Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 60

The second chapter for today is the Epilogue of the 1st Book.
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Chapter 60: First Book – Epilogue



“What’s wrong? Are you done already? You cowards!”


Albert’s angry voice could be heard in the distance.


Half a year passed since my wedding. We moved to a temporary residence built on our domain and we got used to it considerably by this time.

I employed new servants, so we didn’t live in discomfort. Bea and Toto were feeling great as well.


“Come on, stand up! Stand up and attack me!”


Albert became the Knights Commander of my newly formed Duke’s Army. He wasn’t going easy on the new recruits.

………….Are the soldiers all right?

Because I came to see their training, they showed even more fighting spirit than usually.



I got 100 black knights transferred to my army, and even adventurers and soldiers from the imperial capital announced their candidacy for enrolling into it.

Up to this point, it was fair enough, so I got no trouble understanding it.

“The soldiers adore you, my d….dear.”

Bea was damn cute when she called me ‘dear’ and got all embarrassed.
Occasionally, she abuses me with her icy cold expressions, just like before……..But, just forget about it.

Yes, I am being loved by my soldiers.
But still……


“Next, the fighting maids unit! Come!”
“Yes sir! The entire maids unit, start attacking!”


………..The black knights and the maids were fighting against each other.

This is weird……..It’s absolutely weird, right?

For some reason, a lot of maids who grew up in a military environment ended up enrolling into my army.


‘Your Excellency, what do you think about women military officers?’

‘Hmm? Being a man or a woman is nothing but a trivial problem. All that matters is how useful one actually is. I will accept all those who have skills and reject the incompetents. It’s only natural.’

This was the answer I gave the people who wanted to join my army and came to take the admission test. It was a bad answer.

Because they were women…
Using this pretext, they were denied the chance to become knights and were looked down upon as adventurers too.
A large number of tomboy girls, who were sent to start their training for homemaking and become maids, ended up enrolling into my army.

80% of the girls passed the awful Frontier Count Style Test, even though it was said that only one person out of 100 could pass it.
And because of that, the neighboring domains started to call the newly formed girls army troops ‘The Duke Army’s  War Maidens Unit’.

One section of this unit was the maid corps.

Wearing the maid uniforms and with spears in their hands, they even worked as gatekeepers.
‘I see some maid gatekeepers, let’s go mock them!’
If you would take them lightly and pick a quarrel with them, you’d get killed in an instant then thrown away.
It was a regular scene in the duke’s domain.



“Good, we’ll finish the training here. You’re dismissed!”

“ “ “ “Thank you, sir!” “ “ “


It was indeed a praiseworthy training session……however….this……is pretty weird, right?

Well, since I’m shorthanded anyway, it can’t be helped.
I’ll get over it thinking there was nothing I could’ve done differently.


“Your Excellency, what do you think? There are still a few soft spots I got to work on, but it’s considerably finished.”
“Oh, Albert. As expected from you, it was a great training session.”


Once the training was over, it was time for the drinking party.

A drinking party with the maids.
Isn’t this a side benefit for the male soldiers?……I envy them.

There were no idiots who would dare to think something like this in my domain.


“Your Excellency, are you listening? That noble green boy said I was unrefined!”
“Hey, isn’t the salad ready yet?”
“Commander Albert! Fight me!”
“Your Excellency, did you finish arranging my formal marriage interview?”
“Anyway, what is good about that woman……?”


“ “ “ “Hey, are you listening?” “ “ “

“ “Yes, I am.” “

Albert must participate to all the women troops’ drinking parties, since he has to pay for the drinks and food.
I only join them once in a while, but even so, I know we can’t really oppose them.

Albert was a baron and the Knights Commander, and yet he was also a devoted husband. There was no way he would get drunk and make a pass on one of the soldier women.
And, by the way, the other party for the formal marriage interviews was composed by the black knights.
The empire’s most elite soldiers.
For the war maidens, the black knights were superior ‘goods’.

And so, Albert had to join them every time……..
I knew it wasn’t much for him to pay for their drinking parties.
The black knights also started a fund raising campaign; it seemed they wanted to get married too.
The war maidens were the perfect partners for them, since they didn’t care much about lineage and court ranks.
‘I was deeply moved by the black knights’ dignity! I will fight together with them!’
All the girls in my army had muscle brains…….

Still……..There were many cute ones.
I didn’t want to accept this…….But it was nothing but a nice present for the black knights and their training.



I returned to my mansion and got welcomed by Bea and Toto.

“Bea, Toto, I’m back. Did something happen while I was out?”
“Welcome back, my dear. Nothing happened, I only got to spend some fun time with Toto-chan.”
(Mom helped me make a flower crown! Did I do it right?)


Bea became more and more beautiful.
My wife is truly a gorgeous person……I’m glad I came to this world.
I’ll never go back.

I praised Toto for her little work and went to eat dinner, then we entered the bathroom together.

Since Toto played a lot during the bathing, she fell asleep immediately after.
I enjoyed a relaxing time together with Bea.
This was the usual for me.


“Dear….I’m sorry for not making you a child ye…….”

I embraced her tightly.

“We don’t have to hurry. This time with you now is a blessing for me. There’s no need to become impatient.”

“Besides, I want to be alone with you for a little longer. Will you forgive my selfishness….?”
“……..I’ll forgive you since I have no other choice.”

She joked and pressed her lips against mine.
The night was gradually advancing towards morning……




We were spending our every day in a peaceful manner. But then, a messenger from the imperial capital came that night.

The sweet and happy time was over, as I got swallowed up by the huge swirl what was about to happen.




It was a turning point for the Grun Empire.

The story of the Duke, now called the Empire’s blade, and his heroic followers, who accomplished the domination of the entire continent, is about to unfold.

The agitated footsteps were drawing near, slowly but surely.

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  1. Thanks ! ><

    Honestly, the story was becoming a little annoying with all the part about Toto but now that Zest's territory and identity are established and that the story is moving towards other lands, it seems so exciting !

    … and I love Bea ! She is so much different from all the other living cliche. XD

    1. nah, its error of translation
      the 1st book is titled 帝国黎明期
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      1. Yeah, that’s true. At that time I wasn’t finished with the 1st Book and I had the impression it was a more fitting translation considering how things were developing then, but it wasn’t, and I’m sorry. I’ll change it back to ‘The Dawn of the Empire’… Sorry for misleading you ><

  2. If all the black knights marry the combat maids, the army could be called ‘Lovey-Dovey Married Muscle Corps’ or something similar. Which would really raise some heads when casually mentioned.

  3. Is there seriously not going to be any kind of explanation for why Bea’s darkness affinity stopped “working” and he stopped hearing her thoughts? I was expecting it to be brought up later but it’s starting to seem unlikely.

  4. “Dear….I’m sorry for not making you a child ye…….”
    I embraced her tightly.
    “We don’t have to hurry. This time with you now is a blessing for me. There’s no need to become impatient.”
    “Besides, I want to be alone with you for a little longer. Will you forgive my selfishness….?”
    “……..I’ll forgive you since I have no other choice.”

    I like that there’ll be no children for a while. I kinda wish there will never be one, but I guess that’s impossible. Toto is enough… hmm…

    Haah… This novel is gradually turning more uninteresting, the author has changed it too much and too quickly, the initial interest points are pretty much gone and the characters morphed into someone else completely… It’s really sad, because the initial character settings was great. I hope it will get better soon…

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