Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Battle at the Border



“Did the scouting unit leave? What about the supply arrangements?”
“Yes sir, weapons and armors are already being transported from the Frontier Count’s castle.”

I was riding the horse at full speed, as I was eating some dried meat.

“Any deserters?”
“None. There are still 1100 soldiers riding, just as planned. No one deserted.”

I drank some water from a water bag.


Two days passed since our departure.

We enter the Frontier Count’s domain and were rushing towards the goods distribution camp.
The original plan was to stop at the Frontier Count’s castle first and then head towards the border, but we found more soldiers inside the castle than we could have expected.

These soldiers were staying behind in order to transport the necessary goods from the castle to the battlefield in the shortest time possible.
From here it’ll take us another two days……Or maybe, we’ll get there tomorrow.


After such a long march, with no sleep at all, people would drop out normally.
However, the soldiers following me are those who endured the Frontier Count’s severe training.


We made camp for the night at the meeting place, since from here onward the battlefield was too close.

“Your Excellency Zest, the scout has returned.”

The black knight brought along a former adventurer.

“I’ll start my report: The Frontier Count’s Army is in good health. They are confining themselves inside the Border Fortress, resisting the besieging enemy forces.”

For the time being I felt relieved……It was ok, I could make it in time.
They haven’t dropped yet, we can still make it.

“The Tarminal Kingdom’s Army counts about 20.000 soldiers. The royalty flag was seen above their stronghold.”

…………..The royal family? Should we capture them?

In worst case I’ll have them dead……But I’d rather have them as war prisoners, if possible…
It’s useless. I can’t put my thoughts in order.

“You did a good job. Are there any sings of enemies in this area?”
“There aren’t. The defense line is well maintained.”

“Understood. Go get some rest.”


After the scout left, I called for Albert.

“Albert, let the Maids Unit go to sleep first. If by any chance a soldier goes to where the maids sleep, kill him.”
“Yes sir!”

“As for the lineup, in the center will be the tent, surrounded by the maids, the black knights and the regular soldiers in this precise order. The former adventurers will sleep on the outside of this circle, since they’re used to camping at night and coping with enemy attacks.”
“What about the Frontier Count’s Army?”

“They will be on the lookout. We can’t take them to the battlefield with us so I’ll just have them work hard here. You should go to sleep too. Tomorrow is the decisive battle after all.”
“Yes sir! Understood!”


Albert left the tent at a quick pace.



I lay down and fell asleep immediately…….It was unknown when I could get some sleep again during this.


The Frontier Count’s Army prepared some warm food for us, so we took it and departed.

I can’t say the fatigue was completely gone.
But I recovered enough in order to fight without problems.


We arrived in the evening.
And what we saw was the Frontier Count’s Army barricading itself inside the fortress and the Tarminal Kingdom’s Army lined up on the battlefield as much as the eye could see.


“I shall report: The Frontier Count’s Army has 3000 soldiers, their morale being very high. They have no problems with the supplies either. They can hold the fortress for one month with 10.000 enemy soldiers attacking it.”

I see. Then there’s no need to rush foolishly.

“Understood. Ladies! Genlemen! We will now enter the fortress.”

The soldiers didn’t understand those words, so they were all startled.
The black knights started to grin broadly…….They seemed to have understood.


“Ladies! Gentlemen! We will now assault the enemy army from behind and run straight to the fortress. Don’t worry, the black knights and I will be in the vanguard, so you just have to follow us. Easy, right?”

“As I thought.”
“Yeah…It seems so.”
“I’m so fired up…We’ll jump in the midst of the enemy and break through their lines.”
“Oi, let’s compete and see how many of us can enter the fortress before his Excellency.”

The black knights were excitedly getting ready for battle.


“Good. Don’t speak just yet. We’re about to kick those blockheads’ butts any moment now…..Still, we’ll run straight ahead to the fortress, ok? If you go astray you might get hit by our own arrows, so be careful.”



We were quietly advancing through the forest.
It was evening, the best time for surprise attacks and quick withdraws during wars.


Silently, I waved my hand to signal the soldiers to keep galloping their horses.
Albert and the black knights were following right behind me.


There were 200 meters left until the enemy’s rear line…..They haven’t noticed our presence yet.
I released my full magical powers and cast 100 light arrows into the sky, then made them downpour on the battlefield.



“What the…..There is magic behind us………! En……enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

A few soldiers realized what was happening and tried to warn their comrades, but it was too late.
I shot another 100 light arrows.

“Good. They are disorganized! We’ll run through them at once!”

“ “ “ “ “ “Yeaaaaaaaah!!!” “ “ “ “ “


I was in the lead, galloping my horse and constantly shooting light arrows in every direction.
I had plenty magical power and shot so many arrows that the enemy was beginning to loathe me.

As my magic arrows were reaching the ground, they hit the enemy soldiers’ bodies, with about half of them getting stuck in their armor.
They won’t pierce it?…..Then what about this?

I controlled the light arrows to fall diagonally from as far up as possible.
Every time I employed my magical powers, 100 light arrows fell from the sky.
I didn’t even remember how many times I shot them by that time.


About the time my breathing started to accelerate, I saw arrows and magic spells coming from the fortress and protecting our perimeter.
Haha. Gramps, you understood me well.

“The sky! The fortress is providing covering fire! You’ll get killed if you go astray, so follow me!!”

Because of my surprise attack and the covering fire provided by the fortress, the Tarminal Kingdom’s Army could not coordinate itself at all.
I was riding my horse, shooting light arrows to places where groups of enemy soldiers were forming.




Just a little further.
We’re nearly at the fortress…….



We heard shouts of joy coming from the front.
500 meters until we reached the fortress.


“Come on!”
“Do your best! Just a little longer!”
“Oii, ready your bows!”


In order to live up to their comrades’ rooting and support, the black knights wielded their weapons violently, clearing our immediate surroundings.

We’ll soon reach it.

The fortress’ gates were opening.

Oi, it’s too early! The enemies will get inside………



“Gahahahahaha! I’m just welcoming my son! You guys can go play!”

“Follow the Knights Commander!!”
“ “ “ “Yeaaaaah!!!” “ “ “


My foster father, Galef, started to wave his spear and assault the enemies.

……..I’m glad you were safe, father.




In those few moments when my foster father, followed by the black knights, was leading the assault on the enemy forces, we finally reached the fortress.
I was relieved. I didn’t expect them to assault the enemy.
You were a big help, father.

………….It was too embarrassing, so I didn’t tell him that.




We entered the fortress and got welcomed by the cheers of our comrades.
Since the fortress was not so spacious, I looked around me and saw that a lot of soldiers were watching me………
Well, I have to do it……I really have to do it…

I’m not really in the mood, but it can’t be helped……

My foster father guided me to a balcony.
It was time for the commander of the reinforcement forces to give his speech.

In order to raise the soldiers’ morale, I must say some sensible and smart words.
………I sighed…….Can’t be helped, huh?

I resigned and motivated myself, then started talking in an imposing manner.








“The time you were all waiting for has come. In order to prevent the unnecessary deaths of our brave men, in order to once again fight for the ideals of our Grun Empire, in order to defend the Frontier Count’s domain! Comrades, I have returned!”





It was a huge success……
And yeah, I……..ended up giving a homage speech for myself. Sorry about that.

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    1. If I understood well, he has 1100 soldiers… that is not enough to pin the enemy forces against the fortress, but enough to harass the enemy. Having secured position (castle) allows him to bleed the enemy while being able to retreat safely

      1. OK, let’s run the numbers: 1100 with the MC, 3000 in the fort, and 20000 enemies. According to the report, the 3000 in the fort can hold out against 10000 for at least a month — but there are actually twice as many, so that number is a bit questionable. Furthermore, leading the MC’s 1100 inside only increases the total soldiers by about a third. On the other hand, the enemy can keep the 3000 penned up with only half his army, and send the other half to wreak havoc. If the MC used his army to harass the enemy from outside the siege, the enemy would have to be cautious or risk being defeated in detail by either sending out relatively weak raiding/security details, or drawing too many away from the siege.

        So yeah. I want to know what the MC, who’s name I forgot again, is planning for this siege.

  1. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!
    i feel like its going to end very anticlimactically because they are not being strategic and it seams like their is a lot of leeway

  2. Was there anyone else who thought the build up before getting into the fortress signified something bad was going to happen?
    I’m talking about this:

    Just a little further.
    We’re nearly at the fortress…….

    We heard shouts of joy coming from the front.
    500 meters until we reached the fortress.

    “Come on!”
    “Do your best! Just a little longer!”
    “Oii, ready your bows!”

    In order to live up to their comrades’ rooting and support, the black knights wielded their weapons violently, clearing our immediate surroundings.

    We’ll soon reach it.

    I for one, seriously thought something like the big bad boss would spring out and defeat the hero but. That damn plot armor is thick as shit!

    1. I know, right? Here, let me continue what you expect:

      I’m having a really bad premonition about this.

      Zest muttered as he approached the Frontier Count’s dominion.

      It’s not as he was not used to battle yet, as the training and activities of the Black Knights are even far from being abnormal. He indeed has undergone training of the two of the best imperial mages in the kingdom, and it molded him to what he is right now. But this case is different.

      Suddenly, a troop of red knights came out of the fortress and charged towards us!

      “Men! battle stances!”

      The black knights went into formation to counter the red knight’s charge.

      But an unexpected scene happened.

      H-how, how could this be. Impossible!

      The enemy knights are holding back, no, going toe to toe with the black knights. But with difference in numbers, they are getting eliminated one by one.

      They are strong! Is this what that human supremacist kingdom’s soldiers are? They are even pushing us back!

      As he barely repelled the knights and approached the castle little by little, a shrill cry was heard.

      He slashed at the approaching knight dead then looked at the source of the voice, with was above the fortress ramparts. But an impossible scene came to his view.

      The fortress has been already conquered by the enemy, and are in battle stances, awaiting for their assault along the ramparts of the fortress. But what Zest is focusing on are the black human-like figures lined up side by side. The enemy troops are bathing them with black liquid – a chemical he’s familiar with.

      No, no, no. This can’t be! How could they!

      The black knights are regarded as strongest soldiers in the kingdom, and with their harsh training environments and the quality of weapons and armors; which are made from black iron which is the toughest metal, you can say that they are the symbol of the emperor’s sword and shield. But for them to be captured by the enemy so easily…

      “Fall back! Zest! the enemies are too strong! Save youself!”

      My thoughts were shattered by a single familiar voice.

      It was Galef, my foster father.

      He’s being bound up by the enemy soldiers at the center of the gate, bathed by the said black liquid. Then, the soldiers beside them lit torches one by one – at broad daylight.

      He felt like the time has slowed by. He could only do nothing but gaze at his father’s face.

      He smiled. Not the Frontier Count’s dark grin, but a truly gentle, heartwarming smile.

      “take good care of my daughter, son.”


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