Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Reward for the Greatest War Merits



“Ladies! Gentlemen! Thanks for gathering here!”


In one corner of the now silent fortress, that was usually used as training ground, gathered all the soldiers occupying a leadership position in the Duke’s Army.

The Frontier Count’s Army was taking care of the postwar matters and affairs.
Since we’ve done a forced march and have fought a series of battles, we were exempted from that, so we could just take it easy for the time being, however…


“In the last battle, the person who accomplished the greatest war merits is…….Commander Media.”


Everyone started to whisper.


“What she wants is……..a husband, who’ll be adopted into her family.”


No one said anything……..It was more like no one wanted to say anything.

Media was the Commander of the Maid’s Unit and a first-class maid herself.
She could easily handle cleaning, doing laundry, cooking or sewing.
Moreover, she was actually very sweet.
She had a ‘younger sister’ type of loveliness attached to her. You could say that she was a beautiful young woman with light brown, soft and curly hair.

She looked great on the outside……..On the outside, that is…….

Actually, her personality was great too.
She is a very helpful person, so her subordinates adore her…….But only as a Commander.

Even though she’s a noble, she wouldn’t get angry if someone was rude or made a mistake or something.
She has a lot of fans because of her soft way of punishing the others…….But only as a Commander.


That’s right, as a Commander she’s very loved and appreciated.


“Your Excellency, who will you sacrifice…..urm, send as adopted husband into her family?”

Albert was wearing a still composed smile.
You little…Only because you’re already married……because you have no connection to this, that you look so happy…

“I will decide that now……Listen guys, you can become nobles, you know? A viscount. Is anyone who wants to become one?”



Everyone looked downward, avoiding eye contact……..



“You fools, what is it that doesn’t please you? She’s a beautiful girl and has a pleasant nature. Furthermore, she comes from a viscount’s family, you know? Isn’t it great? Someone must marry her and be adopted into her family.”


Albert’s shoulders were shaking lightly.

“Your Excellency, as I feared, maybe it’s because of that…..”


I’m sure it is. Everyone knows after all.
And yet, I wanted to entrust this to someone who didn’t know about her…….


Media’s sole defect…….If only it wasn’t for that, she would’ve been perfect…….


“Your Excellency…….I want to announce my candidacy.”


The sound of people talking all at once could be heard.


“Who, who is that? In the front….Come to the front!”


Everyone present got confused.

“Who is this brave man?”
“It’s God…..He exists!”
“Thank you……Thank you……”
“This is great……Thanks god it wasn’t me.”


Don’t cry, you idiots.


And so, he came to the front.

He was an unpolished man with a medium build and short hair. His exterior appearance was exactly that of a military man’s.
He looked like he was in his mid- 20’s…….Yes, this was not bad at all.


“I am Tasel, a former adventurer, your Excellency.”

His low voice sounded really cool.
It seems he’s the type of guy that Media would be pleased with……Yet, a guy like this was still around?


“I see. So you’re Tasel…….You want to become Media’s husband, right?”


At that point I was fine with anyone.
Since I couldn’t possibly think that someone would willingly marry Media and get adopted into her family otherwise.

Everyone was feeling the same. No one objected.

“Yes. It’s just that……there is a problem. It would be great if your Excellency could……”


This is such a trivial matter.

If he’s willing to become Media’s husband, then I would forgive him for almost anything.
But if it’s just too much………….Even so, I’d still forgive it.


“Tell me what is it? It’s my dear subordinate’s wish. I will do everything I can to help you.”

Albert looked the other way, as he started to tremble again.
Yeah, I am trying to force this dear subordinate of mine into accepting this marriage…..So what?……….You’re laughing too much, you cur.


And so, with a grave expression on his face, Tasel squeezed out his wish and informed us.





“The truth is……..I am a woman…………….”






This corner of the fortress fell silent again.

The sound of the opening gates could be heard from far away. It felt awfully loud.



He looked like about to start crying…….

“…………….Yes, your Excellency.”


I slowly placed my hand on his…….on Tasel’s shoulder.

“Don’t lie to us! I’ll use observation magic, so try and say that again.”

“I am a woman! But even so, even so, I love Miss Media very much.”


Yeah, she’s undoubtedly a woman…….This Tasel.
Tasel had a tragic expression as he started crying.


“Tasel…….So what about it?”
“Tasel, there’s no actual problem.”

My voice and Albert’s voice overlapped.







“ “Media is a man. Congratulations! You will definitely get married!” “






Tasel burst into tears of happiness……The guys burst into tears of relief, since they were saved now.
The Maids Unit burst into tears of celebration; they were happy for their Commander’s marriage.
Albert and I, for some reason, burst into tears too.


I wiped my tears away as I looked up at the sky.
The blue sky was blessing them………It was blessing all of us.

However, somewhere deep inside me, these words were always present.

‘Where the hell is my army headed towards?……..’

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    1. Simple. The Maid Commander who looks like a woman, acts like a woman and dresses like a woman is a man. He/She wanted a spouse.

      The adventurer who volunteered who looked like a man, acted like a man and dressed like a man is actually a woman. He/She volunteered to be the sacri*cough*spouse.

  1. ‘Where the hell is my army headed towards?……..’

    I want to ask you that too… It’s your army, you should know. And don’t forget to tell us~

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  2. Media
    The heir of the Viscount’s Household.
    He looks like a beautiful girl, but he’s a man.
    He’s a commander of the Maid’s Unit.

    A former adventurer
    She’s a woman that looks like a wild, handsome man.

    *Removed spoilers

    So from what I can gather Media is the perfect woman except that he has “that” (a penis). Tasel is woman but is basically a man so it works?

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