Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Quiet Talk – Media and Tasel



Tasel confessed to Media and proposed to her.


This piece of news was circulating among all the army’s soldiers.
That Media…….That Media is getting married.


“Media? Are we talking about that Media-sama?”
“Marriage? For real?….”
“Who’s the fool……..He’s part of the Duke’s Army!?”
“Are you saying that someone in the Duke’s Army is doing this knowingly?”


The guys were uproarious and the fortress became rather noisy.


“Hohoho, don’t let anyone stand in their way. Lord Zest told me too, you know, that every fool who tries to get in the way will get killed.”

“ “Yes sir!” “

Zest and the Frontier Count……According to their instructions, the stage for the confession was progressing steadily.


And so, in a room inside the fortress, nonchalantly prepared for the occasion, Media was enjoying some black tea. She got asked to come here by Zest.

“I wonder why he asked for me……..No way, is Lord Zest going to…?”

If you were to ask the man himself, he would let out some sharp words, muttered to himself, rather than directed to anyone in particular.
However, she didn’t dislike that about him. She felt some sort of good will towards Zest.

On the other side, as a former Japanese, Zest understood her.
He treated her like he would treat any woman, he didn’t look down on her. He was the first man who acknowledged her for who she actually was.

Still, she actually knew that Zest wouldn’t do such a thing.
She knew that he was madly in love with his wife Beatrice, so much so that whenever he had some spare time, he would spend it with his wife.


“Haa, I would do anything for someone to fall in love with me like that……”

She put down the tea cup she had in her hand for what seemed like a very long time.
She suddenly looked at the door and saw a man standing there, looking at her.

“Tasel? What’s wrong? Why are you here?”

“Media-sama, I have something to tell you. Please, let’s get married!”

‘Ah! Not again.’

She muttered to herself.

‘How many times has it been until now……? I like you, I love you, I want to marry you. But, in the end, everyone is the same.’

The man standing in front of her was Tasel, a former adventurer and the Commander of the Scouting Unit.
Still, he was probably the same as the others.

“Oh my! I appreciate the proposal. However, I am not the type of woman you think I am…….I’m sorry.”

She informed him with her usual speech and smile.
‘………I am not a woman. I’m sure that once everyone tells him about me, he’ll just give up.’


The man’s shoulders dropped, as he left the room, heartbroken.
The woman silently stared at his retreating figure.

……………Her eyes looked so sad.






How much time has passed?

Duke Zest was yet to show up……..Still, it wasn’t something unusual.
It was normal for a highly ranked noble like him, a duke, to let a viscount’s daughter wait.
Waiting silently was noble’s job as well.



The door was violently opened.

Did he finally come?
She put down the tea cup and was about to stand when she felt someone embrace her from behind.


She voiced her shock involuntarily.
‘Is Duke Zest…? Why?………Or maybe? Maybe it’s not him?’
She was extremely confused. Nonetheless he approached and whispered to her ear.


“Media-sama, I am a former adventurer. I’m not a noble and I’m weaker than you.”

‘Tasel? Why is he still in this room?’

He hugged her closer, as she was still fighting confusion.


“I know about Media-sama’s circumstances.”


She shook Tasel off and stared at him angrily.
He knows my circumstances? Then why did he come?……To make fun of me?
Did he come to look down on me for being like this despite being a man!?

She was burning with anger……But right in front of her, Tasel started to take off his clothes.

“What are you………”

What are you doing?
It’s what she was about to say, but she grew silent.


No, more likely she couldn’t say anything.


“It’s the first time….The first time I’m meeting someone having the same problem as me……..I am a woman……..But…….”


She looked on, silently.
She looked at Tasel’s body…….She looked at that body which had the characteristics of a woman.

“I am a woman, but I don’t mind having you as a man. I am in love with you………Do you…….Do you hate me as a woman?”


“………………No way!”
“It doesn’t matter to me that you’re a man. I love you!”

“Media-sama, I really like you.”

Tasel approached slowly and hugged Media closely.

“Please tell me………Do you hate me as a woman?”


Media cried for a long time, as Tasel embraced her and continued to ask that question over and over again.

It was the first time……It was the first time someone knew about her circumstances, but still acted like this. Tasel still claimed he loved her.

He told her that he’ll accept her even as a man. And he was embracing her closely.



It was the first time.



The first time she felt that she didn’t want to ever part from him.







Two people entered the fortress’ office, which was recently transformed into Duke Zest’s room.

“How comes you two are getting along now?”


Zest was wearing the same calm and gentle smile as ever.



They were holding their hands and they both wanted to convey to Zest the same thing.



“ “We are getting married!” “




They said and lowered their heads. That’s when the words which exceeded their expectations got to their ears.






“Congrats. I’m happy for you. And don’t worry, I’ll take care of the fine details. Since I’ll be the mediator, I won’t let anyone complain about this………You just concentrate on becoming happy together!”




While watching Zest declare that to them then start laughing, they both decided.



That they’ll forever follow Duke Zest………That they’ll become his sword and shield.

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