped you down after all. That was the agreement.”

The attack on my shoulder continued more vigorously now…..Father, it will soon start to really hurt.
I was strengthening my entire body with magical power, but for some reason I was still receiving damage…..I wonder why?


“You’re right. If Zest would’ve done such an insincere thing…..I don’t really know what I could have done to him out of sadness.”

Mother, your face is all smiles, but your eyes are scaring me.


I looked at the two of them having such a good mood, so I offered them the souvenirs.

“I bought some souvenirs for you. For father, I got this sake and this thing.”

I gave him the sake and the magical tool I bought in the imperial capital.
It was said that this sake was the reason why the dwarves started to kill each other in order to steal it, or something like that, so I got him a barrel.
As for the magical tool, it was a plate that could reflect an image that it recorded.

My foster father was already drinking……


“This is for you, mother…..”

What I took out were the clothing materials and some beautifully embroidered swaddling clothes for the soon to be born child.
Of course, I couldn’t forget about the cosmetics she asked for.

“These materials are soft and have high water absorbency, they are quite valuable. As for the swaddling clothes, I choose them for their smooth texture, so that…..”

My foster mother hugged me closely.
Ah, did something just move in her stomach?

“Zest……You are so kind. I’m really happy, thank you.”


A kind smell.
I was embraced closely and got my head stroked.

So this is what feels like to have a mother?……Was my mother in Japan the same?…..

Since I never experienced the love of a mother before, I got speechless.




“Gahahaha. Zest, you really got us something good. The swaddling clothes look warm, and some of the materials seem great for making underwear. My sake is delicious too. Still, what is this plate?”

I gently separated from my foster mother, and answered.

“Yes, it’s a new magical tool that can store images and figures, and reflect them the same way as a mirror.”



My foster father grew serious.
…….What? Was it a bad choice?







“Then, I can look at Celica’s naked body anytime I want!”








The great atmosphere completely vanished in an instant, and my foster father’s back was seized by my foster mother. She had a demonic expression on her face.
It was very, very sorrowful to watch.

Father, I’ll give one more plate afterwards……

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