Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Conclusion



The next day, we decided to fight a defensive battle, in order to preserve our magical powers.

The Tarminal Kingdom’s Army started to approach us when the sun went up.

Since I used such flashy spells yesterday, they must think I can’t use magic anymore today.

I will take advantage of this misunderstanding.

The fierce battle that started in the morning wasn’t going to end too soon.
You could hear the angry shouts of the attacking enemy soldiers as well as the encouraging voices of your comrades, supporting and fighting alongside you.

It was already noon.

The Frontier Count and my master were now fighting back the enemy with uncomplicated magic spells, so it didn’t sound like they were firing something big.
They were probably patient.

In that short time they created for us, we rested our bodies. We had to, our comrades were covering for us.

“Your Excellency, the signal.”

Albert informed me.

“Let’s go! Our goal is capturing that showy red flag! Don’t pay much attention to anything else!”

“Follow his Excellency!”
“ “ “ “ “Oooooooooooo!!” “ “ “ “

The gates opened and we galloped our horses all at once.

“We’re taking the lead, your Excellency!”

I was informed, and a ‘gang’ outdistanced me enthusiastically, running towards our target.

“Hahahaha, to run our horses on the battlefield and take the lead! Ah! I never thought this day would come! Come on, guys, attack!!”

They wielded their spears and assaulted the enemy.
This ‘gang’ made its way through the enemy forces quite easily, advancing at a quick pace.

“Albert, they’re in high spirits, aren’t they?”


All we could hear was the screams of the enemy soldiers, as the ‘gang’ kept on advancing, like they were running on an uninhabited ground.
In the face of such a clean assault, the enemy soldiers couldn’t do anything, except for falling on the ground with spear wounds all over their bodies.

“……….The maids are doing their best.”
“They’re scary, these maids are scary.”
“……..What are these maids?”

The black knights were whispering among themselves, but I decided to ignore it.

“You guys, are you really all right with the maids taking all the glory? If they ask me to find them husbands as a reward for their merits, I won’t be able to refuse them, you know?”

“Don’t lose to them, damn it!”
“Oi! Over there, charge!”
“The maids will eat us! Hurry up and go!”

…………..It seems they got psyched, so it’s ok.

And so, we finally reached our target.
The showy red flag, the royal flag….We were right beneath it.

The stronghold was protected by a number of fully equipped knights, but this won’t stop us.

“Hahahaha, I found some knights! This is my achievement! I want credit for this!”
“Just a moment ago, we left the maids behind!?”
“Don’t day dream, you fool! Hurry up and attack!”
“I don’t want to be made fun of by the maids! They’ll eat us alive!”

As I was waiting, I also took care of all the enemy attacks coming towards my direction.
It was already our win.
Yesterday, we killed all their elite soldiers in that raid of exploding magic spells.
Their numbers got considerably diminished and it seems that a great number of enemy soldiers ended up running away…….

When I finished eliminating yet another enemy, I heard someone yelling.

“The enemy commander, the royalty is down!!”

“ “ “ “ “ “OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” “ “ “ “ “

I launched a magic spell as a signal.

Good, the fortress has sent its signal too.

“As of now, we are starting a cleaning up battle! As planned, you’ll follow Albert!”

I instructed them, then took a few soldiers with me and returned to the fortress.
All that was left was to chase after the escaping soldiers for a while; after that it was over.

“Your Excellency, the one who eliminated the royalty is here.”

“I wonder who did it.”

A soldier, riding a horse and carrying a spear on their shoulder, with a pierced head on its end, was approaching.
All the other soldiers let our shouts of joy…………..And screams.

“Your Excellency, I took down the enemy royalty. I also have his dagger as proof.”

“……..You did very well. You achieved the greatest merits in this war. Let’s return to the fortress together.”

“Yes sir, thank you very much!”

A lovely maid smiled sweetly as she thanked me………
The one who killed the enemy’s boss was the commander of the maids unit.

Wearing a maid’s uniform covered all over with blood and a long spear on her shoulder, this cute maid was the number one figure of this war. So she achieved the greatest merits, huh?…….
Where in the world is my army going towards?……..

I felt a little dizzy, as we entered the fortress and faced the conference room.

“Everyone, we’re back.”
“Ex…..excuse me.”

Inside the conference room were the same old faces.

“Oh, Lord Zest, as expected of your much rumored war maidens. Aren’t they splendid!?”

“Yes, I really thought they were nobles’ children, trained from a very young age in the art of war.”

“Gahaha, should we add such a unit to the Frontier Count’s Army too?”

The same old family members…….

“She is Media, the maid’s unit commander and the person who killed the enemy royalty.”

She bowed her head then held out the severed head and the dagger.

“Yes indeed, this family crest is undoubtedly the Tarminal Kingdom’s royal family’s crest. Do you know his name?”

“It’s unknown. He didn’t want to announce it to me.”

“I see. Good then. You did very well. You can take your time and rest now.”

After that, Media left the conference room.

“Well now, our strategy worked out pretty well, grandson-in-law-dono. All that’s left now is to take some rest. We won the first battle for now. It will take some more time until the empire’s main army arrives here anyway.”

“Gahaha, we’ll deal with the minor details and the settlement of this fight, so you can go rest.”

“They’re right. You continuously fired grand spells, after all. Please take it easy, son-in-law-dono.”

“…..Right. I understand. As one would expect, I am really tired……..I will rest now for a bit. Excuse me.”

I bowed and returned to my room.

I took off my armor and collapsed onto my bed.

I indeed suggested the surprise attack strategy and my subordinates did very well.

We had a chance to win this fight before the real, lengthy war started, so we took it.
If they would have grown vigilant against my magic attacks and started assaulting us every day for a prolonged period of time, we would’ve accumulated fatigue and would’ve been in real danger.
I’m glad we were able to win with this surprise attack strategy.

It was all right that I didn’t bring down the enemy’s head myself. It was my subordinate who did it after all.

I really thought that I made all my comrades draw away from me because of my insane magic attack the other day, but during that surprise attack the maids unit clearly stood out, and, what’s more, they kept on sending me odd looks…..It actually calmed me down.

Only good things have happened……..But still………

“Your Excellency, I want you to find me a husband as reward! I am an only daughter so I need the husband to get adopted into my family, all right?!”

I was greatly perplexed by Media’s teasing request for a reward.

………Who should I sacrifice?…….

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