Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Preparations for the Wedding Ceremony



“Well, well, you seem to get along with Bea lately. That’s splendid. The ceremony will be grand. But don’t worry, you just have to leave it to me.”


After eating dinner at the Frontier Count’s Household, we were drinking tea now, while chatting about the wedding ceremony.

“Father, this is a gala occasion for Bea. I won’t allow it to be incomplete.”

My mother-in-law was in high spirits as well.

“First of all, we have to decorate the castle. Ah, when I think of Bea wearing her wedding gown, my tears…….”

Master was fired up as well.

“Urm, I’m fine even if it’s not something that showy……Hii!”


Bea said with a low voice and everyone looked at her.

“Be…Bea, I think it’s better to leave it all to them.”

She nodded.
We could not go against them.
Such an aura was drifting in the air around us, telling us to obey.

(Dad, this juice is delicious!)

Yeah, at least Toto is cute.
I secretly let out a sigh, as I was looking at the Frontier Count and his family getting all worked out for the wedding ceremony.

After all, the heated discussions continued until morning……



The next day, I left the preparations for my wedding in the Count’s hands, and was looking for Albert now.

“Albert, are you around?”

I was inside the black knights’ cafeteria. The black knights greeted me and pointed with their fingers.
Albert was sitting in his usual seat.

“Your Excellency, what can I do for you?”
“You were eating? However, this is urgent business. Come with me now!”


Confused, he followed me, and we got inside the carriage.
Yes, I made him ride the carriage with me.

“Your Excellency, for you to make me ride a carriage, what is going on?”

Puzzled, he asked.
Well, it’s no wonder he was amazed. For Albert …..For a knight to be inside the same carriage with a highly ranked noble was not acceptable.

“I certainly have a reason for this, but for now, wear these clothes.”

What I handed over to Albert was a military uniform with my family crest carved in its buttons.
My family crest was a sword and a snake.
It was mine and Bea’s…..our Duke Household’s family crest.

“This is…! Your Excellency, are you sure?”

He was reluctant in accepting the military uniform.

The family crest carved inside the buttons.
Only the head of the household and the nobles who were invested and accepted by him, could wear such a uniform.

“I got the approval from the Frontier Count. You are a baron now. I wanted to give you a higher rank, but the elders from the House of Lord were too noisy about it, so you’ll have to endure it for now. I’ll promote you when the time comes.”
“Your Excellency, are you really sure about this?”

“Stop being fussy! Don’t panic over something as little as becoming a baron. If you don’t become at least a viscount, you can’t properly escort me.”

I forcibly made him accept the military uniform.

“You also need this rank in order to get married, right? Just accept it already!”

After all, Albert always took care of me and helped me out.
I want him to get married to the woman he loves.

…..He took care of me……Ah, it’s no good, the ‘stupid dog’ incident is still too vivid inside my mind.


“Your Excellency, I will gladly accept it.”

Albert lowered his head in a very deep bow.


“You fool, you’re even crying.”
“……I’m so sorry………I’m so……”

Albert cried himself out inside the carriage.
Such a fool……





“Oh my, your Excellency, Duke Zest, you are very welcome.”

The one who greeted us was Meril’s father, Baron Fram.
He was the one who opposed his daughter’s marriage with Albert, and sent her away to the imperial capital.

“Thank you for receiving us. Let me do the introductions. This is Baron Albert who is working for my Duke’s Household.”

“I’m Albert. It’s been a long time since we last saw each other.”

The man was startled for a moment, but he immediately started to smile.
Baron Fram’s head was full of calculations now.

“Lord Albert, congratulations for your title.”

Since Albert’s social status was lower before, the baron neglected him, but now they had the same rank.
No, Albert had a higher status now since he was working for a duke.

We were guided inside a room, and I was offered the seat of honor.
Albert was standing behind me, on the left side.

Tea was prepared and we chatted for a while.
Not bringing up the main topic from the beginning was a nobles’ annoying custom.

“Right, Baron Fram. I have a nice proposal for you today.”

It was a barefaced lie, but it couldn’t be helped.
This was the objective I had in mind all along.

“I meet your daughter, Miss Meril, in the imperial capital, and even her Highness, Princess Tsubaki, was very pleased with her, saying she was a wonderful woman. As for me, I’d like her to get married to Albert in order for creating a common ground for the Frontier Count’s Household, my Household and yours to work together…….What do you think?”

If you want a free translation, this was it: ‘Let them get married! Do you really want to start a fight with me, the Princess and the Frontier Count’s Household?’

“Yes sir. This is indeed a wonderful proposal. I have no objections.”
“I see. We’ll talk about the minor details at a later time. I’ll be the mediator, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

If you want a free translation again, this was it: ‘The engagement was just decided. If you still want to stop this, you’ve got yourself a war.’

“Then, I’ll be leaving. Let’s go Albert.”
“Yes sir!”

We were sent off in a grand style, and were on our way back, inside the carriage.







“……You think that nobles are troublesome, right?”

“From now on you’re a noble too, get used to it fast.”
“…….Can I even get used to it?”

“Then, are you giving up on Meril?”

Albert raised his head energetically.

“It’s for the woman you fell in love with. Your ‘senior’ here will teach you everything…….It’s all right, even someone who came from a different world could do it, so don’t feel this hopeless only because you’re a kemonobito.”
“…..Yes. Thank you, your Excellency.”




That evening, I went drinking with Albert. It felt like we haven’t done this in ages.
We, who became nobles for the sake of the women we liked, ended up drinking until down….









“Good morning. Today is an excellent weather…………Excuse me.”

They were two guys sleeping together in the same bed.





In order to clear the misunderstandings, I got stuck with crying and prostrating myself on the ground for a long time.
It became such a great memory.

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    1. I don’t believe this counts as homophobia? The author already said that it’s common with homosexual relationships amongst commoners, but nobles view it as heresy in their own ranks since there will be no blood related heir, which is obvious. He’s just using the “gay” gag to get some humor out of misunderstandings… If it was a female he slept in the same bed as, I don’t believe it would end with just a scolding and trying to explain yourself. That it’s another guy is the saving grace that would make it more acceptable and easily explainable for others, since such a relationship is more unlikely, yet it makes the understanding even more funny for people for the same reasons.

      Seen a lot of homophobic authors, but this ain’t one. At least not yet.

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