Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: A Short Return



“Duke Zest, how can I ever thank you…….for this?”


The man who was inside my office, expressing his gratitude while shedding tears, was Media’s father, Viscount Mark.

The Emperor’s army arrived at the fortress, so I temporarily returned to my domain, however……


“That…that Media, even though he’s a man, he still acts like that…..I really thought that my household’s lineage was going to end………That was………That was…”

Viscount Mark was crying aloud.

“Come on, father, you’re exaggerating.”
“Silence, you stupid son! Stop talking like a woman!”

He’s been through a lot of hardships…….His son being like that.

“Ahem. Duke Zest, I would do anything for you. You’ve done me a favor I could never repay.”

“Haha. Lord Mark, don’t say it so carelessly, that you would do anything for me. Saying thanks was enough, I only approved of this marriage, nothing more.”



After Tasel declared that he liked Media, it all became even more difficult.

Tasel was sent out of the fortress, and in the meanwhile, Media refused the offer.
In any case, it was the same as always……..Once he’d know she was a man, he would run away. Those were her thoughts.
When Tasel came back, he realized he got dumped without even being aware of it.


“Miss Media said that she wasn’t the kind of woman I thought she was………”

My head started to hurt…….This was a bad habit for nobles.

“If you want a free translation, it would mean that I am a man! Understood? Think about it properly!”

“I am not ‘the kind of woman’ you think I am.”

The nobles’ manner of talking could really be tiring.

After that, they both opened their hearts and they all lived happily ever after.


The only worry they had was that Viscount Mark might not recognize the marriage.


“I never thought that I would ever be able to see the face of my grandchild.”

He was overjoyed, so he expressly came to greet and thank me in person.


“Father, I will splendidly give birth to a child, just wait and see.”
“You can’t possibly give birth to anything, stupid son!”

……….Oh dear!

I conferred to Tasel the title of knight.
Even though his title was too low for marrying a viscount, he was a member of the Duke’s Army.
Viscount Mark completely agreed; he wanted a successor after all.

“A commoner? It has nothing to do with it. If there’s a woman who would marry that guy, there’s really nothing I could complain about!”

Yes, these were unmistakably his true feeling.

Afterwards, he continued to thank me, and before long, the viscount went back fully satisfied.



After he left, I went to observe the army’s preparations.

We temporarily returned home for precisely this reason.

His Majesty decided upon conquering the Tarminal Kingdom.
Since I went to battle only with my most elite soldiers, I came back to regroup with my entire army.

It was a war of conquest, therefore bringing only the cavalry would be useless.
We had to steadily prepare and march into the kingdom with all our power.


I only finished with the paperwork in the evening.

I returned to my room and went to the bathhouse together with Bea and Toto.
Once the preparations were finished, I would go back to war…….So I wanted to value this time we still had together not matter what.

We left the bathroom, and after we ate dinner, it was time for a make out session.

“Bea, I must go back to the battlefield soon. I’m sorry I’m making you feel lonely.”
“Please don’t apologize. I’m properly waiting for you…….If you return to me safely, I will endure as long as it takes.”
(Dad, I will make sure to protect Mom!)

“Haha, that’s excellent, Toto. Thank you, I leave Bea in your care again, okay?”



I was spending my time in harmony with my lovely family………This way, I felt I could fight again for a short while…….






Toto was already asleep.
As for Bea……she fell asleep a moment ago, so I didn’t want to wake her up.

I got up from my bed and moved to the table by the window.
I drank water directly from the water jug.
It didn’t matter since no one was watching.

However, I was saved this time……
Finding a marriage partner for Media was not even close to an unreasonable demand.


And yet, I couldn’t tell her that it was impossible.

For a noble, in order to receive a good treatment from people, they must fulfill their duties.

There’s no future for a noble who couldn’t provide a reward for his subordinate.
Eventually, his followers would all abandon him……….However……..This time…




“Tasel saved me in various ways……………”

I muttered to myself as I was alone in the middle of the night, looking up at sky.

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  1. It feels unsatisfying to not get a proper explanation. Are they having s*x or not? Did they have some steamy romantic nights after that trainwreck of a wedding? Can we get even one scene where we see that? Seems the author is also sick of using Bea as a character, so she’s to stay at home while he goes to war, even though he could’ve written it with her accompanying him since her magic power is in no way half-assed either, she would be able to massacre the enemy armies easily together with him. Toto is supposed to be pretty powerful too. So there’s really no good reason for them to stay behind. It just feels like the author doesn’t want to write about them anymore and decided to exclude them.

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